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Comment Meh (Score 1) 826

I work for a foreign corporation. They don't care whether or not I have a SSN (I'm an LLC as far as the US gov't is concerned). If I didn't have the magic ID card, they wouldn't give a damn. I do the work, they pay me. Staying out of US tax court is my problem, not theirs.

I'm starting to see more people in my profession (engineering) working for overseas bosses because of the onerous tax and other regulations placed on contractors in this country. I'm sure more will follow.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 0, Flamebait) 457

You assume you know the scooter guy's thought process.

He paid his Medicare taxes because he was forced to. Of course he is going to use the system to the max after being forced to pay in.

I purposely use tax funded services to the max even though I am against them.

Do you think because the government steals from me that I won't take that money back??

Foolish Socialist. You have much to learn.

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