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Comment Re:Why would anyone want to associate with BBC? (Score 3, Insightful) 40

"The announcements were made by a new non-profit foundation that is taking over the educational project, formerly led by the BBC."

So, it's not even the BBC anymore. And during the world's various wars, all media companies got themselves involved in propaganda. It's not as though anyone who was in charge of the BBC then, is in charge of it now.

What "current actions"?

Comment Re:What part of this is hard to understand? (Score 1) 181

Exactly, it's like those deals that have shops guaranteeing the lowest price, or they'll beat it by ten percent. Trick is that while it may appear that different stores are selling the same thing, they actually all collude to make sure they sell *slightly* different models, meaning you can't ever claim that ten percent. Clever.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 2) 72

But the world is full of devices on which you can't just install whatever software you like. If a lawsuit like this succeeds, then what does that mean for all those devices? Will all manufacturers of computing devices have to provide SDKs for them? And remove whatever cryptographic restrictions have been placed on them? That would certainly make for a pretty interesting world.

Comment Re:apple is just but hurt.. (Score 1) 70

Interesting theory, but I don't understand how it's supposed to work. Are you saying that your phone would only work with certain types of headphones, or something? What exactly would Apple prevent here? No-one was copying music via the headphone jack, it's not exactly a pathway that needs any copy protection on it. When people want to copy MP3s, they just press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Comment Re:Not apoligizing (Score 0) 294

You have to have really, really thick skin to work at that level.

Why? I should have thought that you need to be highly technically skilled, and be able to take constructive criticism when it's justified. Why you would need a 'really really really' thick skin to work on an operating system kernel is a bit beyond me.

Oh, that's right. It's Saint Linus. He gets to say what he wants to people.... why again? There are other OSs out there, with rather better designed kernels, that appear to be run perfectly well without this public naming-and-shaming that Linux seems to get off on.

There's no excuse for it. He's a bully. And I doubt very much in Andrew Morton would dare to chime in once Linus has spoken.

Comment Re:Just remove it then (Score 1) 294

I've been writing code for thirty years, in a fairly wide range of languages, and on platforms from 8 bit micros to modern desktop machines. When I first discovered programming, the only language available to me was BASIC. Shortly after that I discovered C (via this weird C compiler for an Amstrad CPC that appeared to produce code that was even slower than BASIC, but that's another story). Shortly after *that* I stopped using goto, without any encouragement from Dijkstra, whom I've never read. Since that time, the only 'goto's' I've used, were jumps in assembly language. That's it.

If people's eyes glaze over when you ramble on about how "if's" and "gotos" are the same thing, it's because you're not making any sense. If they wander away mute, it's because they've heard this from you before, and have grown tired of the argument. "Ifs" and "gotos" are obviously not the same, which is why they have different names. Put your code into a function, and return from it instead of using a goto. There is no universe in which this is not a better solution. Prove me wrong :).

Comment Re:No Pics? (Score 5, Informative) 220

Because it is a very large area of the ocean in which plastic particulates float. It probably doesn't look much different from the rest of the ocean to the naked eye.

You don't realise that, because you haven't read the article, nor any of the linked articles that might help further your understanding of the problem. That's ok, you're probably busy. I've taken the following quote from here, to help you out a bit.

The debris is continuously mixed by wind and wave action and widely dispersed both over huge surface areas and throughout the top portion of the water column. It is possible to sail through the “garbage patch” area and see very little or no debris on the water’s surface. It is also difficult to estimate the size of these “patches,” because the borders and content constantly change with ocean currents and winds. Regardless of the exact size, mass, and location of the “garbage patch,” manmade debris does not belong in our oceans and waterways and must be addressed.

Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 89

Well, in a proper database, you'd have a separate table for birthdays, and index into it using the employees ID from the employee table. This is McGuffin's Fifth Normal Form, or something. In this way, you get to replace the concept of NULL, with the concept of... er... not having an row. Which is different from having an entry containing NULL. Somehow. And THEN you get to write a function that is conditional on the existence of this row, rather than conditional on the presence of a NULL value, which is again, completely different.

Comment Re:how could that even work? (Score 1) 64

They often just encrypt the avi file, and provide an exe called "MovieDecryptor.exe", or even "CodecInstaller.exe". Sometimes the movie is even nothing more than two hours of a screen showing a URL to visit. Very rarely, I suppose, they might try to exploit vulnerabilities in movie players though specially crafted AVI files, or whatever, but I suspect that's just simply too hard for most people. Especially when the exe files will catch plenty of downloaders.

I've seen the above methods used often, but I've never seen a file called *.avi.exe - not sure why, it seems like an even better method to me.

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