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Comment Re:Will never happens (Score 1) 270

For sure, the rail system in the UK is worse that in Europe (or at least worse than high speed France and Belgium).

The UK is also the most expensive train tickets in Europe. There is no hight speed rail at all. It costs far more, and is slower and less reliable to travel from Kent to London that it does to go from Paris to Brussels.

I spend 7 hours going from London to Norfolk, the train stopped for no obvious reason 1/2 way, then later one we all had to get out and get on buses to complete the journey. It was damn expensive too.

Comment Re:Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigo (Score 1) 952

Seek out a psychiatrist, and in the meantime, take a fucking statistics course.

I have another alternative for LeftCoastThinker - Grow a pair.

I passed through the same Brussels metro station only about 15 mintues before a bomber blew up a train. Normally, I would have been passing through about at the same time, but I had a meeting that morning so I got an earlier train. Over 20 people died in the attack.

I am still taking the same metro. I am not afraid. I see many Muslims on the metro and on the streets every day. I am not scared of them, as they were not responsible. I am not calling for all Muslims to stop being let in and have them kicked out.

The chances of me being injured (let alone killed) in another terrorist attack is so close to zero, that I don't worry - and I think that the chances of me being killed is still orders of magnitude higher that yours.

LeftCoastThinker, you are a racist wuss.


Comment Easier when they are stupid... (Score 1) 75

I had someone use my email address to get the confirmation for the out and return flights for himself and his partner.

I have a gmail address, which I got back in the time when it was still invitation only, which I set up as my initial and last name This person with the same initial (but different first name) and same last name decided that my email address must be his, so he used it when booking his tickets. Normally I just delete these emails, as this guy was the 4th person who has made the same mistake, but as they were for flights, I decided to be kind and contacted him - he was easy to find, as I had the city where he lived.

I can't believe how stupid some people are.

For a short period of time, I was thinking of where I could send him, maybe change his return flight to Juneau Alaska and see if he noticed.


Comment Re:This just in (Score 1) 488

oh my, an this is currently moderated up as insightful..... I have no skin in this game, I'm not American, but I did study mathematics and computer science.

Abraham Lincoln was a man, but not all men are Abraham Lincoln.

Not all uneducated people vote for Trump, but a significant number of Trump voters are uneducated.

Not all university educated people vote for Clinton, but a significant number of Clinton voters are university educated.

Disregarding if these statements are true or not, please just consider the logic in the statement. We are not talking about the entire set of uneducated/university educated people, just the sets of people that vote for either candidate.

Comment Re:Why Oracle? (Score 1) 113

From what I've seen happen many times, a company does not need to use Oracle's products. Those multi-tenanted, cluster databases with editions, ...etc. Nice fun tech. But will the companies use it all? Nope. Only a fraction, and it could be run on other alternatives far cheaper.

What I have seen happen is the Oracle sales person makes the person taking the decision to feel important and powerful. "Look how much money I am spending on this project. I must be a big player." The sales person takes them out to lunch a few times, the employee feels special. Job done.

Ego. Play on peoples ego, and you'll go a long way.


Comment Re:It's inevitable (Score 2) 167

Hey, at least we plebs know where we stand. So crimes, in descending order or importance are:

- Making a politician look stupid
- Preventing a corporation from maximising their profits
- Ridicule of any government organisation
- crimes against rich people
- ...
- ...
- property crimes ( rich people only)
- murder (poor people only)
- rape (poor people only)
(sorry, property crimes again poor people don't count at all)

It's good to know ones place in society.

Comment Re:C'mon - (Score 1) 28

They could have don't something creative, like give a tip to someone they don't like that their stock is going to plunge. Wait until the person has shorted the stock, then make some announcement (We're going into Chapter 11, etc).

Once the stock tanks, and your enemy has made some money, report them to the SEC for fraud, and tell the police that your enemy has hacked the account.

Sit back and watch them try to explain it.

Comment The Walking Dead - needs a speed up (Score 2) 296

I had some time in hospital, so I bought the first 4 seasons of The Walking dead and watched them through.

I watched the first season in real time, that was ok. For the second season, things just went too slowly, so I watched it on 2x.

After that, I watched all of the remaining series in 2x. Far better pacing. I know that the show likes to set the atmosphere and be slow, but it was too slow for me. At 2x speed, it was perfect.

Occasionally, I had to go back and watch a scene in normal speed again, but that wasn't too often.

Comment Re:A preview of President Trump's upcoming win. (Score 1) 693

This is why you can't trust anyone over 30, they are prone to be invested in the status quo.

That's a valid concern. The Eurovision song contest is a culturally significant European event, only open to truly integrated European countries, .... like Australia

Comment Re: Control (Score 1) 693

This is why you can't trust anyone over 30, they are prone to be invested in the status quo.

How do you reconcile this with the fact that 27% of 18-24 year old voted to leave, and 73% voted for the status quo?


Also, of the 65+ age group, 60% voted to leave.

If appears that reality has some disagreements with what you think. Now, unless you're Steve Jobs, you can't distort reality.

Comment Re: I'm glad Slashdot posted this (Score 1) 410

No, that's sort of only right. There were physical constraints they had to deal with, with some extra security, but not the main bag checking security.

They blew up the check in area as that is where you drop off large bags, and they had large bombs in suitcases, not hand luggage size bags.

There are two exits from where they were towards the gates. The international gates has the passport control. You could physically take large bags through there, but you would get stopped by the police. The other exit is for European destinations, and there are large metal bollards made to stop the bag trolleys. It would have been very noticeable if they had tried to squeeze their bags past.

Only after both of these exit points, nearer to the walkways to the gates (and of course, past the shops) are the hand luggage scanners and the extra security. They could have never made it that far with their large suitcases.

The bombers set off their bombs at the best place they could, just like a car bomb could only be set off outside, and not inside a terminal building.


Comment Re:Wow, they really are stuck in the past (Score 4, Informative) 486

The bombers of the airport in Brussels exploded their bombs in the check-in area (before the passport control and even further from the baggage scanners). When the airport reopened, they had pushed the security as far back as they could.

There are now military+police checkpoints for cars before you get near the airport, just off the highway exits. It would be difficult to get a car bomb past. You have to get dropped off in a specific car park and walk up to 2 km to get to the security queue to get into the temporary airport buildings.

The queue for the next security check, where they check bags is about 500m long. Everyone is in a very long, thin queue. If there were bombs in the bags to be checked in, the best they could do is explode in the queue outside of the building, which would cause little damage, except to the few within 10m or so.

The end result is a nightmare of an airport, with people avoiding it and not flying. Passenger numbers are way down. A friend who flew recently took 4 hours to get through the security lines and to his flight. He just made it, even though it was a morning flight, and he arrived 4 hours in advance, at around 6am. I would hate to see the queue at 10am or later.

It hasn't crippled the economy, but has really screwed the operators of the airport and all of the airlines using it.

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