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Comment Huh (Score 4, Insightful) 117

Isn't the whole point of open source to allow anyone to make it themselves?

I see this debated in the Pixhawk circle quite often. The software developers get all upset that chinese vendors used the schematics to produce their own products (??? isn't this the whole point). The 3DR(American) pixhawk costs 2-3x as much as the Chinese version (many wouldn't even own a Pixhawk if they had to buy it at those inflated prices). While the developers make all these claims about how their product is QA tested, they still have all the problems the chinese ones do (or one could say the chinese version has all the problems inherent in the design).

For example, the 3DR version had IMU1 problems because the design had the chip too close to the edge of the PCB, and the vibrations from cutting ruined the chip. The American version has that issue, but the newest 2.4.8 chinese version moves that chip inwards. Wait- the chinese improved upon the design, shocking! The american developers that rip into the product non-stop never mention that.

Or the IMU2 problems with the chip stuck in a brownout state (apparently a very common problem with the LSM303d accelerometer). The original open source design doesn't provide proper discharging of the sensor rail. Chinese fixed that as well

Clones? That isn't very accurate terminology. More like "forks." The 3DR Pixhawk left many issues unresolved, years after they were discovered. Now 3DR has stopped making the original Pixhawk, so if it wasn't for the Chinese forks, there wouldn't be any more. That doesn't get mentioned as a plus either.

Comment Re: and why no one cares (Score 2) 276

INTC stock is ripe for shorting. At 52wk highs.

-No competition since 2006, only keeping AMD around for anti monopoly purposes. No where to go but down.
-Pact with MS to force N.S.A./Microsoft spyware on everyone
-Loss of tick-tock, Paul Otellini and any direction of the company
-Into fashion and other bizarre ventures
-New generations of processors are not much faster than previous. Seemingly little effort put into making it fast.

Predict a slow decline

Comment Re: NSA is part of "big government" after all (Score 1) 179


"Hot line to the NSA

It's gotten to the point where no vendor hip to the NSA's power will even start building products without checking in with Fort Meade first. This includes even that supposed ruler of the software universe, Microsoft Corp. "It's inevitable that you design products with specific [encryption] algorithms and key lengths in mind," said Ira Rubenstein, Microsoft attorney and a top lieutenant to Bill Gates. By his own account, Rubenstein acts as a "filter" between the NSA and Microsoft's design teams in Redmond, Wash. "Any time that you're developing a new product, you will be working closely with the NSA," he noted. "


Comment Re:It's because 90% of security warnings are rubbi (Score 2) 125

The 85% of cars would be driving faster, but since you can't literally drive through the car in front of you, you can only go as fast as the car in front of you.

The only way to correctly figure the 85th percentile would be to only measure car's speed that had no car around being impeded by another car. Counting two cars at the same mph (as the rubber counter does) is bad data as clearly the person following behind would be driving faster as they caught up to the person.

Comment Re:I wish they could do that for news... (Score -1, Troll) 330

Media votes 89% Democrat, per poll data. Trump makes a joke, media says he attacked someone. Hillary kills people and media pretends it didn't happen.

Hillary literally got rich by kicking old people out of their homes via predatory lending in Whitewater. Then the guy who knew all the details, Vince Foster, ends up dead. But all we hear about is Trump jousting with a baby.

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