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Comment Re:Save often, make backups (Score 5, Informative) 465

He was probably counting on Google, as the service provider, to backup his data for him. The way that (if you let it) Apple backs up all of your iPhone data constantly so that if you drop it in the toilet, you just get a new iPhone and everything in a few hours magically comes back the way you left it.

That's the promise of "the cloud" we keep hearing about from the marketing departments. This artist, being an artist not a tech guy, believed it.

But this is actually par for the course for Google. I moved all of my clients off of Blogger about five years ago after one of their Blogger blogs simply disappeared without a trace and no recourse. After a little digging, I turned up HUNDREDS of similar cases of people's Blogger accounts vanishing into thin air with zero help from Google. This has been going on for years, and Google is silent about it.

After all, you get what you pay for.

Comment Re: Microsoft's Customers are Screwed.. Again (Score 2) 140

I think you are giving Apple way too much credit.

Both companies do a good job of taking other ideas, refining them, then using their size and resources to bring products to market.

Regarding Bing- yes, there is a need for it. If you only look at consumer search functionality Google serves that purpose, and is generally better than Bing. (I am a lonely Bing user...) But- do you recommend that nobody else compete in this space? More importantly, Microsoft owns the index/search technology they use for other products- such as Cortana. Indexing huge amounts of information is a very important function moving forward. Microsoft reps have stated many times that the primary importance of Bing is not the direct consumer space.

Apple has had its share of 'me too' products. I bought more than my share of 'Performa' macs, which were just absolute crap. Their Apple Watch is crap. They have had many others. Hell, I owned an Apple III, when everyone with any sense was buying IBM.

Apple has had a few blockbuster successes, which have led to them being a hugely successful company. But that does not elevate them to some incredible status where they do no wrong or are just better than other companies.

Comment Re:Which Glasses / Be The Girl (Score 1) 80

1. With occulus rift being vaporware, which glasses are the best for viewing 3D porn?

The Facebook Rift is actually shipping now, but I'm partial to the Vive. You'll need to purchase Virtual Desktop to watch 3D videos on the latter.

2. What are the best sites for "be the girl" porn? (serious question)

Check out this, shot from a girl's PoV. You'd think looking down at your chest and having a girl's breasts would be weird--unless you are a grill, I s'pose (inb4 >slashdot), or unless your physique lends itself to man boobs.

But it was having a girl's arms that freaked me out.

I mean, I'm no Yao Ming, but I'm tall. I have large hands and long fingers, though I'm not used to thinking of them that way--they're just your hands, right? How much time do people in prohibitionist states spend really contemplating their hands? Outside of shopping for a pair of gloves that fit (they're all made by gnomes, for gnomes), or showing off with some Rachmaninoff, they're just hands, and you don't really think about their dimensions.

But that video dumps you into the perspective of a girl. A tiny girl. A tiny girl, with tiny arms, and tiny hands, and tiny, tiny wrists. And holy shit, is that weird.

I'm used to porn making me big, but that was the first time porn made me small! It was some real Alice in Wonderland shit.

I mean, are tiny people really that tiny? How do you tiny people do push-ups without your hands breaking right off? How do you reach the trigger on a rifle? Do your fingers not overhang computer mice by several inches, dragging along the tabletop every time you mouse?

Were people serious about the Xbox controller being large?

The whole experience has really changed my understanding of reality. It's not the kind of thing you can casually whip out at a VR party, though.

Comment Re:definitely due to the rise of the populist righ (Score 0) 693


and obviously it's ignorant

americans are feeding crony financial parasites and getting nothing in return "because capitalism" when it's not capitalism at all

and never can be capitalism: capitalism is pretty wonderful but only works in certain economic sectors. it's not magic unicorn farts you sprinkle on anything and then everything is fixed because magic, which is unfortunately the extent of many americans' understanding of capitalism

Comment definitely due to the rise of the populist right (Score 0, Troll) 693

like you see with trump in the usa

and, like trump, it's financially and politically retarded

scotland will leave, and northern ireland may, and britain will suffer a number of financial costs it has to pay now

so now britain is significantly poorer and weaker

all because some old morons don't like immigrants

the real issue is why these people are so angry, and the obvious answer is they feel poor while they perceive immigrants as coddled

and they are poor... because of plutocratic abuses, not immigrants

plutocratic abuses the political *left* has answers to

but the old morons reject the left for various stupid and propagandistic reasons

like americans rejecting universal healthcare, even though it's far cheaper and equal or higher quality. because "capitalism." when it's just cronyism

old poor morons like plutocrats to have gold toilets i guess, and are too fucking stupid to see how or why that's all their uneducated opinions lead to

Comment It's a matter of congestion (Score 1) 381

*If* self-driving cars can reduce congestion significantly, the changeover will be a tidal wave.

