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Comment Re:Hands on Whell? (Score 0) 131

I've never felt like I needed "assistance" to keep the car in my lane.

Then you're probably not realizing just how bad your driving is.

After observing other people's driving for about a quarter-century now, I can safely say that most humans just aren't very good about keeping their car in their lane at all times. They can use all the help they can get. If you've *ever* gone over the lines while you were driving, then this includes you too. Somehow I doubt you have a perfect record of this.

Comment Re:I don't want Clippy on my phone! (Score 1) 88

Trying to embrace and extinguish your competition (like what they're trying to do with linux as we speak) is only going to encourage the creation of yet other new alternatives to your authoritarian garbage OS.

This sounds like something out of a movie, not real life. In real life, we've had Linux for over 20 years now, yet almost no one uses it unfortunately. In fact, desktop Linux usage seems to have dropped significantly in the last 5 years or so, with a lot of people going to Apple.

Seems to me that MS is doing the right thing: figuring out new ways of milking more revenue out of Windows users, who aren't decreasing in number at all.

All ventures must end, and Microsoft is no exception. They are only hastening their own demise.

How so? From what I've read, MS's financials are very, very good. Seems like they're doing the right thing for their profitability. Maybe you don't like it, maybe it's Orwellian, but too bad. *No one* is being forced to use MS and their spyware-laden OS; everyone who uses it does so voluntarily. If people don't like their OS being intrusive and authoritarian, then they should stop using it, but I just don't see that happening, ever. People are too short-sighted and stupid. MS might as well take advantage of that.

Comment They are suppressing partial solutions (Score 1) 124

In Europe they use weight-loss medication that has proven fairly effective and safe. But for some reason doctors in the US are discouraged from prescribing them.

I asked my own doctor about them, and got a lectury response something like "patients should just learn to exercise more and eat better instead." Yeah, we know that already.

Ironically, the doctor is also overweight. It's NOT working, doc!

Comment Re: So Oracle discriminated (Score 1) 282

We have to vote for a person, not specific positions. While I generally agree with him on visa workers, there are many other things I don't. And he says really obnoxious things.

Also, it's not about "those leftists". Conservatives and GOP have been happy to give businesses what they want to make a profit, including exploitable and cheap visa workers, and in many cases "illegals".

Lefties have been somewhat more likely to complain about visa worker issues than righties over the years in my observation. Overall, Trump is a generally centrist, by the way.

Comment Re:Make the banks take the risk when an driver hit (Score 1) 139

Wow, you're really a loon if you think that's a winning strategy: have Hillary pick a Republican running mate? That might pick up some R voters who don't like Trump, but it'll also cause tons of D voters (including everyone who considers themselves a progressive) to sit out the race or vote third-party. This strategy actually would have been great for getting the Green Party a lot more votes than they got with her crappy pick of Kaine.

Sanders *was* a qualified Democrat. He ran as one, and that's all you have to do. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Democrat Party faithful think that only long-time Party members should be allowed to play in their party. No wonder they have such a hard time getting progressives to turn out to vote for them, by pushing partisan politics over ideals and doing the right thing. Honestly, if there's any good to come out of this crazy election, it'll be the utter destruction of the Democratic Party. At least the Republicans are somewhat honest about their intentions and who they work for.

And Trump absolutely *is* unpopular. Countless polls have proven this. Just because people voted for him doesn't mean they actually liked him, same as Hillary.

Comment Re:Merit over Intersectionalist Bingo Quotas (Score 2, Interesting) 282

claptrap. You don't hire to fill quotas ... You hire the best candidate to do a job.

I've been in the work-world long enough to know that social factors play a large role in actual hiring decisions/preferences. Humans are social animals and tribal by nature/habit.

We like to THINK we are objective, but in practice we are not. We unconsciously prefer people who think like and have a background similar to ourselves. We don't want mental-world-view-mismatches that take us out of our comfort zone.

Once I inadvertently got the results of my own job interview due to a mix-up. The hiring manager stated, "Tablizer [alias] is technically competent and experienced, but has no personality. He is a stick-in-the-mud. We want somebody more interesting." [paraphrased]

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