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Submission + - Third Party Watch

brainbuz writes: While the Mainstream Media keep the tired drama between Hillary and Barrack alive, and maybe occasionally mention Ralph Nader, this November is shaping up to be the most Competitive in Decades. There is a strong possibility of all three Large Third Parties nominating former Federal Office Holders in the Persons of Representatiove Bob Barr (Libertarian Party Draft Favorite), Ambassador Alan Keyes (who switches his Presidential Campaign to the Constitution Party on Tax Day), and Representative Cynthia McKinney in pursuit of the Green Nomination. Only one site, Third Party Watch is covering the Drama of Mike Gravel endorsing Jesse Johnson for the Green Nomination, and then taking his own campaign to the Libertarian Party, where his plans for a National Sales Tax guarantee he'll have a tough time finding 10 delegates to place his name in nomination. With Bob Barr not officially in the race yet, the Libertarian front runners are a Las Vegas Oddsmaker and Obama Classmate from Columbia, Wayne Allyn Root, and Author Dr. Mary J. Ruwart. If McKinney, Keyes, and Obama all get their party's nominations, voters in most states will have a choice of three African American Candidates.

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