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Comment Nice first step for Visual Analytics (Score 3, Interesting) 45

I like it very much. That's an appealing way to go beyond the classic 2D graph visualization. I am part of the StackOverflow community and this visualization really shows the sub-communities existing in the website. Sometimes you have a huge skyscraper surrounded by smaller buildings, like the Git related questions (search for user ID 6309). Then you have less specific communities such as the web development (CSS, PHP, Jquery, Javascript,...) one (search for my own ID: 806221) where there are less leaders but a lot of mid-level reputation contributors.

I think this visualization could be nicely completed by community labels. To go on with the city metaphor, you could have a road sign for each cluster of buildings. I can count 10 big community in the StackOverflow metropolitan area. A modularity algorithm would identify these clusters. Then you could get a list of most frequent tags in the users of the cluster to build the road sign.

Comment Modems killed Internet (Score 2) 137

I was born in Western France and I remember that Minitels started to die when modems became more common in France. Many people bought modems to have access to fax functions, as buying a fax machine was damn expensive at that time. In France, modems usually came bundled with minitel emulators, inciting buyers to not buy extra monthly cost for minitel rent to France Telecom. I remember making my scholarship applications for university on the Minitel for a couple of years until they had a decent Internet website. Everybody gave up on the Minitel already but terminals were still available around campuses just for this purpose. Then they saw less and less students queuing for the few number of terminals and flocking to the computer room, at a time where personal Internet access was not common yet. Web browser usability beats minitels phone-like menus a hundred folds. They then discarded the minitels. RIP minitel, you were part of my life and I will never forget you.

Comment Re:3515 ULLA (Score 5, Informative) 137

OK, I've sobered up. Just for information, I was born in the 80's in France and am now a researcher computer science researcher at the other end of the world, in Japan. Minitel is what drove me into computer science as I would dream of any career that would let me touch a keyboard at that tine. ind you, secretaries were still using typewriters in France at that time. 3515 ULLA was the equivalent of adultfriendfinder at that time and had paper ads all over countryside roads, usually on electrical installations such as transformers. Minitel might not have been the best of models, but it was in line with the current French policy at that time, which tried to be independent of USA at any cost. We had even our own Micro-computer models made by Thompon (a.k.a Technicolor). Even if unpractical overall, Minitel prepared the French population for the use of the Internet afterwards, making France one of the most active population on the Internet afterwards. So, R.I.P Minitel, we value what you brought to our nation. You will always have a place in our hearts.

Submission + - Vulnerable SAP Deployments Make Prime Attack Targets (

wiredmikey writes: Using a combination of TCP scans and Google, security researchers found that nearly a quarter of the organizations running vulnerable versions of SAP are tempting fate by leaving them exposed to the Internet. This discovery, researchers from ERPScan say, dispels the myth that SAP systems are only available from the internal network, leading to the misconception that they are protected by design.

By March 2012, there were more than 2,000 security advisories published by SAP. Of those, about 7% (124) have publicly available PoC (proof-of-concept) exploit code available to the public. Many of the issues discovered are related to poor configuration or poor deployment planning. For example, 212 SAP Routers were found in Germany, which were created mainly to route access to internal SAP systems.

Another issue with the vulnerable and exposed SAP installations is that many of them run on Windows NT, creating a twin set of risks for the organization, as they have to contend with a bad SAP deployment and unsupported OS that is full of security issues all by itself.

SAP environments are often home to an organization’s most important business data, making protecting them critical for enterprise security, but it seems many gaps exist...

Comment Re:why not? (Score 3, Informative) 573

From: Maya smiles and gives me a big hug as soon as I sit on the couch, or as big a hug as a tiny three-year-old girl can manage. Her mother, Dana Nieder, laughs and explains that because Maya has difficulty speaking, she often has to express herself in other ways. She is as smart and curious as any other girl her age; the problem is that the muscles that control her speech are weak and disorganized, making saying a single word incredibly difficult. Doctors have run multiple tests but all they can determine is that it is probably a genetic condition.

Comment Re:Japan: legally required to have an ID at all ti (Score 1) 380

Replied to the parent already but apparently, it's because of bicycle theft. My brand new bicycle was stolen a while ago. The worst is that it was parked in parking area of my apartment. Seriously, just reporting the theft case took me an afternoon as they wanted me to get precise times on the last time I saw it and wanted to confirm this info with my wife. At least I was lucky, because they kept a kid all afternoon after he reported a lost sock on the street. Too much spare time...

Comment Re:Japan: legally required to have an ID at all ti (Score 1) 380

I do live in Osaka but I spend a lot of time cycling at night. Apparently, there was a surge in bicycle theft recently so they tend to check every young people (not only foreigners) riding a bike at night. Since it's dark, they're usually surprised to see that I'm a foreigner and ask the ARC to check for visa too. Since I changed addresses and visa status quite a lot during these 5 years and that these amendments are handwritten, they usually call the Police Post to check I'm legit. I guess the cops in my area have just too much time to spare :)

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