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Comment Re:Seriously...music off YouTube...? (Score 1) 307

Good point !

> and ditched fundamental ideas like time and space in favor of spacetime,

In his time he would have seemed like a crackpot !

> I believe Poincare still believed in absolute time when Einstein was working on his theory.

Interesting conjecture! Do you have research / evidence on that?

Comment Re:Seriously...music off YouTube...? (Score 1) 307

> You're not a science crackpot on sampling (though apparently on Einstein???),

Calling people who are published on arxiv.org as "crackpots" only makes you look like an idiot. Where are your published papers?

Einstein was human. He made mistakes -- he even admitted to one as the biggest blunder of his life. If you would take off your myopic glasses and realize that criticism != crackpot you might actually learn something.

He spent the rest of his life trying to unify the four fundamental forces and come up with a ToE (Theory of Everything.) Newsflash -- he failed. Einstein's Theory of Relatively, by definition, is incomplete; this is a well known fact. Unsolved Problems in Special and General Relativity also attests to that. It specifically point out 21 currently unsolved problems. Scientists have made zero break throughs in the past 50 years as well. Questioning the fundamentals is the _foundation_ of Science. But keep name calling people who question the assumptions as crackpots. I'm sure you have a replacement theory that explains it all.

Gee, if only there was a List of Unsolved Problems in Science. Oh wait, there is. Are you going to call all THOSE scientists who study these things crackpots as well ??

> drain him of $30k for audio equipment.

Why are you so insecure / jealous that other people have that kind of money to spend?

> but you believe in humans with super-human hearing.

Not just, believe, but I know it first hand because I live with one. My wife has extra-sensory perception in both sight and sound. I'll trust her senses over your denial any day.

But go ahead and keep labeling people who disagree with your limited knowledge. Just be aware that you look like a fool when you do. The real question you should be asking yourself is "When will you grow up?"

Comment Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 227

If this is actually implemented will be interesting to see how much they save in a few years-- especially as they will end up re-building the existing infrastructure.

The article didn't mentioned it but I'm also curious if they start using their own electric vehicles as well? (Similar to how Google has backup DC power to their servers.)


Another illustration of Google's obsession with efficiency comes through power supply design. Power supplies convert conventional AC (alternating current--what you get from a wall socket) electricity into the DC (direct current--what you get from a battery) electricity, and typical power supplies provide computers with both 5-volt and 12-volt DC power. Google's designs supply only 12-volt power, with the necessary conversions taking place on the motherboard.

It will also be interesting to see how Fedex and UPS respond to this.

I wonder if Amazon will pass along any savings to customers?

Comment Re:Seriously...music off YouTube...? (Score 1) 307

You absolute love non sequiturs, don't you?

If you would actually _read_ any of the current papers you'd realize Einstein hand-waves the infinite sequence mc^2 as being finite. His work is incomplete as many others point out.
The Factor 2 in Fundamental Physics

He _was NOT_ the first to discover the E=mc^2 relationship. Henry Poincare derived it 5 years earlier.
Mass-Energy Equivalence

Herrmann also points, mc^2, is an infinite series:

E = mc^2 is Not Einstein's Discovery

"The approximation is usual obtained by expanding mc^2 = m0 c^2/(1 - v^2/c^2 ) ^ 1/2 into an infinite series, where m0 is the "rest" mass. This gives mc^2 = m0 c ^2 + (1/2)m0v^2 + (3/8)m0v^4 /c^2 + .... This series contains the m0c 2 term and other "energy terms" such as a term for classical kinetic energy. In this case, the approximation is made exact by claiming that all terms, other than m0c^2 , represent an additional kinetic energy effect. Then one âoeselects,â rather than derives, E = mc^2 and E0 = m0*c^2 apparently based upon the previous incorrect Einstein radiation 'proof.' "

The above Einstein approximation process did not go unnoticed. Max Planck made mention of it and I will quote Planck in a moment.

But go ahead and keep bringing up topics that you know jack about and that have _nothing_ to do with the sample rate of CD's.

> accuse Nyquist

Who said anything about the Nyquist being wrong? Show me where I said that??

CD's 44 KHz playback can only (perfectly) reconstruct signals at 22 KHz. That is inadequate for _some_ people. Why do you assume everyone else is just as tone deaf as you ??

