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Comment Re:Wow. (Score 3, Informative) 513

Even this in most countries this would be illegal. E.g. here by law an employee may not be required to work on call for more than seven days in any period of four weeks. On top of that, you are entitled at least 11 hours of uninterrupted rest time every day which can be reduced to 8 hours only once a week.

Most companies actually *bar* you from exceeding these limits since violations would result in very harsh penalties not to mention the reputation damage.

Comment Re:Vatican denies evolution while undergoing it (Score 2) 181

Post doesn't assert that the Vatican denies evolution. Post doesn't even mention evolution.

The post's *content* might not, but the post's *title* surely does.

Post asserts that Vatican is under threat from knowledge. Something you've just illustrated with your reference to the theory of evolution. At least I guess it's a reference to the theory, rather than the facts of evolution.

That's absolutely *not* the case: the Vatican's position is that science and the scientific method are absolutely valid and compatible with faith since it consider science and faith to pertain inherently different domains. Actually it consider scientific discoveries to be an important challenge to the faith and humanity to better understand itself.

The "threat" to the Vatican is not from knowledge, it's from not understanding social changes until it's too disconnected from the people it preaches to. It's a danger well known to an organization thousands years old which might be conservative, but in context it *did* change a great deal to adapt to completely different societies since its inception. Technology is definitely a player in such changes, which is why the Vatican wants to study them.

Comment Re:"Taxes applied to worldwide earnings" (Score 4, Informative) 176

Apple was abiding with a special deal Ireland made with them but the deal was illegal according to EU regulations. What the EU did is basically tell Ireland "you cannot treat Apple favourably compared to other companies since it would be unfair to the companies not getting the special deal, so your special deal is null and void and your own regular taxation applies instead".

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 131

A backup implies exactly that regardless of medium or location, and if the backup runs after the infection, then you're doing nothing but backing up (ransomware) encrypted data.

The end result is you're still fucked.

Only if you foolishly overwrite all previous backups so that only the last version remains. If that's how their backup works, then it's severely lacking given the importance of the data in question. What if you need a file and discover it got corrupted, and it might have been corrupted months ago?

Comment Re:Data Sharing? (Score 1) 15

It has nothing to do with that: all this does is allow companies to outsource sensitive data to certified US-based infrastructures. Before if you had e.g. an application handling sensitive data you could not legally outsource its data storage to an US server, but after this you can as long as it's certified.

It changes nothing for Protonmail since I doubt they are interesting this kind of outsourcing as it would defeat their whole purpose.

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