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Submission + - How to deal with a know-all jerk programmer? 5

boxlight writes: I am working with a know all jerk programmer who can't keep his nose out of everyone's business. For example, he's responsible for the object-persistence layer only, but he's always mouthing off to everyone about how they are "supposed" to be doing their work (UI programmers, application server guys, DBAs, and so on) when he's not in charge of anything. Basically he's micro-managing everyone when he's not even the manager!

At one time or another everyone on the team has complained about him, and because I work very closely with him people often come to me to ask me what his problem is.

Whenever anyone confronts the guy he flies completely off the handle. It's like he has a screw loose and is unable to accept other people's ways of doing things; it's always an all-or-nothing approach with him; he either gets his way, or he gives a reluctant eye-roll and a "whatever", only to bring up the issue again in a week or so until, ultimately, the other person give in just to shut him up.

The other unfortunate piece of this is he's always in the boss's office doing a song and dance about how hard he's working and how wonderful he is at solving so many complex problems. So he appears to have the boss's ear. Like, when the boss wants to take the temperature of the project, he goes to this guy.

So far I've managed to keep my cool and keep the peace by pretty much giving in on things he wants; . But I feel like there's an anger in me that's simmering under the surface and I'm afraid one of these days I'm going to freak out on him and them *I'm* going to look like the source of the problem to the boss. I don't want to get into daily shouting matches, and I really don't want to lower myself to his level and start sucking up to the boss for perceived credibility either.

Also, I don't want to quit because everyone else at the company are great to work with and the project is fun and the money is good.

So my question for Slashdot is, how do I deal with this??? Please help!

Submission + - HTML5 Next-Generation Browsers Will Replace the OS (http)

jackdrogba writes: To Google Chrome browser, led by the new generation has been able to rival with IE. Far more than this, they try to upgrade your browser into the operating system, through the "cloud" provides application software, to carve up Microsoft Windows site.
  In the IE browser, Netscape's first defeat on behalf of the browser, accounting for more than 10 years after the Internet portal to change the time may have come. How will the next generation browser open up new entrance? It will use what code standards? Google tried to use its Chrome browser, coupled with the next generation of Hypertext Markup Language HTML5 to control the world's Internet users for every one. Which have a series of sleep so that HTML is now HTML5 declared to have failed to support any action that Microsoft will continue to use the MSN and IE firmly stick to the old customers?

Focused on the HTML5, between Google and Microsoft, a war is imminent. Results of the struggle will determine if the browser is able to replace the operating system, while the jump for the most direct platform for human-computer interaction.

Google is certainly not more than 10 years ago, easily strangled by Microsoft Netscape, back in its new generation of weapons Chrome before birth, there is a predestined ally-Safari, Firefox, Opera. It is in their common support, HTML5 was gradually out of the underground level, non-commercial.

"HTML5 is experiencing a new cycle of" specially developed Web standard W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) members of the Chinese stations Rui said: "browser is the soil, HTML is water and fertilizer, the website (or Web Apps) is a tree." Soil decided that it needs fertilizer; apparently IE and failing to W3C specified fertilizer, regardless of which version of HTML. "It's like the story of Babel," God does not allow ordinary people to achieve their height, so social upheaval of their accent, so that communication between people can not.
  HTML 5 for the support of many Next-Generation browsers, Microsoft's response is, it should be for those who have not been tested cautious attitude towards the technology. However, closer to the interpretation of the facts I am afraid is that Microsoft's own Silver light has its own broadcast technology, once the HTML5 as the code standard, not only Microsoft's browser share has plummeted, its desktop software will also be affected. In contrast, Web-core Google hopes to make Web programs are faster, better, more practical HTML5 won the desktop software. This is the W3C's mission entrusted to HTML5, which will make up for less than the previous generation to achieve, including Flash, Silver light, and JavaFX software such functionality can be achieved. Next-generation browser will play an important role in the future with the help of wireless mini pci card.
Next-Generation Browsers is now set a new standard, which has been sitting in the driver position. Over the next days, no longer the appearance of a browser such as IE dominates the world such a situation. A wide range of web browser means that developers can rely more on standards, or will gradually get rid of the old browser, a variety of special problems.

