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Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 88

Well, in a proper database, you'd have a separate table for birthdays, and index into it using the employees ID from the employee table. This is McGuffin's Fifth Normal Form, or something. In this way, you get to replace the concept of NULL, with the concept of... er... not having an row. Which is different from having an entry containing NULL. Somehow. And THEN you get to write a function that is conditional on the existence of this row, rather than conditional on the presence of a NULL value, which is again, completely different.

Comment Re:how could that even work? (Score 1) 64

They often just encrypt the avi file, and provide an exe called "MovieDecryptor.exe", or even "CodecInstaller.exe". Sometimes the movie is even nothing more than two hours of a screen showing a URL to visit. Very rarely, I suppose, they might try to exploit vulnerabilities in movie players though specially crafted AVI files, or whatever, but I suspect that's just simply too hard for most people. Especially when the exe files will catch plenty of downloaders.

I've seen the above methods used often, but I've never seen a file called *.avi.exe - not sure why, it seems like an even better method to me.

Comment Re:Worse than Win10 for Privacy defaults (Score 1) 202

Yes. Plenty. And it's a far more pleasurable experience, not least because since our organisation dropped Exchange and Outlook and moved to google mail (lord save us....), we are left with exactly zero decent options for email from Windows. On a mac, Mail and Calendar integrate with the google stuff so well that I never have to use the browser-based versions at all. On Windows, what choices do I have? Everything I've tried so far basically sucks.

Comment Re:universal clipboard wtf (Score 5, Insightful) 202

Most people are wrong.

Create apple ID accounts for your kids, and gift them apps if they need stuff. Create gmail accounts for your kids, so they can have their own email addresses. Put credit card information in neither, of course. Put two factor on everything, because kids always choose crap passwords, and make sure you store those passwords somewhere safe because kids can't remember anything. This makes life far, far, simpler. Having one account seems simple at first, but rapidly becomes a nightmare.

The idea of having my kids signed into my apple ID on their devices (which they have to have for school, by the way, before you start telling me that kids shouldn't own iPads etc) is a terrible one. A friend of mine managed to allow her kid to run up huge bills, precisely because she'd used her own apple ID on her kids ipad, and the kid bought $500 of in-game nonsense without her knowledge.

Comment Re:Don't buy the first batches... (Score 1) 196

The issue isn't the removal of the headphone jack - they've been a terrible and unreliable piece of technology for decades. Professional gear doesn't use 3.5mm jacks, it uses 1/4" jacks, or XLR leads, or optical, or whatever. I don't use a 3.5mm jack on my work machine, I use a USB headset. Minijacks are fragile and crap. Even now, if you pop around to a non-techy person's house, and fancy putting some music from your device onto their stereo, the chances are that they won't have a minijack connector, and you'll be using bluetooth, or you'll be out of luck.

The issue is that it hasn't been replaced with something standard. The Lightning connector is an Apple controller digital interface, that no other device, not even their laptops, support.

Comment Re: The only breaking change worth having (Score 1) 148

I guess you're technically correct, but even those examples of 'simple' editors are actually extremely complex pieces of technology that perform a great deal of cleverness with the underlying data before they display it on the screen. Adding another layer that automatically creates the indenting that you prefer to see, before saving away in some standard format, wouldn't prevent any of those existing things working properly.

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