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Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 108

Did you even read what you wrote? The phrase "I'm on autopilot" means you HAVE a metaphorical autopilot which is doing the work, so you don't have to be paying attention. And it is exactly this common usage which is the problem, because when you have a Tesla autopilot you do need to pay full attention. You seem to think the phrase means you ARE an autopilot, and thus are not paying attention. You are probably the only one with that bad a misunderstanding of the phrase.

Comment Re:Software isn't enough, hardware must change (Score 1) 531

He is referring to storage protect keys, which were present in the 360 architecture from the start (originally as a feature). For every 2K block of storage there is an associated 4-bit key, and if the 'current' key (in the PSW) does not match the key for the addressed block, a program check interrupt is raised.

Comment Re:what a waste of article (Score 1) 531

In fact, there is no question of how safe and reliable Java is, and nobody that knows what they are taking about has recommended removing Java. The problem with 'Java' is that malicious code can exploit weaknesses in the sandbox (which is not written in Java). The solution is to not run untrusted code, ie disable the browner plugin.

Protection from malicious code is far different than protection from programming bugs that allow inputs to cause malicious operation.

Comment Re:Call the BBB then return it. (Score 1) 491

Well then, these PCs should certainly be illegal! After all, when I buy one I am also required to buy:

Intel processor
Samsung memory
WD hard drive
Broadcom Wifi
Panasonic battery
Sharp LCD display

All brands made up, I don't know what is actually in this product. But the point stands: you are only required to buy one thing, and that is the manufactured product. Adding an OS is no different than adding memory, other than you don't happen to like it. If you don't like the product the manufacturer is offering, DON'T BUY IT. Is that really so difficult a concept?

Comment Re:Smoking something? Copy-pasted, dude (Score 1) 337

It does not 'dramatically change' anything, your reading just sucks. While you were so busy looking for idiotic ways to interpret the presence or lack of a comma you completely missed the words WITHOUT CONSENT. So, yes, it makes PERFECT sense that using 'existing' devices WITHOUT CONSENT is a crime.

Comment Re: Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1) 337

And it is ILLEGAL. It is really quite simple. Are they offerering a paid-for service? Yes. Are you using that service? Yes. Did you pay for the service? No! Then you have committed theft of services. All your blathering about whitelists, holes, devices, means absolutely nothing. The legal meaning of 'authorized' does not include any nonsense about whitelists, backdoors, mis-configured servers. The legal meaning of authority is 'do you know (mybe not, if you are an idiot), or should you know (absolutely) that the only way this service is offered is by explicit agreement with the provider (ie payment), and do you have that explicit agreement (ie paid)'. And no, a hole in their defenses does NOT provide that agreement.

Comment Re:Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1) 337

Theft of services is basically defined as knowingly using a service that is being sold without paying for it. It doesn't matter if your method of access is some extremely clever and complicated hack, a mis-configured server, a backdoor, or getting your buddy who works there to authorize your device.

As with most laws, it is YOUR actions that matter, NOT your targets actions.

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