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Comment Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary (Score 1) 294

The acclaimed documentary which focuses on a woman who was actually in the bunker with Hitler.
This film and Downfall are both excellent and compliment each other very well.
After watching them, the parodies may not seem as funny for a while...


Former Interplay Dev Talks "Disastrous" Old Star Trek Games 124

In a podcast recorded at PAX, a former Interplay developer named Thom Robertson talks about the problems he encountered while working on the company's Star Trek titles. In particular, he was the lead designer of the canceled Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury, and mentioned how incredibly ambitious initial plans for the game were. "Just one of the many reasons why that project was doomed to failure was because the team and the management had really no concept of exactly how expensive a proposition they were imagining when they set out to do it. I saw the plans. They were looking at four to six hours of created video, and they were planning on doing it at maybe a 1/20th of the budget of a Toy Story movie. Something did not connect." He also discussed how Interplay was "too close to Hollywood," and the problems they ran into while filming for Starfleet Academy The full podcast (MP3) is available from 1Up; Robertson's interview begins 42 minutes in.

Comment Average gamer OVER 19, is 35. (Score 1) 439

Nice headline. The MS in MSNBC is not for Math Skills.
From TFA:

analyzed survey data from 552 adults in the Seattle-Tacoma area.
The subjects ranged in age from 19 to 90,

And later on, points out that this is merely correlation, AKA scientific fact to a journalist.

it is not conclusive, its researchers say, but rather serves to "reveal important patterns in health-related correlates of video-game playing and highlights avenues for future research."

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