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Comment Re:Scroll lock! (Score 1) 939

Another nice thing about the FreeBSD console is that you can set your caps lock key to be control, which is useful if the caps lock key on your keyboard (like my laptop at work) is next to the A key, where the control key belongs. I have not figured out how to do this on Linux (except in X).


Submission + - President Ford, NASA, and the Space Shuttle

Anonymous Coward writes: "Most of the media coverage surrounding the death of President Gerald R. Ford has focused, understandably, upon Watergate and the Vietnam War — twin events which lead many observers to view the past through a lens, darkly. While leaving the broader, brighter scope of Gerald Ford's legacy to others, this article considers the President's presence on matters of science and technology. From Project Nike to the birth of NASA and beyond, Gerald R. Ford was there from the beginning."

Submission + - Donald Knuth Humour

ZXmaster writes: "Hi there I just want to point everybody's attention at Knuth Facts, a humorous page concerning famed CS Donald E. Knuth, in the style of Chuck Norris facts. Enjoy!"

Submission + - Firefox Creator No Longer Trusts Google

watashi writes: Blake Ross the man whose scratched itch became the Firefox browser explains on his blog why he has a problem with Google's policy of promoting their own products over competitors' in search results. His main gripe is that the tips (e.g. "Want to share pictures? Try Google Picasa") result in an inability for other products (perhaps even Parakey?) to compete for the top slot on Google.

The tips are different — and bad for users — because the services they recommend are not the best in their class. If Google wants to make it faster and easier for users to manage events, create a blog or share photos, it could do what it does when you search GOOG: link to the best services. To prevent Google from being the gatekeeper, the company could identify the services algorithmically. But if that sounds familiar, perhaps that's because Google already works that way. After all, Google is predicated on the idea that the democratic structure of the Web will push the cream to the top. Search for "photo sharing" and you should already get the highest quality services. According to Google, Picasa is not one of them.

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