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Comment Re:One of two things will happen (Score 1) 128

Unfortunately that cannot happen. If it's foreign soil, they have no mandate to operate outside the US, and would need to also abide by the laws of the host country. Should host country declare that the soil those agents are on is sovereign, such as an embassy, then that land would be considered US soil and thus the border crossing applies as if those agents were back on "normal" US soil. That's how I understand it, however the usual IANAL disclaimer applies here.

Comment Re:Is Encase worried yet? (Score 1) 37

I don't think EnCase will worry yet. When people ask, I always say that EnCase is the Windows of forensic software. Windows may suck, but it's still the "gold standard" tool to use in forensics examinations, FTK being second. There's always a niche tho, like BlackLight for Mac examinations. I'm not much of a developer but I would love to poke around with Dshell.

Comment Forensics/Security (Score 2) 158

Sure I went back, finished my undergrad degree, got my masters in Forensic Computing but my 10+ years experience in IT definitely helps.
"We have these weird files, do you know what they are?"
"Oh that's from the same type of document management system this company I worked at uses."

"Oh Lotus Notes, does any one have experience with this?"
"Why yes I do."

Those are some small examples but registry locations, locations of where OS's and Applications keep their files, etc directly translates into useful info in Forensics/Security. We even had someone join my last company as an Associate (sort of entry level) that worked IT for 15yrs, no formal Forensics/Security training, but after a while, he was doing quite well. I think it'd be important to tailor your resume to show you know some of the requisite info and bring it home in an interview.

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