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Submission + - My Afternoon in Wal-Mart's MP3 Download Hell (medialoper.com) 2

Lopy writes: "Everything about the process of buying DRM-free music from Wal-Mart is wrong. At one point they actually asked me to reveal my "baby's due date"! And that wasn't even the absurd part. I had to install support for Windows WMA protected music files just to download an MP3. The whole sad story is detailed on Medialoper.com"

Submission + - Star Trek "DeMastered" Video Service Launc

lopy writes: "The Star Trek franchise has partnered with the little known DuroSport Corporation to launch a new video download service. The service will offer "DeMastered" versions of classic Trek episodes. The new releases roll-back the quality enhancements of recent years and attempt to replicate the experience viewers had while watching the original series on TV in the 1960's. Medialoper was given a preview, and they've just posted a scathing review of this odd new service."

Submission + - How Would You Deal With A Global Bandwidth Crisis

lopy writes: "First Google claimed the internet infrastructure won't scale to provide an acceptable user experience for online video. Then some networking experts predict that a flu pandemic would bring the internet to it's knees and lead to internet rationing. We used to think that bandwidth would always increase as needed, but would happen if that isn't the case? How would you deal with a global bandwidth shortage? Would you be willing to voluntarily limit your internet usage if necessary? Could you live in a world without cheap and plentiful broadband internet access?"

Submission + - Mooninite "Bombs" Setoff Copyright Battle

buckminster writes: "If you had any doubt about America's national priorities, consider this: Yesterday's bomb scare has become today's copyright violation. Those Aqua Teen Hunger Force signs that brought Boston to a halt earlier this week are now setting off copyright alarms on eBay. It's strange because the signs being auctioned are apparently authentic. Which means they aren't copies, and as a result are not in violation of copyright. Could it be that someone just wants these signs to go away so they won't suffer any more embarrassment? Medialoper has the details in How To Copyright An Atomic Bomb."

Submission + - Lessons The Music Industry Can Learn From AllofMP3

Lopy writes: "Regardless of what you think about the legality of AllofMP3, there's no denying that MediaServices has created an innovative and consumer friendly digital music services. AllofMP3 is so well done that the recording industry could learn quite a bit by studying it. Medialoper looks at the lessons the music industry can learn from AllofMP3 before it gets shut down."

Submission + - Zune's Viral DRM Will Violate Creative Commons

lopy writes: "Medialoper has noted that Zune's highly touted wireless file sharing will infect otherwise unprotected audio files with proprietary DRM. In cases where users are sharing songs covered by any of the Creative Commons licenses, this would be a clear violation of those license. From the CC FAQ "If a person uses DRM tools to restrict any of the rights granted in the license, that person violates the license." It'll be interesting to see how and if the CC community responds."

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