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Comment "XXX put me in the ER last night, .." (Score 4, Funny) 130

There is only one solution for XXX = "I myself".
If Pokemon can get one into the ER and one is not just an undiagnosed case of epilepsy than oneself is responsible.

What is it with the people? Did nobody do OHSAS for your everyday life?

Only on the job you have people thinking for you.
And reminding you about the previously unkown hazzard, slippery when wet?

Don't drill into a generator?

When grinding use protective googles?

When loud use ear plugs?

Don't let idiots handle guns?

Sometimes I think we need Darwinism 4.0-beta3, natural selection by degree of situation awareness.

Thank you Pokemon you got rid of at least some people,
sadly the safety standard in todays cars is too high and people survive their dumbness and even Pokemon!

Yes, this was a rant!

Comment Does B.S.A. stand for [B]ull [S]hit [A]lliance? (Score 1) 249

Seriously, this is just a taunting and a very bad one to say the least.

Just read the 29 pages of this "study", I just flipped it through and laughed.

If someone would have looked at the data supporting this conclusion, one would say that even a six year old that is taught how to "insert a trend line" into excel could come up with this conclusion.

Ohh yeah, but there is a correlation matrix .. (*laughter*)

Another conclusion that could be drawn (or painted) based on this data, is that people of colour are dumb, which is an outrages conclusion.

However another conclusion that could also be drawn is that african countries where sufficient nutrition is not provided for the people leads to generally lower IQ scores, and less money leads to software piracy.

You cannot live of eating a floppy disc but of eating mangnoc.

Also the question is if a legal software trader is availiable, is not answered, this could explain the outlier South Africa, develloped infrastructure.

And there is the "british civil law" factor .. as statistical sound as the "americanized hamburger restaurant factor".

To give a picture:
A somewhat correlation is no proof, and only sometimes a hint.

Also all three authors are from business and management schools.

Btw. if you need three authors for these 29 pages and the 2 hrs. minitab than this correlates business schools and voodoo magic.

Comment Re:Trump 2016 (Score 0) 86

I hope gets elected.

Not because I like him, but I think that people abbiding to Trumps Newspeak and not to common sense deserve a fair share of their own medicine - Trump is the overlord of Newspeak.

Meaning: Earlier or Later Trump will use his Newspeak also against his prior supporters.

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Comment Re:homosexual "thinking" (Score 1) 352

And you are really using "football" as an example for non-homosexual thinking?

Dude you watched too much Drag Race and went not to the "bear convention" the main chat topic there, except hard sex, is .. "football".

Football is also the sport where "gay" & "fagot" are most likely used to insult others .. and you though that comes from nothing?

Comment Since when? (Score 1) 84

1.) since when it is not a crime to hack DPRK, just because its the DPRK, I think the UK computer fraud acts are pretty specific.

The big exception is, when you would be part of the military or part of a secret service - then you can commit crimes sometimes even against humanity and go unpunished.

2.) And there might be an exception when the hacking could go unpunished, exactly if it would be used to save lifes, for example or stop attrocities (by changing the execution list for example), or bring evidence forth about violation of human rights.

Comment Because, we want economy 4.0 and not .. (Score -1, Offtopic) 343

.. simple russian approaches to solving problems, because problems for us must be hard and complex, because then we solve them with complex voodoo.

Why doing IOT, when we just could install IE7 and browse every porn site there is - with lowest security settings of course and Flash 14 activated!

Because IOT has a nicer ring and the outcome will still be the same .. malware on an apocalyptic level.

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