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Comment Re:Big Mac (Score 4, Interesting) 335

This. Something like 14 billion Big Mac's sold.

Also, if they are grouping all the different model Iphones together, doesn't Toyota, Michael Jackson, etc get to group all of their similar products under one count as Apple got to?

Seems like one of the most fraudulent claims heard this ____ (insert arbitrary date range here)

Comment Re: false (Score 1) 202

Not true. Exercise causes muscle cells that are stressed to phosphorylate AKT, which upon feeding activates mTOR and will make you hungrier as insulin starts binding to the muscle cells and activates the PI3K / Akt and Erk MAP kinase pathways.

Exercise will cause the food you eat to go to repair, versus being stored as fat. Doesn't curb hunger at all, other than while you are exercising (due to AMP Kinase phosphorylation). You will certainly be hungrier after a workout than if you hadn't worked out at all.

Comment Re:bad parents (Score 1) 255

... Or one jump into traffic, or off into a subway track. If you can't control your kid in a mall, perhaps they shouldn't have been parents. Then to blame the robot for their inattentiveness.

Why can just anyone have kids? No regulation whatsoever, no background checks, no permits or license, just on a whim anyone can have the immense power and awesome responsibility to raise children.

Comment Re: Walmart mentality (Score 1) 205

If they can't compete, that's what should happen.

Can be looked at from the other standpoint, for some time consumers have been gouged by Amazon's barriers to entry. Is it fair to these Chinese mfgs that a product is more likely to sell if it has a lot of reviews and large number of sales? Those are called barriers to entry and favor the establishment.

So this OP article is favoring one person, the supplier, over the large number of customers. We're supposed to feel sorry for this supplier, but they are rich from overcharging customers. If Amazon wasn't favoring established sellers with barriers to entry, the market price would be lower, and the customers would have more of their money.

In the end, people got what they wanted at a lower price. The only who is worse off is the original supplier. Who shouldn't have been reaping such profits, but was due to Amazon's setup.

Comment Re:Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

I await the autopilots 100 question written exam results.

Private property is not an immunity shield, check out drunk driving laws. You're not allowed to drive drunk in most states even on your private property. Hurting yourself is costing society, hence you're not allowed to do it. I don't see why autopilots should be held to a different standard.

Comment Re:Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

Not sure how Tesla can shield liability. Gun manufacturers are being sued for their product's misuse. One could even make an argument, Telsa is encouraging users to break the law by making driving "hands free."

Company I work for makes power equipment. There's literally a label for every possible safety scenario, and any potential situation where a problem could arise, the company must design the product in such a way to be safe. This seems the exact opposite, creating a device to aid in breaking the law (since it is illegal to not be paying attention to the road, at least in my state).

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