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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Golden Shellback Announces iPhone Coating Service

bytethese writes: Just got this via email:

Golden Shellback Announces iPhone Coating Services Now Available

Golden Shellback is happy to announce that we now have coating services available for the iPhone. The cost to coat the iPhone is $120.00. Check out this and other coating announcements on the website behind the "Buy" button on the website.

Also, please check out the IPod Shuffle auction at:

Call us for information about shellbacking your iPhone at $120.00 plus shipping costs at 1 508 287 2334. This is an advanced announcement for those who signed up for the newsletter. There's been chatter on the Internet, but this newsletter confirms the process is now available.

Check out the details at the website

Peace Turtle logo:
Want to know more behind the turtle logo?

* See for an example of what Northeast Maritime Institute did this summer to promote peace.
* The turtle has a favorite song and is often found humming along to

Fishermen and Hunters:

* Contact us at if you're interested in learning about gear that has been shellbacked.

Maritime news for Captains and Pilots:

* Strut your stuff! Check out Northeast Maritime is sponsoring a competition with $50,000 in prizes for Professional Captains and Pilots.
* Check out Northeast Maritime Institute's MET Co-op program at


* If you'd like some information about Northeast Maritime Institute clothing that is available treated with Golden Shellback please contact us at We have a really cool fleece vest that will let you shake most of the water off and then dries very quickly. A shellbacked ball cap is great when working out in the rain and mist.

We'll be updating the website with information regarding new items that can be coated. Check the website often and look for this newsletter.

Please pass this newsletter on to anyone you know who may be interested. You have received this because you signed up for it at

Golden Shellback Coating was developed by Mariners for Mariners

Submission + - Installing Vista on Partitioned Macbook Pro Drive

bytethese writes: "Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me on this one.

I'm a grad student studying forensic computing and as such, would like to have multiple operating systems on my Macbook Pro. I just upgraded my hard drive (as well as upgrading my RAM and OS X to Leopard) from the original 80GB to a 320GB. I partitioned the drive in 3 parts (using the Disk Utility on the Leopard DVD), 1st partition for OS X, 2nd for my data (1st and 2nd formatted as HFS+), 3rd partition I formatted FAT32 for a native Windows installation. When I had Tiger, I used Bootcamp for a native XP boot but also mounted the drive virtually in Parallels on occasion as well.

With the new drive, my plan was to run WinXP and Linux virtually with Parallels, install Vista with Bootcamp and use Parallels to boot the Bootcamp partition virtually if need be. Unfortunately when I went to use Bootcamp, it told me I needed to start with one partition to use it.

I seem to be stuck at an impasse. I have poked around the MacRumors forums, Slashdot and Googled a bit but can't seem to find the right information. I have stumbled upon rEFIt and think that I may be able to use this somehow but I am unsure how to best use it if I even can do so.

Based on what I'd like to do, is it still possible for me to install Vista natively? A major concern for me is the multi-partition. I'm pretty set with keeping a separate partition for data on the drive. I'm figuring that should I need to test, reinstall OS X or should OS X become corrupted somehow, I would only need to mess with the 1st OS X partition leaving the bulk of my personal data intact on the 2nd partition.

Thanks in advance for any help and thoughts you guys have on this!"

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