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Comment Not declining for the industries! (Score 1) 288

Looking at, I see that net "value" of shipped units including both physical and digital went up from 2014 to 2015: $6,950.5 to $7,015.9 (in millions) And according to, ASCAP generated revenues of $1.014 billion, up 1.14 percent from the $1.003 billion generated in 2014. So, if artists and composers/arrangers are making less, either they're spreading the peanut butter around to more participants, or the industries are keeping more of the pot. OR, the artists bellyaching are being misled by their industry as to the real situation...

Comment Give up your rights! (Score 1) 198

Having lived through such a scenario twice now, I will tell you that you'll need to be able to take a much more hands-off approach. An architect needs information to make decisions, but should not be mucking about in the systems. To be effective, you should either have read-only access to gather the information you need to do your job, or have a very good working relationship with the various delivery staff to provide you ad-hoc info about the environment. Of course, the ideal situation would be to position the dynamic information that you need to be available automatically via some reporting engines, removing the need for the access or constantly bothering administrators, but my experience is that setting that type of thing up often is more complex and fraught with hurdles than simply bugging someone to get you the information.

Comment Re:How is that supposed to work? (Score 2) 131

"Good enough" is the current megatrend. Look at everything: cheap throwaway widgets (cheaper to replace than repair) rather than ones that will last for 20+ years. Things that work rather than work well. Multi-function devices (look at your phone) that do a bunch of things OK rather than one thing GREAT. As a society we want it cheap and we want it now. Most people these days aren't willing to pay for quality. They're barely willing to pay. Thank you wal-mart.

Comment Re:And another on the ban pile (Score 1) 289

Since driving is a privilege and not a right, the government has the right to not license your car or even issue you a driver license. And [unfortunately] the courts have determined that the ACA directive to purchase insurance or pay a tax penalty is a tax, you're stuck with paying it or buying health care insurance...

Comment Let them eat cake! (Score 1) 210

Sure, but it's Amazon's right to try and get better prices for their consumers. And Hachette has a right to tell Amazon to get bent. And it's equally the rights of the consumer to tell Amazon to get bent, stop the Wal-Mart style strong-arming of suppliers and buy from more respecting shops. But this is America where people are only concerned about the almighty dollar and instant gratification, so they will instead continue to buy from Amazon and Wal-Mart who ultimately decimate the local economy. (full disclosure: I buy from Amazon occasionally, but more often shop at my local brick and mortar book stores)

Comment Re:Double down? How about "No." (Score 1) 566

My wife would gladly work for what they are paying H-1Bs. Except that they don't want Americans. She's had the damnedest time finding work. I'm completely opposed t more work visas. We should trim them or eliminate altogether and hire Americans.

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