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Comment Re:Who wants one? (Score 1) 185

There are in the tens of CPU like microprocessors on your phone, only one of which runs Android or iOS. You may be feeding into a mike that goes directly through to Cupertino, but you may be able to turn that off. You're also feeding into a mike that may go directly to Samsung, or their Chinese supplier. And you won't be able to turn that off.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 1) 610

The statements that he made about Europe (detonating nuclear devices there, NATO withdrawal, etc) are nothing unlike what every single US president in recent memory including Obama has ever said. I mean, I'm not particularly in favor of the man, but this seems a bit like this:

Comment Wondering about that dataset (Score 1) 539

I find that what American consider 'religious' is often different than what other people find 'religious'. Marriage, for example - I had a ceremony (it wasn't in a church), and rings and vows and whatnot, but it was nowhere near religious. From what I understand, many Americans would disagree with that. Also, a halal-shop sells also to non-religious customers, and a large part of its turnover is not profit (certainly not, in retail). I'd have trouble evaluating the criteria for inclusion in this dataset. Just sayin'.

Comment Wrong audience (Score 1) 495

I have a macbook pro, just not with retina display. I opted out of that, because I'm old fashioned when it comes to displays (and I don't use a macbook as a shiny tool for graphic design). So now I guess I'm not cool enough to let our Cupertino overlords know what I do with my headphone jacks (I use them, btw). Bummer.

Comment Re: It's the Sun, actually (Score 2) 130

The moon is heavier when it shinest brightest, didn't you know that? Those photons don't weigh nothing, you know...

No, actually, it has something to do with the position of the moon and the sun, and how that both creates the optimal conditions for gravitational pull, and gives it the most exposure to the earth. Think, young Anakin, think!

Comment Re:Empty threat (Score 5, Informative) 302

Exactly. The EU's beef is primarily with Ireland, only secondarily with Apple. The thing is: Ireland is a net receiver of EU money. So the EU reasons: if you want subsidies, you have a certain obligation to pick up certain types of money, taxes being one of them. Otherwise it would create a perverse incentive to EU nations: don't collect taxes, let the rest of the EU countries pick up the bill. So the EU demands, in exchange for membership, a tax regime of a certain quality. Since they are the ones paying, they decide. Germany, for example, could decide not to tax Apple a penny, but it wouldn't get a similar frown from the EU, since it's a net payer into the system.

So the EU says to Ireland: collect, or we'll lower your subsidy by an equal amount. And Ireland finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place.

Comment Re:Unsigned integers ? (Score 1) 427

Nope. Unsigned integers have everything to do with (at least) two things that I can think of:
- expression. It is non sensical to have an array of size -3, for example. In a language like Java, one would ideally even forbid to use array indexes from being negative. An unsigned type gives you this facility out of the box.
- network protocols. When you interact with other languages over a network, you want to be able to convey naturally, an unsigned type. If I have a protocol that conveys 8-bit flags, I want to suck those up inside an unsigned 8-bit type. Not a 16-bit type of which the 15-th bit is a sign.

Comment Re:End is Nigh (Score 1) 242

Also, the system has a weakness in it, in that it will incorporate the results that it helped create. Also, there will be competing programs, all influencing each other. We've had (we're continuing to have) broker prediction programs that suffer from the same. The result is never pretty.

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