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Comment Humbug (Score 1) 259

Since Mr Farage held or holds no executive power, he cannot say that the money saved will go to the NHS, or that it be spent on growing daisies, for that matter. Those are not his political promises to make, or break. He _can_ say that it might be used for the NHS, and he _can_ say that it might not.

Comment Re:Well that makes no sense (Score 1) 114

My guess the leaker was German. Some unaffiliated, left-wing, single, anarchist hacker. His 'perfect English' is simply translated and submitted back for approval by the Guardian. That makes it also sound so 'political'. But the undertone of the piece can easily be German: he thought he'd punked the system, and the system was only punked to the point of 'meh'. So now he is DISAPPOINTED. And now he's really going to TEACH THE WORLD A LESSON!!1! My guess that he'll make a mistake any day now, for all of his juvenal anger.

Comment Re:Wait until they start making a bit of money (Score 3, Informative) 1080

The public is just as guilty. When we shout that everybody should have a mortgage, and everybody should be able to go to college, everybody will be bearing the brunt of the price increase that accompanies all those subsidies and risk-taking. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but try explaining that to people with voting rights.

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