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What's Wrong With the American University System 828

ideonexus writes "The Atlantic has an excellent interview with Andrew Hacker — co-author with Claudia Dreifus of a book titled Higher Education? — covering everything that's wrong with the American university system. The discussion ranges from entrenched tenured professors more concerned with publishing and parking spaces than quality teaching; to 22-year-old students with unrealistic expectations that some company will put them in a management position after graduating with six-figures of debt; to football teams siphoning money away from academic programs so that student tuitions must increase to compensate. It really lays out the farce of university culture and reminds me of everything I absolutely despised about my college life. Dreifus is active in the comments section of the article as well, lending to a fantastic discussion on the subject."

Submission + - DC Door to Door Gun Grab (nbc4.com)

An anonymous reader writes: D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier is pushing her "safe homes initiative", which is nothing more than a door-to-door attempt at hoping you give up your rights. Regardless of whether handguns are banned or not in the district, this type of tactic is heavy-handed at best, and much more at worst. http://www.nbc4.com/news/15688264/detail.html?rss=dc&psp=news

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