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Comment Yes. (Score 1) 264

The city of Amsterdam has, by its own last estimate, 100000 people living in it that it has no idea of. And I don't mean the homeless: these people live in houses, pay and receive money (cash), have cellphones and children that go to school, and show up in hospitals which provide them with free healthcare (which those hospitals then have to balance against the people that /do/ pay). There are laws (and local regulations because, hey, it's Amsterdam) in place for each and every one of those aspects of their lives.

Sometimes, in this country, it makes sense to stop and wonder why on earth you should choose to live a, you know, /regular/ life.

Comment Humbug (Score 1) 259

Since Mr Farage held or holds no executive power, he cannot say that the money saved will go to the NHS, or that it be spent on growing daisies, for that matter. Those are not his political promises to make, or break. He _can_ say that it might be used for the NHS, and he _can_ say that it might not.

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