Submission + - 125 Years of 0 0' 00" at Greenwich (bbc.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: This week marks the 125th anniversary of the International Meridian Conference which determined that the prime meridian (i.e., longitude 0 0' 00") would travel through Greenwich, UK. One of the reasons that Greenwich was agreed upon "was that 72% of the world's shipping already depended on sea charts that used Greenwich as the Prime Meridian." Sandford Fleming's proposal of a single 24-hour clock for the entire world, located at the centre of the Earth and not linked to any surface meridian was rejected / not voted on (as it was felt it was outside the purview of the conference).
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Microsystems to cut 3,000 jobs (cnn.com)

afgun writes: Once great tech leader Sun will shed 3,000 jobs due to the delays in the Oracle acquisition; is this the first cry of the death-spiral?

Submission + - MS's Ho named as side kicker; MS dodges and weaves 1

rtfa-troll writes: In an earlier Slashdot story Microsoft claimed to have restored all sidekick data; however it turns out that only contacts and not photographs, notes, to-do lists, marketplace data and high scores have been restored for affected users; the "The Danger / Microsoft team continues to work around the clock" fixing he problem.. In the meantime, Microsoft's damage limitation strategy is to blame other vendors involved for the fault whilst claiming that it's other services such as SharePointare somehow different and failing to explain why there was no adequate backup of their user's data. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it seems that information is leaking. It's already clear that the failure must have involved doing an upgrade without an adequate backup however the implication was that this was because danger was a small company staffed by IT incompetents. In the meantime an alternative explanation has been doing the rounds. According to this story there was a backup and danger's engineers had already started to make an up to date backup before the SAN upgrade failure which destroyed all sidekick user's data. However, the backup was terminated on Microsoft Management decision (supposedly from Roz Ho, Corporate Vice President, Premium Mobile Experiences) If true then there is a common factor putting all Microsoft cloud services at risk. Microsoft Management.

Submission + - RIM’s Blackberry Watch Is A Real Thing (techdusts.com)

ksantani writes: If you are a Blackberry addict then there is some good news for you. As rumored earlier, Blackberry indeed is coming out with a SmartWatch. It is NOT a standalone device and does not aim to replace your smart-phone. It will be an add-on accessory to your Blackberry smart-phone and will communicate with it using Bluetooth.
The Internet

Submission + - U.S. Internet traffic peaks at 11 p.m. every day (networkworld.com) 1

carusoj writes: Arbor Networks recently studied Internet traffic patterns and found that U.S. Internet traffic usually reaches its highest point of the day at about 11 p.m. Eastern time and stays pretty high until about 3 a.m. Driving the bulk of the traffic is online gaming and streaming video, which both hit their highest levels around that time.

Submission + - Windows 7 on Multicore: How Much Faster? (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Andrew Binstock tests whether Windows 7's threading advances fulfill the promise of improved performance and energy reduction, running Windows XP Professional, Vista Ultimate, and Windows 7 Ultimate against Viewperf and Cinebench benchmarks using a Dell Precision T3500 workstation, the price-performance winner of an earlier roundup of Nehalem-based workstations. 'What might be surprising is that Windows 7's multithreading changes did not deliver more of a performance punch,' Binstock writes of the benchmarks, adding that the principal changes to Windows 7 multithreading consist of increased processor affinity, 'a wholly new mechanism that gets rid of the global locking concept and pushes the management of lock access down to the locked resources,' permitting Windows 7 to scale up to 256 processors without performance penalty, but delivering little performance gains for systems with only a few processors. 'Windows 7 performs several tricks to keep threads running on the same execution pipelines so that the underlying Nehalem processor can turn off transistors on lesser-used or inactive pipelines,' Binstock writes. 'The primary benefit of this feature is reduced energy consumption,' with Windows 7 requiring 17 percent less power to run than Windows XP or Vista, according to Binstock's benchmarks."

Submission + - Apple blurs the server line with Mac mini Server 1

Toe, The writes: "On Tuesday, Apple announced several new hardware offerings, including a new Mac mini, their (almost-literally) pint-sized desktop computer. In a bizarre twist, they are now also offering a Mac mini with Mac OS X Server bundled-in, along with a two hard drives somehow stuffed into the tiny package. Undoubtedly, many in the IT community will scoff at the thought of calling such a device a "server." However, with the robust capabilities of Snow Leopard Server (a true, if highly-GUI, UNIX server), it seems likely to find a niche in small businesses and even enthusiasts' homes. The almost completely guided setup process means that people can set up relatively sophisticated services without the assistance of someone who actually knows what they are doing. What the results will be in terms of security, etc. will be... interesting."

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