To use an analogy of your stupidity:

Some people (incorrectly) believe you can't see frame rates higher then 30. There is a clear difference between 30 Hz, 60 Hz, and 120 Hz. Most people will never notice it, but for others crappy 24 and 30 Hz look stuttery as hell. 24 Hz is "good enough" for most people the same way 16-bit 44 KHz is "good enough" for most people.

Comment Re:Fixing Firefox bugs is boring (Score 1) 97

The funny thing is I'm currently considering switching away from Chrome. I never realized how much telemetry is sends. (I hear you about Win 10 !! I refuse to use it except when mandated at work.)

If you go the Chrome route there is an _awesome_ extension called: Tabs Outliner
It has a separate window that shows ALL your tabs (both open and closed) vertically !

I'm not trying to "sell" you on Chrome -- I really wish this extension existed for FF.

So if FF sucks due to memory leaks, Chrome spys on you, then what browser is left? Chromium?

Submission + - Raspberry Pi Gets 'More Visually Appealing' Pixel Desktop OS

Mickeycaskill writes: Raspberry Pi has a new visually appealing OS built on top of the existing Raspian called Pixel.

It will ship with Raspberry Pi to make it easier to get started, and comes complete with wallpapers, reworked icons and tweaked fonts and windows with a few nip and tucks.

Menus have also been decluttered and information about the Pi’s temperature and voltage has been made clearer to view.

The Raspbian + PIXEL release can be downloaded today from Raspberry Pi’s website in the form of an 4GB uncompressed image of the operating system.

Comment Re:bad patents (Score 1) 115

1. That a certain immoral public policy might sometimes be expedient in a certain economic configuration does not make it any less immoral. Let me emphasize: The question of whether the government ought or ought not grant monopolies on ideas - monopolies that are so similar to ownership that their own advocates describe them as "intellectual property" - is first and foremost a moral question. The ownership of ideas is offensive to human dignity. It must be abolished now.

2. Dude, you are dreaming if you think those folksy anecdotes even sort of approximate how the real capitalist economy works.

3. Do you really want to label me a freeloader? I have written and published a non-trivial amount of Free Software. I put my money where my mouth is. Feel free to show off your more own more impressive contributions - for surely there are many who have contributed far more than I. Or, shut the fuck up and go do something useful for the world.

Comment Re:Fixing Firefox bugs is boring (Score 1) 97

> As for tabs, it doesn't seem to matter. I might typically have ~15 tabs open on two or three instances of FF, but I've seen it do this with two tabs on a single instance.

That confirms what I used to see too.

>The odd thing is that it doesn't seem to happen any faster with more tabs open, but I haven't really done any serious testing on that. It just seems that after ~24 hours or so it hits the RAM limit and starts to barf whether I have 5 tabs open or 20 tabs open.

Interesting that you can hit this in 24 hours. In the past it would take me a few days.

I did a little testing over the years. Once I noticed FF used 2+ GB I would close all tabs except one. How the frig does FF use 2+ GB with only one tab open !?!?!

Garbage Collection was added inFirefox 38 via


But the Free Memory (GC), (CC), and (Minimize memory usage) does jack.

I'll restart FF with the single tab and FF will be back down to ~ 100 MB. /sarcasm Yup, there is no memory leak! NOT.

> Now we're up to version 49.x and it's still doing it...

I'm not surprised. I got tired of the devs making the excuse that FF doesn't have a memory leak when it clearly does for a few people.

I really resisted Chrome until 2010 until I noticed that the memory leak was never going to be fixed. Chrome runs each tab in its process -- which is awesome. You can kill each tab individually to get memory back !

I really should switch to Chromium ...

Comment Re:Fixing Firefox bugs is boring (Score 1) 97

I've had that _exact_ same problem since the FF 2.0 days!! Yes 2.0.

I eventually gave up and switched to Chrome. :-/

I never did figure out why FF was a RAM hog. I suspected it might be related to video playback and/or Flash related. Do you browse YouTube (or any other video sites) at all ?

How many tabs do you regularly have open? 10? 50? 100?

I wish FF wasn't such a PITA to compile out of the box. I wouldn't mind logging EVERY malloc() / new() call to see what the hell FF is doing.

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