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Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 494

If they make it illegal, won't that suddenly make it not the #1 cash crop (at least not one that gets tax money into the state's coffers)? I'm not saying that banning it again (or rather, taking up anti-pot enforcement in a big new way) is a sensible idea, I think we're in violent agreement here, but sensibility hasn't stopped many people from doing many stupid things (such as electing Trump), because many people just aren't sensible. Plus, Sessions' anti-pot cronies stand to make a lot of money through vigorous anti-pot enforcement. Anyway, back to CAF: if they start stealing everything that pot owners and dealers have, that would quickly put a damper on things I think. What'd be interesting, however, is if the state governments turned on them and started arresting the federal agents for theft, and states started really rebelling legally against the federal government. It could get pretty ugly.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 376

It really depends. How far ahead in the future is it, and how much effort is required to delay it, and what's the effort/delay ratio, and also what's the probability that your delay tactic will even work and how much? So, for instance, if the disaster won't happen for a few decades, and delaying it for another few decades will take a large amount of effort, which you could instead spend enjoying your life, then why bother? If you're going to be elderly or dead by then, what's the point? Sure, you can worry about your progeny, but what if you don't have any? And why frustrate yourself into an early grave that way, when most of your countrymen are intent on working against you because of their ignorance and idiocy?

I can certainly see why Elon wants to set up a colony on Mars.

Comment Re:John Deere is a problem (Score 1) 494

Yeah, those are my thoughts about Chrysler too. Of course, Fiat isn't exactly known for being an automotive leader, and neither is "Groupe PSA" (owns Peugot and Citroen), so I guess it makes sense that these 3rd-rate has-been automakers are consolidating. But in the case of Opel at least, it's going from American ownership back to European ownership.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 376

No, the morons are the people who voted these plutocrats into office. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Your statement proves that you're one of those uneducated morons, such as your utterly retarded statement that "Planned Parenthood doesn't provide healthcare". Citation needed on that piece of idiocy, because everyone else in this universe knows that they provide all kinds of gyno services.

Comment Re: Plutocracy (Score 1) 376

Home market, maybe, but both Xerox and IBM tried to sell low-end business computers (without much luck, at least at first), in the part because the micro upstarts were undercutting them on price. Thus, they did see a market for desktop biz and education computers.

And there is some evidence IBM's anti-trust lawsuits affected its behavior concerning how it competed in desktops.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 204

[burner phones]...Load them up with tantalizing information that wastes a ton of investigation time...Emails about stuff supposedly buried in parks, or sunk in lakes at specific GPS coordinates. Treasure-map fantasies

"Bob, that was slick how you snuck tiny chips with Snowden's current address in Trumpo's hair."

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