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Comment Re:Always been doing it (Score 5, Interesting) 106

So since you are hearing ads (and I'm assuming you a relatively young anonymous coward) you would rather hear irrelevant ads shilling restless leg syndrome aids VS cheap flights to cancun?

Can't speak for the AC, but if I can't avoid corporate mind control (a.k.a. advertising) entirely I'd like it to be as mistargeted as possible. Facebook sometimes seems to think I'm in Sri Lanka or Laos and sends me ads I can't read, that's perfect.

Comment For now just a rumour (Score 2) 407

Maybe it is true, maybe it is not but as of now according to his campaign manager

Re: @realDonaldTrump VP selection, a decision will be made in the near future and the announcement will be tomorrow at 11am in New York.

So, until now at least, it seems to be only a rumour and I wouldn't put past one planted by his campaign to generate buzz to his announcement tomorrow.

Submission + - Warner Bros settles with FTC over payment to PewDiePie for positive game reviews (theverge.com)

vivaoporto writes: The Verge reports that The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with Warner Bros. over claims that the publisher failed to disclose that it had paid prominent YouTubers for positive coverage of one of its video games. The FTC charge stated that Warner Bros. deceived customers by paying thousands of dollars to social media "influencers," including YouTube megastar PewDiePie, to cover Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor without announcing that money had changed hands.

Warner Bros.' deal with the influencers involved stated that they had to make at least one tweet or Facebook post about the game, as well as produce videos with a string of caveats to avoid showing it in a negative light.

Those videos could not express negative opinions about the game or Warner Bros. itself, could not show any glitches or bugs, and must include "a strong verbal call-to-action to click the link in the description box for the viewer to go to the [game's] website to learn more about the [game], to learn how they can register, and to learn how to play the game," according to Ars Technica.

The videos earned more than 5.5 million views for Warner Bros., with PewDiePie's monster subscriber numbers accounting for 3.7 million views on his own.

Influencers were advised to disclose the video's sponsored status under YouTube's "Show More" section, but some did not, and the FTC says this would not have been enough to skirt the rules anyway, as the disclaimer would not have been visible on videos watched through Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sources.

Comment Jota, Ghost Commander, and my VPS (Score 1) 286

Jota is a free software basic Android text editor. Ghost Commander is a free software file manager that lets me transfer files via sftp. I have my own server. So from my phone and tablets I can download (when connected), create and edit (connected or not) and upload (when connected) notes, writing projects, or whatever. From my full-fledged PCs its even more transparent, I use sshfs to mount the remote directory. (You have your own cheap VPS, right? I mean, I know /.'s standards have declined, but I assume we're still all techies here, and VPSs are cheap. Given that, why would you want to store your stuff on some computer you don't control?)

Comment Re:Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B visa (Score 1) 355

I agree that the key word here is "accredited institutions.", but for another reason. Consider for instance the current debacle of accreditation bodies as reported by the LA Times.

The federal government is preparing to bring down the hammer on one of these toothless watchdogs. Its target is the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which is renowned for maintaining its accreditation of Corinthian Colleges right up to the day that chain of for-profit schools ceased operating in April 2015. Corinthian filed for bankruptcy days later. ACICS accredits some 900 campuses across the nation, giving those schools the formal imprimatur that allows them to collect an estimated $5 billion a year in federal financial aid on behalf of their students.

But its role may be ending. The Department of Education staff on Wednesday recommended the revocation of ACICS's recognition as an accreditation body. That means that schools bearing its seal of approval will have to find a new accreditation body within 18 months or lose their right to collect federal financial aid payments.

The stakes right now are "only" financial, concerning to student loans. When the scope becomes international and the stakes include a green card it will be much hard to prevent this kind of scheme.

Done right anything is possible but human nature in this particular case will be drawn by greed and greed will rapidly pervert the whole process.

Comment Re:Stranger Danger! (Score 1) 211

Capitalism's goal is free people satisfying the needs and desires of their fellow citizens.

Capitalism's goal is the enrichment of the capitalist class via the state-backed exploitation of workers and of the natural resources that are the common property of humanity. If any needs or desires of people outside the ruling class happen to get met -- which used to happen but is now more and more rare as capitalist scum become more efficient -- it's a by-product, not the goal.

Land existed before civilization, before humanity. It becomes "property" only via state action. The ante for the game of turning land (a real thing) into "property" (a human fiction) and backing that up with state force, is seeing that every human being has a warm, dry, clean, and safe place to sleep and store their stuff and attend to basic human needs.

Comment "let us spy on you so we can rescue you!" (Score 2) 208

And while it's impossible to know for sure, it's entirely possible that the time Gleeson saved by not having to call an ambulance manually helped save her daughter's life.

Extremely unlikely. The few seconds difference it might make is lost in the noise in all the factors that affect the response time. This rings as a bullshit justification of constant surveillance: "We're always watching out for you! Like a helpful older sibling."

Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Informative) 621

That would not only be underhanded (as it amounts to lying to the electorate conflating two issues that are not related) giving more credence to the accusations of "crooked" and "liar" that Trump tries to pin on her but also it could potentially backfire big given the history of the Clintons with eminent domain:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The Arkansas Supreme Court upheld the city's method of seizing land for the Clinton Presidential Library on Thursday, eliminating the last legal roadblock in the way of construction.

The court, in a 6-0 decision with one abstention, said a Little Rock landowner failed to prove that the $200-million library and archive complex wouldn't be a park as the state defines it.

The head of the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation said the dispute over Eugene Pfeifer III's land had been the only thing delaying construction of the 28-acre site on the south bank of the Arkansas River.

"I'm shocked," Pfeifer said. "This is truly disappointing news."

A decision against the city could have forced the foundation to find another site for his planned academic center and museum.

The library ended up being built on land expropriated based on eminent domain so the tactic you proposed is, like I said, underhanded, detrimental to Clinton campaign (as it opens a can of worms that would be better sealed shut) and, in general, undemocratic.

Comment Re:CROOKED hillary will be busted by Donald J. Tru (Score 1) 477

The Stay campaign seems far worse when it comes to scaremongering. Every day they are saying billions will be wiped of this or that, but in actual fact they really have no clue at all. There are plenty of intelligent arguments going both ways, but we have heard precisely zero of them from either campaign. Instead its just been unsubstantiated scaremongering. On top of this, the people who want to leave are being marginalized as racists, even though in the past, many of the leading left-wing politicians wanted to leave the EU, claiming it to be capitalistic and undemocratic.

Comment Re:Getting to a technological level is hard. (Score 1) 559

7) For the industrial revolution plenty of freely available energy had to be lying around near the surface - ie coal. You can't melt iron with wood fires.

And we only had coal because when trees first appeared, there happened to be nothing around that could digest them, so they just piled up, got buried and eventually became coal. However, it's not a complete show stopper since you can make charcoal from wood which does burn hot enough for melting iron.

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