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Comment Re:That explains a lot (Score 1) 161

that people watch the same amount regardless of quality

Think about it. Cities full of streets full of houses full of people sitting in relative silence in front of television screens. It's a frightening reality, it's why no-one knows what's going on, it's why dangerous fools get voted into power. People don't watch television because what's on TV is any good, and the TV companies realised this decades ago. People watch television to fill in the time before they go to bed, because they literally have nothing else to do. It's unspeakably depressing.

Comment Re: Union power! (Score 1) 306

not every job should be meant to earn a living soley from that activity.

If you're a grown adult, and the job in question takes up your working day, then you're damn right that it should remunerated well enough to be enough to live on. If it's not, then that person either has to work two jobs, and spend more time working, or they have to take government handouts, or they steal your car. If they end up having to take handouts, then this is effectively the government subsidising the wage bill of the company, something that I presume that you would be against.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 142

And so are these macbooks / mac minis. What's going to happen to your eight-year old laptop if its mainboard breaks? Same thing as the macbook, you'll get no joy from the original manufacturer, and you'll hit ebay for a kockoff or new-old-stock replacement, and you'll be happy.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 3, Informative) 142

As much as I mourn the loss of USB-A ports, it's not quite the case that you need a bunch of dongles. USB-C is pin-compatible, and what you actually need are different leads. USB-C to USB-mini, for example.

Unsubstantiated claim of seriously broken USB-C support.... or, maybe, it's actually more like this

Comment Re:BTW (Score 1) 145

"man" because this "person" crap is another piece of unnecessary PC

No it isn't. If you're awarding a 'man of the year' award, doesn't it sound strange to give it to a woman? Isn't that because the word man, means male? What's wrong with wanting to name an award that's open equally to men and women, without resorting to calling it "man or woman of the year"?

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