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Comment Re:WTF (Score 3, Informative) 248

I'd love to see your cites and stats re "police standoffs gone wrong" in 2016.

According to the Washington Post, 963 people were killed last year in the U.S by police. I filtered that down to people that had guns, in order to kinda hit your 'standoff' thing, and got 518 people. I assume that if someone has been killed, then it's a standoff 'gone wrong', but I suppose there's no clear definition of what it means for a standoff to 'go wrong'. You might argue that if the bad guy got killed, maybe the standoff went right, so let's instead use the number of police killed in action. That's 46 officers for the year 2016, according to the BBC.

Now, how many people were killed by islamic terrorists in 2016 that arrived here by plane from one of the 'banned' countries?

It's none, isn't it? There were terrorist attacks for sure, but Omar Mateen was 'self-radicalised' and was from New York, Dahir Ahmed Adan was from Somali (the country is on the list), but he didn't kill anyone, Ahmad Khan Rahami was from Afganistan (not on the list) and didn't kill anyone, and Abdul Razak Ali Artan (also from Somali) also didn't kill anyone. Names from here.

So, you are more likely to be a police officer killed in the line of duty, than by a terrorist that's arrived from one of the banned countries.

Furthermore, as you no doubt very well know, Trump himself has publicly stated on more than one occasion that the ban is about religion. This is why it has been struck down in the courts, because there is no other basis for his choices. There's certainly no public safety basis, that's for sure.

Comment Re:All these bans are useless security theatre (Score 1) 248

This is why I have been for replacing welfare-to-bank-account with a credit card like system where the money isn't capable of being withdrawn from, just spent.

That would achieve nothing, other than making people on welfare's life even more miserable than it already is. You might even drive some people to hate the system enough to want to blow it up...

Comment Re: All these bans are useless security theatre (Score 1) 248

He said

multiple suitcase sized bombs

So, it's not just one. And he's completely right in every point. As has been pointed out elsewhere, since this isn't about public safety, it must be about something else. So, if you crack down on laptops from countries that you don't really care about, you now have more of an excuse to thoroughly search laptops from countries that you do. The countries that aren't on this list are the ones we should be talking about.

Comment Re:All these bans are useless security theatre (Score 1) 248

You have to open the laptop in question up too, and this all costs money. Contrary to popular belief, it's not the case that "even if you save one life" any cost is justified. Of course, if the baggage does contain a bomb inside a laptop, it would probably be set up to go off if you (say) turn the device on, in which case you need a full bomb disposal team, and the only safe way is a controlled explosion. You'll have to evacuate the airport, because it's not safe to move the laptop to a safe area, and you'll presumably end up doing significant damage to the baggage handling area too.

So false positives are also a very big concern.

Comment Re:Just make a PS4 VM. (Score 1) 84

You're right of course. But there's a big advantage to bringing a box home that just works, and plays games, and that's all. They work in a lounge context, they're fairly quiet, they turn on really fast, the software is specifically designed to be used with a controller, pairing controllers works really well. Etc etc.

Specs are very far from the whole story. No-one really cares about them. PS one games are still pretty fun to play, even though the resolution is awful.

Comment Re:So don't use it, dumbass (Score 1) 76

I 'need' a tool that permits me to send a message to multiple people, so that we can organise things, and arrange where to meet, and when. It's very silly to imagine that all conversation between friends is pointless. I am getting on with my life, thanks, and in order to do so, I going to find out whether or not such-and-such a group of people are available on a particular date. I'm not going to call their landlines, because they don't have one, and in any case, why would I call their *house*? That makes no sense. I will send a message instead. What's wrong with that?

Comment Re:The real problem: Millennials can't design UIs. (Score 2) 76

No - the real problem is that we expect all of this software to be written for us, usable user interfaces and background services ect etc, to be provided for free.

Free instant messaging, with bespoke applications for Android and iOS, and an extremely complex web application. We expect it all for nothing. And then, when the organisation that's producing all this, decides to modify it so that they can actually make some money out of it, we get all upset.

How about people drop *that* idea, and instead pay for things?

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