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Comment Posting jobs is so 2000 (Score 4, Insightful) 142

I'm a senior level developers and it seems to me that recruiters are going straight to the source instead of posting.

I get at least 5 to 10 emails or linked in posts per week pumping my ego and trying to get me to join the latest hot startup!!! Bean bag chairs!!! On site dry cleaning!!! Ping pong!!! Stock options that may actually be worth something.... Or not!!!!

Comment Using it for almost 4 years now without issue (Score 1) 223

I've been using NFC to pay without issue at a ton of places since 2012, first using my Samsung S3, now on my Moto X (Walgreens, Sports Authority, McD's, Hess, ShopRite to name a few). Many more places since since Apple got into the game.

Other than CVS, which disabled theirs, I haven't had any trouble. In their case, I just switched all my prescriptions to Walgreen's so I can tap and pay again with no problem. In NYC, a **lot** more places have it now, some without even realizing it. Just look for where there's an iPad attached to a PIN pad. If you see the "wifi" sign show up on the PIN reader, they have Apple Pay/Android Pay.

It really isn't any harder than dragging out my card, but I find it a lot more convenient when I don't have to do that.

Comment Re:Abolish H1B in its current form (Score 1) 252

......which, of course, won't do much for IBMers.

That "I" in IBM stands for International. They've been an International company for about 100 years now. H1Bs are only a part of their employee base. Instead, they simply hire people to work from their own home country in one of the many international research and development labs they have strewn about the planet.

IBM can always move their HQ out of the USA if things get too hot here.

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