I live near enough to San Francisco, that I could make the trip easily enough for a relaxing day in a great city. Unfortunately, traffic is a nightmare. So I avoid it. Driving on the freeway to Sacramento is ridiculous. I avoid that too. Once there is a reasonable percentage of autonomous cars, that traffic should be greatly reduced by being more efficient. (Not the number of cars going down, but the overall efficiency going up).

Also, a lot of deliveries could easily be handled via autonomous vehicles. Again, the efficiency would be killer. Set up all deliveries to be at night! Mail, packages, etc. Just drop them in a specified area in front of my house, and I'll pick it up in the morning.

Comment Re:Yet another Accellion file appliance hack (Score 5, Informative) 51

Holy shit, you weren't kidding. Quoting selected bugs:

  • The appliance ships with UDP port 8812 allowed through the firewall. The port correlates to an internal service that routes messages between backend processes. To authenticate access to this service, all messages must be encrypted with a secret key [...] These two default keys are 123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0 and 0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF.
  • One of the applications that is exposed through the port 8812 message routing service executes a system command without sanitizing the arguments provided by the requesting application. This allows arbitrary commands to be executed on the appliance. Combined with Issue #1, this allows remote, unauthenticated command execution on the appliance as the "soggycat" user, which is root equivalent
  • The secure shell daemon is running by default and the system is configured with static passwords for a number of root-equivalent accounts. The "soggycat" user account [...] also has two SSH keys configured for passwordless login. These keys were generated over eight years ago.
  • All internal services communicate through UDP services bound to the address. This exposes the internal workings of the appliance to an attacker with network access to the system. For example, a local user account without administrative rights would still be able to escalate privileges by communicating with these internal services.
  • The rsync daemon allows read/write access to the "soggycat" home directory. Since this user account is root-equivalent, any attacker than talk to the rsync daemon can take full control of the appliance.

This is amateur hour, though still better than what runs our power grid and water treatment plants.

Comment Re:All Natural Content-Free Press Release (Score 4, Insightful) 40

Can anyone else decipher this press release?

I'll give it a shot.

Are they setting up a Steam clone?

No. They are, however, funding and marketing games, and getting them on store shelves and Steam/Origin/UPlay/et al. I assume they're doing this for the same reason Netflix is making original content--to make sure they're not dependent on third-party content to keep their shelves stocked.

I'm also guessing they don't see much of a future in retail, so they're trying to pivot into the publishing business before they die off, which is probably more profitable anyway.

Why would I care about a new distributor?

You probably don't, unless you're a game studio looking for someone to finance your next game. In that case, you probably do, especially if you're not big enough to get the time of day out of one of the AAA publishers, or if "we do not involve ourselves in the creative process" sounds appealing.

In the abstract, you should probably care a little because more publishers funding games means more games get made, and GameStop has the potential (the potential) to fill an interesting middle ground between too-big-to-fails like Call of Battlefield Eleventy and no-budget, bottom-of-the-barrel, I-compiled-this-with-two-pirated-rubber-bands-and-kickstarter "indie" games. As in, budgets small enough to be able to take interesting creative risks without worrying about a twenty-brazillion dollar screw-up tanking the company, yet not so small that you have to resort to gimmicky pixel-art shit to get a hipster/10 rating on your Steam Greenlight.

And if nothing else, it's unusual for a large company to see the writing on the wall ahead of time, and actually try to do something about it before plowing head-on into the iceberg. This is kind of a man-bites-dog moment--we're witnessing the incumbent horse-buggy manufacturer trying their hand at self-driving cars.

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