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Comment They won't. (Score 1) 253

Period. It's a waste of time. Any government that tries to force standard of living reduction will be voted out of office. This is essentially what happened with Obama, and he tried to do it in a stealthy way. Imagine someone openly taking an axe to public prosperity in the interest of climate change? They'd shove knives up his ass like Quaddafi.

You have to create a totalitarian state with the full apparatus of secret police, surveillance, detention camps and summary executions to even start to go there, and the focus on climate change would impair your ability to maintain that social control. Beside which, the inherent corruption in such a state would ultimately subvert your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.

Also, i'd rather have the climate change than the secret police, thanks.

Comment I've never seen so much effort futilely wasted (Score 2) 253

The climate change police are getting more and more shrill over time. This decreases rather than increases their power to convince. But it was all futile anyway because you are asking people to reduce their standard of living by choice to accomplish a community goal. Even people who see the danger are loath to do that...thinking Al Gore and his planes and houses. It's the Whole Earth Catalog thing all over. "living guilt-free with our appropriate technology like Indians in the at last!". Only a tiny percentage of people will ever share in that goal meaningfully.

Nothing is going to change politically even when the oceans start encroaching cities, because the argument then will be that it is too late to fix the problem at that point. So, why bother with the stupid political activity, when we all know it's a nonstarter? Aren't there more constructive uses for their time? Instead of futile political activity, how about carbon sequestration-related work? Fund startups to do that... Plant trees. Do *something* to combat the problem you see rather than all of this wasted political activity...dare I say hot air? Solve the problem and stop trying to force others to change to 'solve' it.

But they won't, because it's not really about climate change. It's about social control and mandating lifestyles. People who apparently really don't like personal success very much because they choose goals that are unachievable.

Comment Re:they are right, the ban is stupid. (Score 1) 1028

That only works if you are willing to kill all of the pretenders in the next generation(s) and rape their women until you snuff out the memory. That is expressly not the case today. In regards another topic - It's one of the big reasons the Mideast is such a mess - no one ever wins a clear-cut victory anymore, obsessed with the short-term brutality of the steps required, but never thinking of the long term conflict thus sown.

Also, the remaining people who actually experienced Nazi Germany are very thin on the ground. When I was a kid, the retirement communities were literally filled with people with numbers tattooed on their arms. That is over, they are all dead. Give it another decade and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who remembers directly.

Comment Re: Obama is a pussy (Score 2) 1028

They are - not facetiously, seriously - quaking in their boots.

My personal hope is that CDA section 230 is repealed. It is a distinct possibility. The follow-on effects will be delicious for actual freedom of expression. It'll also break all the social media giants. And good riddance to the whole bunch.

Comment Re:Take that corporate America! (Score 1) 191

I'm quite aware of peering fees. Been doing this a long time. My issue is with incumbent last mile providers. The current system is regulatory capture defined. What Trump is doing will upset the apple cart. For better or worse, it offers an opportunity to fuck with the incumbents. Sure, in the short term, they can discriminate and extort fees. That extra cost will be about the only thing that will finally bring actual competition to last mile providers - albeit through a convoluted process.

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