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Comment burni2 launches his own hackproof os based .. (Score 1) 108

.. it's so secure it can only run a very stripped down version of hello world.

Among the popular security features are the TKA and M.A.M.

Trump Kernel Api - the only API that strips down logic expression to just "false"

McAffee-Mode - deletes every trace

If you're really serious. Relase the binary to public and bet your whole money on the "not hackable" challenge.

Comment Re:Making America Great again - with wind power! (Score 1) 340

sorry to correct you in this point ... and even so late ..

(me: working in that industry in germany, and I'm working hands-on as well as at the desk - offshore/onshore - development & fixing).

The Growian was a pitch regulated, 100m rotor diameter, two blade, downwind turbine with steel body fiber glas reinforced profile rotor blades and an asynchronous generator.
The growian had only 420 productive hrs.

pitch & cone regulated, single profile steel only blades - downwind - asynchronous generator
The smith putnam had 1000 productive hrs.

The german wind turbine development took their ideas mostly from the danish designs of the 80s - many turbines were build under OEM contracts

The "modern" wind turbine of the revolution:
Three blades - stall regulated - asynchronous generator - up wind type - with "tip brake" - fiber glass reinforced blades

the blades tip could be rotated 90Â by a spring loaded mechanism triggered by the turbine control system.

the historic main companies active in Germany
- Nordtank (later part of Vestas) (DK)
- Micon (later part of Vestas) (DK)
- later NEG Micon (later part of Vestas) (DK)
- AN Bonus (DK) (now Siemens(DE))
- Nordex (DE)
- Adler/Koester (DE)
- Jacobs (later part of REpower) (DE)
- HSW (later part of REpower) (DE)
- Aerodyn (DE)
- Lagerwey (NL)

And some even had a wind driven yawing system like the AeroMANn a two blade upwind turbine .. with a mere 33 kW.

The "current" motern wind turbine:
pitch regulated - Doubly fed generator or full converter - three blade - upwind windturbine with fiber glass reinforced blades - 100+ m rotor diameter - 2-3 Megawatt.

The current three blade state of the art turbine has much more in common with the danes simple turbines than with the Growian.

Growian and Smith-Putnam are quite well comparable as they share certain similar design features as well as their structural mode of failiure- just that Growian was shutdown before it would've thrown a blade.

But when you'd want to take a look at the history of the small steps you can read the "Windkraftanlagen - Grundlagen, Technik, Einsatz, Wirtschaftlichkeit"
from Erich Hau.

You will then realize that virtually no research from the Growian could be used on that small step path.

(Remark: we do not mill with these turbines, we just visit the "Windmuehle" or the "Muehle" which does not mill - normally)


Comment Re:Let me know when ... (Score 1) 340

"at a power output proportional to the CUBE of the windspeed"

Basically true, but in respect to modern wind turbines its a bit off(1) due to pitch control.

This does not take into account that you can pitch the blade angle out of the wind when reaching the nominal windspeed of the turbine (which every pitch controlled turbine does). Meaning when the nominal wind speed has been reached the power output will remain mostly steady.

Todays turbine development is going into the direction of increased rotorsize(look at the formula at (1) thats quadratic ) to reach the nominal wind speed much earlier.

But generally speaking that control can be configured to pitch their blades much earlier - this is done for certain sound reduction modes, not using as much energy as would be availible much earlier would give you a usable power reserve.

but: more power = more load = more material = more cost


Comment Making America Great again - with wind power! (Score 2) 340

The U.S. were once pioneers of wind power(4) in size not only in space but in wind turbines (you might think that the danes were the only pioneers?).

You need to take a look at the good old west. Water pumps powered by wind turbines. Offgrid farms getting their first electricity from wind turbines.

Wind power plants are indeed smaller production unit than a big coal or even a nuclear power plant, that needed to be manufactured as well as their parts (also done in the US). While manufacturing solar panels got outsourced like chip manufacturing.

Meaning! you can employ more people with wind power than with coal power, coal power and nuclear power destroys much more jobs that it generates!

It is different with wind turbines, they need good old american craftsmanship to build a solid turbine that sustains harsh conditions.

Some american wind power history:

American visionary Palmer Putnam built a 1.25 Megawatt! turbine(1) in 1941.

Indeed after some time it threw a blade. But before that it produced more energy and ran longer than the german multi million dollar 1980s disaster called Growian.

Whiners fall down and never try again. Pioneers stand up shake the dust off, don't mind their bruises and climb that horse again, and again till they succeed.

MOD-2 a 2.5 Megawatt turbine with 91m (~275 ft.) diameter rotor. (2) and so on ..

Pioneers can and will fail, but as Kennedy said, that you don't go to the moon because its easy, but because its hard! And generating power from wind is hard but in the recent 30 years we got quite a good understanding how to do it and how to size up the turbines!

Can you feel the changing wind right now? Do you got faith of the heart or fraid of the trump? (3)

This is what made america great, having faith of the heart and this is what can make america great again.


Comment Re:Carbon dioxide is harmless (Score 0) 130

When you stopped telling everyone that the earth is flat, because if it would be round you would fall over and the useable area would be small.

"Climatedepot" that is a nice name: If you use the deposed liquid and solid hydrocarbons and react them to CO2, do you really think that nothing will happen, as CO2 has a certain spectral property?

Comment Hero vs. Criminal (simple) (Score 1) 51

Everyone likes heros, no one likes criminals.

- If you free & release these files into the general public, you are a - and my - hero.
- If you extort these files for a fee, you are just a criminal.

It is simple as that.

And the "non-interested" people seem not to be dumb:

No refunds .. paying for something that you most likely won't get. Hahahahahahahha .. and they call it crowd funding .. ok crowdfunding sounds like that, but if a crowd funds something the funding crowd gets a piece.
Or nobody gets a piece and is ripped off.

Not here. Two get a piece (Winner & Shadowbrokers) and the others are ripped-off.

This would be the only good choice a real hero would take:
Put it up on many many many many many many OCHs and Freenet. And post the link & get the fame for fighting evil.

Comment Problem of todays web: "One fat sitting target" (Score 2) 207

Ok, people my point is we have too long relied on companies protecting those that can pay (Brian cannot) the hefty fee from DDOS.

And when I introduced this thought with "one fat .. target" I meant even Akamai with its big - but limited - bandwidth is condensed to just one target when that bandwidth is exhausted.

My point: Mittigation for this scale of attack is to counter it with a "borg collective" of an even or bigger scale.

The vulnerability for Brian, us and everyone is, that the fight is one against an army. Now one could argue that going on the offensive(attacking the bots, identifying the bots) would be a favourable cause. However this would end up in many little scrimishes that drain energy and end in a victory for that bad guys, because they have more energy.

So I don't think that such an offensive would be a meaningful course of action. The best course of action would be to first weaken those DDOS attacks and then rendering them uneffective because there is not even a single target.

So todays sites are a single sitting fat target, Akamai is just a thick wall, but every wall can be shot to pieces with a big army.

But there are two known and working mittigations

a.) freenet / freesite - with its hash keys and asymetric encryption a site is even "signed", also everyone who connects to a freesite will store it in the cache/storage.

b.) bit-torrent
example: It is still active and thriving till today, under attack and not just holding up but thriving.

Idea: torrent(ify) the web

But the secondary - offensive - measure is to identify the unwilling bots of these bot nets and work on this front - long long way to go.

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