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Comment Re:"Goes" Digital? (Score 2) 76

if you bothered to read the article instead of just the headline you would have seen that they were talking about digital tools to play the pen and paper game, with a GM and Players, not an MMO or computer game that some programmer in Silicone Valley cooked up... yeah sure you have the forge in NWN to greate your own missions, but you're still limited to the assets available to you that the programmers give you.

Comment Re:Copyright should be perpetual (Score 1) 178

Im ok with a copyright being perpetual, but you have to pay to keep it...every 7 years you get a bill and that bill goes up exponentially, so by the time 70 years rolls around you have to pay 7 million to keep it... that will allow all sorts of abandoned works to go into the public domain while keeping certain others... like mickey mouse under protection

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