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Comment Perspective (Score 1) 513

I work for a medium-sized software company and their work-life balance claims are also bogus. I handed in my resignation last week after nearly a year of trying to work out a 4-day work week. Ever since my wife started a fulltime job, we're running ragged and not even seeing the kids. Since her longterm earning potential dwarfs mine, I figured I'd cut back. But nope -

The company says they need me so much that they're willing to let me go rather than let me work less than fulltime. My manager(s) (I've been talking about this since before a recent reorganization) sound sympathetic enough, but if they agree to my request they've lost part of a headcount which they can't replace.

So yeah, I can underline the fact that "work life balance" is just another empty phrase. But this guy's situation puts mine into some perspective...

Comment M-Disc (Score 1) 385

I've been using Millenata MODISC for backing up my wife's tens of thousands of pics of the kids. Outside of our normal backup processes, about once a year I get a box of discs (not cheap but affordable) and pull off all of the past year's photos, then I tuck them into a fireproof safe and leave it under our deck. (I'm trying to protect against fire and theft more than anything else)

I also spot-check older discs and the ones from 4 years ago, when I started, are still readable. The discs are said to last 1000 years and I'll be happy with 2% of that...

Comment Stephen Baxter (Score 1) 218

Not sure why there are so many open questions about this find - I just finished reading "Proxima" by Stephen Baxter, and he described it pretty thoroughly... it's a red dwarf star which means the Goldilocks planet is tidally locked. But there's enough atmosphere to keep heat circulating, thus there is liquid water in the warm areas. A relatively simple but well-developed ecosystem exists including a reasonably intelligent species dubbed the Builders who live in harmony with the other plants and animals - possibly devolved from earlier, more technological stages. And there's a weird hatch, deep under Mercury - but I've said too much already...

Comment Re:Nonsense poll options (Score 4, Informative) 301

Not necessary. Here are some other possibilities:
1 Part of the name is real and the rest is a pseudonym or incomplete - this seems to be quite common.
2 Uses only initials
3 Have multiple fb accounts with one with a real name and one with a pseudonym (eg one personal and one work)
4 Shares an account with their partner and/or relative

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