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Comment Re:great insight! (Score 1) 244

The fact that it'd take centuries to achieve means that progress would be impossible to measure effectively so everyone would just have to believe that "improvement" was happening.

If we have to go in one direction with CO2 concentration it should be up, not down. Like temperature, which is preferable: warmer or colder?

There is never much focus on the benefits, only the (potential) downsides.

These and other aspects of the whole neverending crisis-mongering convinces me that it's a money and power grab.

Comment Robot Arms (Not the Hotel) Take Men's Jobs (Score 0) 53

The cute graphic of their automated system at their website is nice but we all know that it's really thousands of H-1B workers with foreign masters degrees doing all the work in a hidden basement. And you know what the guy who invented the robot arm first used it for/testing it with? Pussy grabbing!

Comment Patrick Moore's Law (Score 0) 244

"CO2 and temperature have NOT moved in unison. In fact, during the Jurassic, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere plummeted while temperatures rose. The same thing disparity occurred in the Eocene. It is therefore not possible to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between CO2 and temperature over the long-term history. Carbon is not the enemy. It is actually the reason that we are alive.”

Comment Re:It Doesn't Work That Way (Score 1) 244

It's all about the headlines, flash messaging. The public (who are treated as 5th graders by media and marketeers/spinners/manipulators) knows Moore's Law = Magic Technology Something, so just transpose 'Moore's Law' into the Climate Arena as a solution to a problem and wait for the government dollars to flow in in response to public pressure.

Comment Re:It Doesn't Work That Way (Score 1) 244

Moore to the point, Moore's law was an observation of a natural trend. This is the opposite, typical of so much legislation.

Moore's law is like having a speedometer needle showing the speed, or a thermometer showing the temperature. Legislation which tries to change society pretends changing the observation will change reality: move the needle to slow down or speed up; move the pointer to raise or lower the temperature. In reality, you need an entirely different device to do that.

"So let it be written, so let it be done" sounds good in movies, but it don't do squat in real life except muck things up.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 3, Insightful) 255

Yes, this story is odd... almost if the "scandal" is ginned-up so as to generate Yet Another Story Of Workplace Sexism And Why Something MUST BE DONE NOW (And BTW, Trump Grabs Pussies).

It's just one more "Raising Awareness Moment" rammed into the eyeballs of the reader. Or a attempt to threaten a lawsuit and then settle.

Comment Re:Blame the others (Score 1) 385

> yellow / blue palate

If the roof of your mouth, palate, is yellow / blue then you have bigger problems to worry about.

The process of tinting the palette towards the Orange and Teal colors is called color grading.

It sucks because it is constantly over-used.

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* Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear
* Empire I: World Builders
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