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Comment Re:Redefine (Score 1) 226

There already is a definition of what a model aircraft is - it must be remote controlled, flown within visible range, and for recreational or hobby purposes.

Most drones will fail this, employing cameras and GPS to allow flying outside visible range.

So no, RC planes, line controlled planes and kites are immune from FAAs interference[*], Most drones are not.

[*] Outside the 5 mile zone around airports - inside they have carte blanche and can say you can't play with lawn darts if they so choose.

While Drones may fail this, Multi rotor copters won't. Please quit combining the two.


Submission + - MS-DOS Not Stolen, New Forensic Analysis Concludes

theodp writes: Challenging earlier assertions that Bill Gates got the rewards due Gary Kildall, a forensic analysis conducted for the latest issue of IEEE Spectrum concludes that the landmark MS-DOS operating system which Bill Gates and Microsoft licensed to IBM was an original piece of work, not stolen goods. Using his company’s CodeSuite forensic software, Bob Zeidman said he found no evidence that QDOS or MS-DOS was copied from or was a derivative of Gary Kildall's CP/M. So, what do you think of Microsoft expert witness (pdf) Zeidman's "if-the-codebase-doesn't-fit-you-must-acquit" arguments?

Submission + - Mars Curiosity Gets First Hi-Res Look at Mount Sharp (

astroengine writes: "NASA's Curiosity Mars rover sent back its first high-resolution pictures from its new home inside Gale Crater, offering a stunning view of the towering Mount Sharp. The three-mile-high mound — taller than any mountain in the continental United States — is Curiosity's ultimate destination, a site that scientists believe may harbor evidence of habitats that could support life."

Submission + - Analysis Determines MS-DOS wasn't copied from QDOS, CP/M ( 1

Jakester2K writes: This could be the tech world’s version of a conviction being overturned by new DNA evidence.

A forensic analysis conducted for the latest issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine appears to have answered one of the biggest mysteries of the PC era: Was the landmark MS-DOS operating system that Bill Gates and Microsoft licensed to IBM an original piece of work, or stolen goods?

Comment Re:ROS is great, but only insofar as WG makes it (Score 1) 65

Some of us are exploring and documenting on the way while cussing loudly. As for being specific it generally relates to the platform they implemented ROS on. If we did the stacks in the manner of processing stacks and platform stacks as separate. It could be a boon to the usability of the community stacks. Some of the community has done this in their stacks already. WG does not push this maybe moving to its own foundation with its own future will drive this style of change. As someone who feels your same frustration daily I can only dream. Since right now publishing a repository one only needs to send a email to a list saying here I am.

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