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Comment Probably not very exciting (Score 5, Interesting) 91

I work at a place that gets inspected by APHIS. APHIS also puts our material into quarantine.

We have permits for all kinds of things that sound icky and salacious. If someone read the reports they might think, "Wait, something bad is going on here- why are they doing this? Let's follow the trail and find out what they are doing!"

They would be very disappointed to find out what is really going on- that it is all part of 'normal' business. That the icky sounding stuff would be absolutely pedestrian if you understood it.

APHIS is a prettyboring place once you get over the idea of 'quarantine'. My guess is that these records would be boring at first glance, andpretty much just spreadsheet data regardingregular inspections once you have an understanding of what they are doing.

But...maybe that's all just a conspiracy...

Comment garbage article (Score 4, Insightful) 319

I use Firefox almost exclusively and I am very happy with it.
I don't see how this article is relevant to Firefox anyway. Who was going to use firefox on a TV, or toaster IoT anyway?
THis is Mozilla being smart so they can put more resources into the projects that matte more, including firefox for mobile and desktop.

Comment Re:Tipping Point (Score 1) 85

I pretty much agree with you.

I create/run a fair number of web applications. Anything with a password associated with it runs https- if there is no password, then it runs insecure.

You want a picture of a peach? I'll serve up thousands- and let every man-in-the-middle know that you're looking at peaches.

You want to send me your email and password (that is probably the same you use on 10 other sites)? Now it is secure.

Asking a real question- why should we encrypt non-sensitive data?

Comment Re:I'm missing something crucial (Score 4, Insightful) 94

Well, here is one really good reason: CHOICE.

People may prefer Google Now. But if you have no other choice- that sucks. Microsoft is trying to provide an option.

I can't imagine they are hoping for a big uptake on Cortana on Android. Google Now is so tightly integrated.

But for everyone complaining about this, or saying, "This is dumb, I don't want it!" - Better to have a choice than not.

So you don't like one of the choices. Cool. But it's always nice to have options.

Comment Re:Of course; everyone HATES Windows phones (Score 1) 94

Microsoft has been pretty public about their dropping support for Windows Phone.

They may come with a new phone- but for now they are pretty much in the, "Okay, that didn't work" mode. It's not a secret.

I have been using Windows Phone for a long time. I actually like it. Though now it seems like every month another feature dies on my phone. I just tell people, "My phone is full-on retarded."

They've also been very public about their plan to follow the customers to where they are- which is NOT on Windows Phone. Essentially my phone gets about zero support now. It's a shame, but not the end of the world.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 564

Ya, I spotted it immediately. He was really brave when he was sure he wouldn't have to do it. Kind of like all the people who claim they'll leave the country over [insert socio-political atrocity]. If they ever followed through, it would really be a newsworthy event.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 501

Let me field that answer. They'll use it, just like organizations kept using WinXP pre-SP3, until the new Director of IT came along and said "Are you fucking kidding me?! What incompetent idiot let you stay unpatched and critically open to everything that has come along in the last fucking decade?! Oh, the same one who thought it's a great idea to never upgrade hardware, despite your staff barely surviving on machines that crash daily, or catch fire like those two did last week."

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