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Comment Yet they are still trading (Score 1) 425

It's smart business, and it keeps Lego viable - I'd much rather see them sell StarWars Lego, than for Lego to disappear altogether. (My kids *love* the StarWars Lego, and they're having no problems getting creative).

Comment Crucial Conversations (Score 1) 276

Some time back I was sent on 'manager training' to learn how to have difficult conversations. I was expecting it to be a load of crap, but was surprised to actually learn quite a lot from it. I recommend reading the book it was based on: Crucial Conversations - Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High .

Comment Re:Who doesn't have 20+ (Score 5, Interesting) 559

Computers, scanners, printers, network switches/routers, cameras, cell phones, TVs, game systems, heating/cooling system, automobiles, lots of tools and small appliances too

Add to that:

  • toys, user inputs for games (eg Wii-mote)
  • remote controls, DVD players, fax, fixed phones, answering machine, set-top box, audio system
  • watch, digital clocks and alarms, microwaves, baby monitor, hot-water system, washing machine, dish washer, coffee maker, bread maker, musical greeting cards, some Christmas lights, smoke detectors
  • car keys, credit cards, security cards, mobile SIM cards, hard-tokens
  • keyboards, mice, graphics tablets, monitors, blue-tooth accessories, video cards, HDDs
  • digital scales, electric toothbrush, electric shaver, digital thermometer, pace maker, hearing aid

And finally, every single book, DVD, or product that has a deactivated RFID security chip.

If the answers are between 0 and 20, then a better question would be "How many microprocessors are on you personally right now"?

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