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Comment How long (Score 1) 28

does it take to boot?

Becoming very irritated with these "small" Linux distros that take a minute or more to boot. I want my 'media centre' to turn on more or less immediately, like the radio and the TV used to. And I want it to be properly off, as not even powered, when it's off. Like the radio and the TV used to also.

This is well within the capabilities of the hardware, it's more than powerful enough to bring up a fully-functional media centre in milliseconds, but only if you stop using Linux, and start using something designed for that use-case.

Comment Re:Even worse (Score 1) 88

The likelyhood of anyone outside of an active Law enforcement investigation is pretty slim

Perhaps, perhaps not. What about those card-skimmer devices that people attach to ATMs? They require physical access, and are exploiting a security flaw in a sense, and - for a while at least - were quite widespread. It's also a big deal if a laptop is used to store actually sensitive data, and you thought you were safe because of disk encryption, or whatever, but it turned out that all the bad guys need to do is wait for you to leave your laptop unattended for five minutes.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 1) 488

We can't blame the minorities who were scamming the banks by taking out sub-prime loans.

That's right. Because it is beholden upon a bank to not undertake a bad loan to a customer. So, when they do, and when they do it knowingly on an enormous scale, we don't blame the "minorities" that take out the bad loans (whatever it is that actually means in this context. I have no idea. Black people? Gays? Poor people?), we blame the banks for getting themselves into an unstable financial position, and taking all their customers down with them.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 1) 488

Economic cycles are a fact of realty

No, they're a fact of an under-damped controlled system. Regulations are the damping factor in economies, and the years that separate cause and effect are the latency, and it should be obvious to anyone that has studied control systems that we need more derivative feedback. When the economy starts moving, is when it's time to back off the forces that we're using to push it.

Comment Re:The one "good" thing about the hijackers (Score 1) 69

That's only because the amount that the terrorists demand for the same return of their captives is normally beyond the means of the captives families, and obviously the government doesn't generally give much of a damn about them, so they don't pay. If Terrorists did what the ransomware guys do, which is to price the ransom at the level of the "families" (being companies, in this case, obviously) can afford, and to automatically catch large numbers of "victims" (data, since this is a computer situation), in a way that exposes the bad guys to almost zero risk, well - than in that case we'd have a comparable situation.

But that's not how it works, which would be because ransomware is one hundred-percent a totally different thing from terrorists capturing the nationals of rich countries. This is just another example of how looking for an analogy fails to help you understand problems in the real world.

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