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Comment Re:Where do I line up? (Score 1) 171

You do know what a diode is, right? You do know those are on every rail of even the utterly crappiest of PSUs, right? You do know that since pretty much the 80s the PSU is rather well-isolated from the rest of the system as far as electrical feedback and reverse voltage goes, right?

Do you even have any electrical experience? I've got a bare PSU mounted to a board right now powering a motherboard, again mounted bare to the same plank. De-shrouded GPU, etc. I bet you're the kind of person that hasn't ever turned a screw in your life.

Comment Re:Good for backhauls and maybe some DC uses (Score 2) 73

I could think of plenty of uses for 1T-bit connection in the home.

Camfrog Video Chat, if they hadn't fucked up and removed your own ability to host your own server.
4k broadcasting of multiple video cam angles for things like live from-home guitar education, lapidary education, etc.
Being able to back up your stuff to whatever silly online cloud provider you have thank to our ever-increasing data glut.

Comment Re:Now for regulation (Score 1) 87

"The clause in the Constitution grants the government to right to mint money. It does not precluded anybody else from doing so."

The Constitution clearly states any powers/rights not delegated to the government are thus the powers/rights of the people and/or states. Since the government has the power to mint money granted to it, the people by constitutional decree do not have that right.

Comment Re:No no no. (Score 1) 270

"and have shorter lifetimes than solid state electronics."

Spoken like someone that never used W-grade (military) tubes in their life. Mine are still kicking in my 1978 Fender Super Reverb, from when my father bought them. That's almost 40 years. You got any solid state stuff that old, gramps?

Comment Re:Goodbye Quality (Score 1) 69

"I'm not confident, should I actually use it, that the X56 will have no issues before the 2 year warranty period is up. "

Give me one week and I bet I'll fish out any problem it has. If you'd like, I'll even send you the money for the shipping + device. I love embarrassing the shit out of Logitech with any use/teardown I do of their products, especially their shitty webcams. The embarrassment never goes public (I e-mail them with my findings,) but their engineers know me by name and hate my guts when I point out their incompetence.

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