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Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 689

Although I'm pretty much of the position: bring Assad back, I cannot see that happening anymore at this point. Sure, you could stop bombing his army and even start supporting it and by doing that, drive ISIS out. But:

a) ISIS will simply re-emerge in Lybia.
b) The Kurds will farked (again).
c) Assad may forgive, but he won't forget.

Comment Systemd tries to be two things in one (Score 1) 508

The thing with systemd is that you want the executable that remains after initializing the system is done, to be super-lean and provable. Ideally, init would replace itself with another executable image after all the complex, hard work is done. And ideally, because of its complexity, the initial hard work should be done by a scripting language.

What 'su' does inside systemd is completely beyond me. That should be a separate system call.

Comment Re:Who wants one? (Score 1) 186

There are in the tens of CPU like microprocessors on your phone, only one of which runs Android or iOS. You may be feeding into a mike that goes directly through to Cupertino, but you may be able to turn that off. You're also feeding into a mike that may go directly to Samsung, or their Chinese supplier. And you won't be able to turn that off.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 1) 612

The statements that he made about Europe (detonating nuclear devices there, NATO withdrawal, etc) are nothing unlike what every single US president in recent memory including Obama has ever said. I mean, I'm not particularly in favor of the man, but this seems a bit like this:

Comment Wondering about that dataset (Score 1) 539

I find that what American consider 'religious' is often different than what other people find 'religious'. Marriage, for example - I had a ceremony (it wasn't in a church), and rings and vows and whatnot, but it was nowhere near religious. From what I understand, many Americans would disagree with that. Also, a halal-shop sells also to non-religious customers, and a large part of its turnover is not profit (certainly not, in retail). I'd have trouble evaluating the criteria for inclusion in this dataset. Just sayin'.

Comment Wrong audience (Score 1) 495

I have a macbook pro, just not with retina display. I opted out of that, because I'm old fashioned when it comes to displays (and I don't use a macbook as a shiny tool for graphic design). So now I guess I'm not cool enough to let our Cupertino overlords know what I do with my headphone jacks (I use them, btw). Bummer.

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