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Submission + - Shuttleworth Calls Ubuntu Linux - Performance Art, Calls out Critics (

darthcamaro writes: Mark Shuttleworth has taken a lot of heat for Ubuntu's decision to use Unity, to move away from Wayland and about its stance on the community distros like Kubuntu. In a new video interview Shuttleworth shoot back claiming no matter what he does people will always find fault due to...'competitive pressures.'

"What's genuinely difficult is that both I and a bunch of people that help make choices, genuinely care about what other people think," Shuttleworth said. "We go through a lot of trouble to accommodate other folks."


Submission + - Typingpool: Human Audio Transcription Parallelism 1

theodp writes: Silly rabbit, parallel processing is not just for Big Data! Building on techniques outlined by Andy Baio back in 2008, Wired writer and 20% Doctrine evangelist Ryan Tate has released Ruby-based software called Typingpool to make audio transcriptions easier and cheaper. 'Typingpool chops your audio into small bits and routes them to the labor marketplace Mechanical Turk,' Tate explains to his reporter pals, 'where workers transcribe the bits in parallel. This produces transcripts much faster than any lone transcriber for as little one-eighth what you pay a transcription service. Better still, workers keep 91 percent of the money you spend.' Remember to Use the Force for Good, Tate adds.

Submission + - Get Your 3D Printed Leather Jackets (

MatthewVD writes: "Bioprinting startup Modern Meadows is coming forward with its plans to master in vitro leather production in the next five years. The news follows the August announcement that Peter Thiel's Breakout Labs revolving fund had given the startup a grant. Modern Meadows' plans for 3D printed meat will probably have to wait for a few years, notably because a majority of people wouldn't want to eat cultured meat. Printed leather, on the other hand, would be welcomed by animal activists and skin is structurally simpler than meat."

Submission + - Samsung accuses Apple's expert witnesses of being 'iSheep' (

zacharye writes: Samsung has accused Apple of calling expert witnesses that exhibit “slavish adoration” to the company during an ongoing patent trial between the two consumer electronics giants. As noted by patent expert Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, court documents filed by Samsung in California seek to exclude testimony made by a number of Apple’s expert witnesses on the grounds that they were biased...
Data Storage

Submission + - The Return of Magnetic Tape (

CowboyRobot writes: "This month is the 60th anniversary of magnetic tape as a data storage medium, and many companies (most of which did not exist when IBM developed the first tape drive) are realizing that the main complaints about tape are no longer relevant.
"The three biggest complaints about tape — that data is hard to find, might then be hard to read, and the media is generally unreliable — no longer hold water. The vendors emphasize that tape has become much easier to manage and use via automated health- and data-integrity verification tools. Thanks to file systems such as LTFS, tapes can look and act like enormous USB drives. Most surprising is the revelation that the raw bit error rate of tape is orders of magnitude better than that of most disk drives.""

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