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Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

You must not live in a part of the world where the weather forecast includes phrases like "Snow and sleet above 3,000 feet tonight." This is very common in the western U.S. That's the reason that interstate highways are frequently marked with signs reading "Elevation 2,500 feet."

If I'm driving on a road that doesn't have elevation signs, but I know that there is going to be bad weather above a certain altitude, shouting "Hey, Siri, what's my current altitude?" in the car is going to make for far better trip planning and execution.

Comment Re: So in other words it's used and is useful (Score -1, Troll) 248

1. "Not as useful" is subjective. In the last six years I don't think I've ever plugged anything into any of my mobile phones 3.5mm jacks. Bluetooth audio has been around for a long, long time and I've always used that instead. Meanwhile, I've used apps that require, or would be enhanced by the presence of, a barometer pretty much every day. Weather trends, hiking, skiing, and lots of other activities other than playing Xbox in your mother's basement make a barometer very useful.

Old-fashioned 3.5mm jacks are so obsolete that in many Asian nations, they're only used for holding "mascots" — Little cartoon charms.

2. If you think you can fit both in, then you should patent your great knowledge and make millions. But you won't. Because you're not an engineer, just another internet troll. I'm going to guess that the fleets of highly paid, highly trained engineers Apple has on staff know a little more about how the iPhones are designed than some random loser who is such a total loss he has to post AC.

How's that floppy drive working out for you, Mr. Dell?

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 3, Interesting) 151

But that's the problem...

Apps are VERY trendy. If you want to be hip with apps, you gotta get what is hot this week. And the churn is huge.

I welcome a return to mobile web being the preferred way to get information/do things.

I'm on a 'lesser' mobile platform (Windows). I give a damn about apps. Recently Amazon pulled support for their app on Windows Phone- that's pretty serious when even Amazon doesn't want to make an app on your platform.

But I still muddle along with their website- cuz I gotta buy stuff.

I wish they'd pour their efforts into their website, instead of their apps. Then everybody could have a good experience.

Comment Re:Disease (Score 1) 204

I live a country where Microsoft does release their high-end phones (US). I have the 950, after a 1520, after a...shoot, the one with the big camera, can't remember the model.

But the point is- I agree with you on the apps. Assuming you weren't being sarcastic.

To me, apps are a huge waste of time.

Most apps are only used once or twice. Very few apps are used for more than a couple of months. MOST apps are garbage/un-necessary.

I actually like the fact that there is really no point going to the 'Store' for Windows phone. It just means I don't waste time discovering new apps, downloading them, finding out how the work, then being disappointed. That really is the scenario for about 98% of the apps out there.

Comment Re: Learn what empathy actually means (Score 1) 338

Moving costs REAL money. Buying/selling a house will cost you about 6% (3% times 2). In that area its at least $500,000. So figure at least $30,000 just for real estate agents.

Taxes...title...moving trucks...shit adds up.

Anyone saying, "just move" to someone losing their job is very naive.

Comment I have been waiting for this (Score 1) 67

I've actually been looking for a high-quality All-In-One.

I use a nice workstation at work...two high quality 24 inch displays on a monsterous dual-mount. Giant tower, etc. It's at work and I don't mind it taking all the space. (Coding and photo editing)

I don't want a giant set of monitors and a noisy tower at home. I have a nice office, and I want to keep it that way. I was looking for an All-In-One, and I was actually resigned to buying a Mac, because of the screen. For photo editing the screen is the primary component...not the 'power' of the computer, or even the OS. I just want a nice big screen in an attractive package, with the fewest cords possible.

The 5K iMac is evidently at the top of the heap right now.

There is a market for a high-end AIO. I'm glad Microsoft is providing a product to fill the space. I am a photographer, and I see clients in my office. So it has to look good on my desk. Having touch is a big bonus, and zero cords (a battery would be wonderful) would top off the dream.

Under $1,800 and you can pretty much sign me up right now.

Comment Re:Pretty sure this is just a thumb in the eye... (Score 1) 30

It'll never happen. People lose control of their names all the time, especially in the fashion industry. Look at Kate Spade. She made a big brand under her name, but then sold out to a giant megacorp. That megacorp owns her name now, and she has to start hew new fashion line under the name Frances Valentine.

John thinks he'll win the lawsuit because, like so many other people in Silicon Valley, he's arrogant and thinks the rules of every other industry don't apply to tech.

Comment Re:Uh (Score 1) 57

If you could find out how many subscribers it has in each country, it might not be odd at all.

Also, you have to factor in things like the potential for natural disaster (Japan) and the gub'mint horking your servers in a political/ransom/whoknows move (Russia). Sweden's a good, stable location from which to serve content across the top of the world with little worry.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 4, Interesting) 644

Hard for me to be critical of this woman. I would do the same thing, if I owned both a house and a gun.

Someone once predicted that drone deliveries are going to devolve into "skeet shooting with prizes."

The neighbor a couple of doors down has a drone that he likes to fly up and down the street looking in the second-story windows of the houses. I doubt he's seen anything interesting because those things are LOUD! Hard to sneak up on someone with a flying leaf blower.

Comment Re:Getting There (Score 1) 385

I have two optical media readers in my world.

#1- computer at work has a reader. I don't know if it works, I've never used is 3 years old.

#2- my Xbox 360 has a reader. About 4 years ago one of my kids broke it, and it has caused me zero inconvenience since then. Occasionally I will get new games, but it is always a download.

The last time I thought about optical media was when my mom came to visit. She wanted to show me some pictures, or a movie, or something and she held up a DVD like it was a prize. "Where is your DVD player?" I was very happy to tell her that I didn't have one.

DVDs had a very short lifespan in my world. Probably the shortest of all media, other than those small Sony...Minidiscs? I had one of those players that I thought was awesome, for like two months.

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