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Comment Re:It's inevitable (Score 2) 167

Hey, at least we plebs know where we stand. So crimes, in descending order or importance are:

- Making a politician look stupid
- Preventing a corporation from maximising their profits
- Ridicule of any government organisation
- crimes against rich people
- ...
- ...
- property crimes ( rich people only)
- murder (poor people only)
- rape (poor people only)
(sorry, property crimes again poor people don't count at all)

It's good to know ones place in society.

Comment Re:C'mon - (Score 1) 28

They could have don't something creative, like give a tip to someone they don't like that their stock is going to plunge. Wait until the person has shorted the stock, then make some announcement (We're going into Chapter 11, etc).

Once the stock tanks, and your enemy has made some money, report them to the SEC for fraud, and tell the police that your enemy has hacked the account.

Sit back and watch them try to explain it.

Comment The Walking Dead - needs a speed up (Score 2) 296

I had some time in hospital, so I bought the first 4 seasons of The Walking dead and watched them through.

I watched the first season in real time, that was ok. For the second season, things just went too slowly, so I watched it on 2x.

After that, I watched all of the remaining series in 2x. Far better pacing. I know that the show likes to set the atmosphere and be slow, but it was too slow for me. At 2x speed, it was perfect.

Occasionally, I had to go back and watch a scene in normal speed again, but that wasn't too often.

Comment Re:A preview of President Trump's upcoming win. (Score 1) 693

This is why you can't trust anyone over 30, they are prone to be invested in the status quo.

That's a valid concern. The Eurovision song contest is a culturally significant European event, only open to truly integrated European countries, .... like Australia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_in_the_Eurovision_Song_Contest/

Comment Re: Control (Score 1) 693

This is why you can't trust anyone over 30, they are prone to be invested in the status quo.

How do you reconcile this with the fact that 27% of 18-24 year old voted to leave, and 73% voted for the status quo?

See: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-36616028/

Also, of the 65+ age group, 60% voted to leave.

If appears that reality has some disagreements with what you think. Now, unless you're Steve Jobs, you can't distort reality.

Comment Re: I'm glad Slashdot posted this (Score 1) 410

No, that's sort of only right. There were physical constraints they had to deal with, with some extra security, but not the main bag checking security.

They blew up the check in area as that is where you drop off large bags, and they had large bombs in suitcases, not hand luggage size bags.

There are two exits from where they were towards the gates. The international gates has the passport control. You could physically take large bags through there, but you would get stopped by the police. The other exit is for European destinations, and there are large metal bollards made to stop the bag trolleys. It would have been very noticeable if they had tried to squeeze their bags past.

Only after both of these exit points, nearer to the walkways to the gates (and of course, past the shops) are the hand luggage scanners and the extra security. They could have never made it that far with their large suitcases.

The bombers set off their bombs at the best place they could, just like a car bomb could only be set off outside, and not inside a terminal building.


Comment Re:Wow, they really are stuck in the past (Score 4, Informative) 486

The bombers of the airport in Brussels exploded their bombs in the check-in area (before the passport control and even further from the baggage scanners). When the airport reopened, they had pushed the security as far back as they could.

There are now military+police checkpoints for cars before you get near the airport, just off the highway exits. It would be difficult to get a car bomb past. You have to get dropped off in a specific car park and walk up to 2 km to get to the security queue to get into the temporary airport buildings.

The queue for the next security check, where they check bags is about 500m long. Everyone is in a very long, thin queue. If there were bombs in the bags to be checked in, the best they could do is explode in the queue outside of the building, which would cause little damage, except to the few within 10m or so.

The end result is a nightmare of an airport, with people avoiding it and not flying. Passenger numbers are way down. A friend who flew recently took 4 hours to get through the security lines and to his flight. He just made it, even though it was a morning flight, and he arrived 4 hours in advance, at around 6am. I would hate to see the queue at 10am or later.

It hasn't crippled the economy, but has really screwed the operators of the airport and all of the airlines using it.

Comment Re:Utter tripe. (Score 1) 311

Anyway, you want examples of why I don't like Trump, SURE THING! There are SO MANY. I don't actually know of any homophobic behaviour, but I'd say he's more of a racist, lying, anti-intellectual asshole with no regard for the truth . The majority of his entire shtick is a confidence-man con game.

So, you're saying that he has all of the qualifications to become president, or maybe a house/senate majority leader?

Comment Re:And Microsoft thinks this will help? (Score 1) 95

Because he's done so well at that at Oracle

You may laugh, but it is true. Oracle were never going to turn itself into an Open Source company, and give away it's database for free.

Back in 1997, Oracle didn't have any official open source policy. It was not possible to officially run Oracle on Linux. There was a SCO release, and it was possible to grab a couple of SCO libraries and get Oracle running. There was no official project inside Oracle to get the database running on Linux.

Any open source work that was going on at the time was non-official, by individual employees, with no official support by Oracle management. Now, Oracle are paying people to work on the Linux kernel, along with a number of other Linux related open source add-ons.

Wim was an important player in getting Oracle to have an open source policy, and getting an official Linux version of the database, even if they did rip-off Redhat.

For a car analogy, Oracle have delivered an open source sub-compact, and if you were expecting them to deliver a fleet of 18 wheelers, then you're going to be sorely disappointed - but you can't say that they didn't deliver something, which is more than nothing.

It's really difficult to turn around an organization like Oracle, and the amount of open source support, no matter how small, is still more than I would have expected back in 1996.


Comment Re:pure profit (Score 2) 343

From what I understood, Oracle were already invested heavily in Java before they bought Sun, and so in buying Sun, they were protecting their own products and stoping the ability of someone else doing what they are now trying to do to Google.

They are just following the golden rule of business "Do unto others ..... but do it first."


Comment Re:We won't win war on terror (Score 1) 1011

They're "no-go" zones that even the cops don't dare to enter. But don't worry; the leftist media likes to pretend that these places don't exist.

I'm sorry, that's just wrong. These "no-go" zones do not exist. This is just something that Trump said.

I've lived in Brussels for 20 years. I used to live in Forest, just a short distance up the hill from where the last safe house was in Forest, where there was a shootout and one terrorist was killed and the two others got away. The police station there is just around the corner from that safe house. I would see them all the time at Place St Denis, which is the square in-between the police station and the safe house. It's where the local supermarket and fast food (fries, etc) are located.

All of the other places you're heard of, I've also walked, shopped, visited friends there. They are not no-go areas.

Keep repeating Trump to try to defend your personal world outlook, it won't help you. Your US concept of left/right doesn't exist here (everyone is left here of the US left), so why do you bring it up?

On the other hand, if you have first hand knowledge of the no-go areas in Brussels, then please elaborate. You can be as precise as possible, since I know Brussels very well after 20 years.

Unless the closest of being to Brussels you've been is eating some fries in McDonalds....


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