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Comment Re:Major Colvin (Score 3, Insightful) 983

And we do need to consider that our money is being spent on people who choose their disease, of their own free will. I have sympathy for them, because we all make mistakes, but it is a choice they made, and at some level they have to accept some responsibility for it and that it has reduced their standard of living.

A quintessentially American attitude. Drug addiction is well correlated with mental illness, many people find their own personal spiral in addiction and crime begins with self-medicating as they struggle with their day-to-day lives. Further, one could build hundreds of drug abuse treatment clinics for the money that's thrown around as part of the so-called 'War on Drugs'. To have a safe and functioning society, there are costs that must be paid. One of those is looking after people who have messed up. We don't let people die on the side of the road because they drove too fast, or paid insufficient attention, we put them in a hospital and patch them up. Same thing.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 771

Technically, the amount of time it takes for the radio waves to reach the receiver is very short. However, I have never used a bluetooth device with less than 500ms of latency, which is entirely unacceptable for anything other than just listening to music. I hear that specialised low-latency bluetooth hardware exists, with an advertised latency of 32ms, which is ok, but still much more than your 5ms, and too much for live audio.

Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 1) 1592

If he had written "Higher profits for airlines from more expensive flights, additional charges for telecommunications, freedom to take a big dump on the environment in the name of profits, and a few good wars to sell guns into", well those would have been things that benefits corporations first and foremost.

Even if the only thing the EU accomplishes is fewer wars, that's a good enough reason for it.

Comment Re:movie theaters (Score 1) 482

Haha. Nice to know I'm just as bad. You scoff your popcorn, I'm not going to stop you. But yes, why not be strict about such things? Eat dinner at the table, never in front of the television. Avoid stuffing your face in the cinema. Be polite. Put your knife and fork together after a meal. You're a human being, and are capable of good manners, and will be thought of better generally if you can stick to them.

I'm not using logic to back up good manners, since they're clearly social constructs that differ from one society to the next. In some places, I assume, wearing one's shoes inside is considered the height of disrespect. Obviously, actually taking with a mouthful of food is fairly impolite, but normally when eating a meal one does not spent the entire time chewing. There are occasional breaks for breath, during which some conversation might occur.

Recently I hapenned to be in a theatre, and the family next to ours had brought with them enough food to spend the entire time eating. The. Entire. Time. Constant intake of food. That they were also fairly obese isn't material, and could be coincidence, but good lord they made alot of noise over it. Are you really so hungry that you can't fast for a couple of hours during a movie?

Comment Re:movie theaters (Score 1) 482

Yes, I've noticed it. It's how they make money. That doesn't make sitting in the dark eating food out of a bag civilised.

A fully-fledged restaurant with movie screens, preventing you from being able to pay proper attention to either, is just as bad. Come on man, sit around a table and eat and talk - then watch a movie in relative silence (ok, laugh at the funny bits.... not something you'd want to do with food in your mouth). It seems pretty reasonable to me.

Comment Re: So no more crappy cell phone videos (Score 1) 482

We all survived just fine.

Except those people who died because they were unable to call for help, for instance. Cellphone technology is great - one day it'll seem weird to call a person's house, instead of calling a person. Well, it already does seem kinda weird. Phones tied to the wall are a bit rude too, you can't normally turn them off, or put them on silent, and people often feel obligated to answer even if they're in the middle of something else. Cellphones, on the other hand, give you alot more control over your availability. This is a good thing in all respects.

And Alicia Keyes is being far too precious about her not very remarkable music.

Comment Re:movie theaters (Score 0) 482

Why do people feel unable to watch a movie, and actually concentrate on what's going on, without feeling the need to eat continuously? Do not eat in the Cinema, ever. It's rude, and it's uncivilised. If you're hungry, eat beforehand. Or, even better, eat afterwards in a proper restaurant, and find yourself able to enjoy the film undistracted, and be able to talk about the film (or something else, if it turned out to be a bad film) over dinner.

Eating in the cinema is a bad habit that people need to get out of. My kids think I'm mean for denying them popcorn - and perhaps I am - but it really isn't something that should be socially acceptable.

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