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Comment Paying more for internet only than Internet + TV (Score 2) 160

I used to pay Comcast $39.95 a month for Internet and TV service bundled for basic TV, which I barely used. So, I dropped the TV service which saved me all of $5.00. When I moved to New Jersey, Optimum Online now charges me $54.95 a month for Internet only. Thinks $119.95 for "Triple Play" is a bargain (I already get a year of Skype for $60 which works out to $5.00 a month), and I could get Netflix or Amazon Plus for much less for the differential between $59.95 and $119.95. If they don't want people to cut the cords. LOWER PRICES! This is marketing 101. It's obvious that people are cutting the cord because we can get a lot of the same content cheaper over the air with an antenna, over the internet, or by some other method without paying such high prices. Cable companies have to make money by VOLUME, not by trying to squeeze every penny from a dwindling number of subscribers. You charge LESS to MORE users, not MORE to LES and LESS users. What business school did these geniuses go to? They used to offer me triple play at $89.95 a month. You mean to tell me rhat yers later, with more users to spread the costs out over, you need to charge $119.95 a month to keep doors open?

Comment Re:Solar Panels on homes is just a good idea... (Score 1) 769

I think that we should use solar, wind, wave, geothermal, and hydro-electric power as much as we can, where we can.

It doesn't matter if it isn't 100% available.

Every bit we can cut coal and other from-the-ground sources of generating power seems like a good idea to me.

Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I'm not a greenie, but I think technology is a great answer to problems.

Someday, we'll find a power source better than anything we know today. Until then, we should experiment with different things and see how far we can push those technologies we already have.

Comment Solar Panels on homes is just a good idea... (Score 1) 769

I don't care about all the B.S. in this thread.

I think solar panels on homes is a good idea. Distributed generation just seems smart to me.

Batteries, or using an electric car as a battery to load balance also seems smart to me.

As we try new ways to power our homes, the technology will mature and become cheaper and more efficient.

I wish all that money blown on Solyndra and other boondoggles was instead made available to home owners as low cost loans to add solar panels and/or a wind turbine to their homes.

Where I live on the New Jersey shore, such a combination along with a good battery system should be sufficient to meet a homes needs.

I've been trying to get in to one of those programs that say they will lease a set of panels to me, but my roof is just a bit too tiny for it to be cost effective.

I'm hoping solar panel efficiency will rise just a bit in the next few years to make it feasible.

Comment What is needed.... (Score 1) 1091

Linux needs to stop being a laboratory.

Linux needs to have a UI that regular people want, not what some programmers want.

Linspire had the right idea. Make Linux look and work like what people are used to.

There can be one distribution that looks and works like Windows, including WINE. And, another that looks and works like MacOS X.

These should be packaged and sold in stores, with tech support. As well as bundled with hardware.

There can still be all the current distributions with their different UIs for the Power-users.

But if you want to sell Linux to desktop users (who don't care about the 'coolness' of Linux) it simply has to run the software they need to run, in a way they're familiar with.

People are going to have to give up the egotistical stand that says Linux shouldn't work like Windows.

If a car manufacturer made their cars as different from other cars as Linux is from other OSes, they'd have very few sales too.

Comment Re:Load of Crap (Score 1) 115

To DC, it's stealing money. From them.

If you've never authored a work and had it pirated (I have and bought a copy of my work on eBay, expecting it to be a genuine copy and received a Xeroxed manual and a copied disk.), you don't know what it's like.

DC is within it's rights to enforce their copyright on the car. They have to, because after decades of wrangling, they got all the ownership issues sorted out and have been releasing toy cars and models.

In order to have a license to sell to toy and model companies, they have to defend it in all arenas.

Comment Re:Fan Props too? (Score 1) 115

You're exaggerating. Paramount did "sue" ALL the producers of fan made merchandise

A "Cease and Desist" letter isn't a lawsuit.

And Star Trek is far from dead. The sequel to the 2009 movie is currently filming, and several fan based shows are in production.

Star Trek: Phase II is about to release "The Child." Based on a script written for the aborted second series in 1979. The script was adapted for a TNG episode, but this will be as originally conceived and directed by Jon Povil who wrote it.

Comment Re:Fan Props too? (Score 1) 115

Paramount served every maker of replica Star Trek Props with Cease and Desist orders in the mid 90's.

Even Richard Coyle who was negotiating in good faith for a license, and Paramount denied. Richard made many of the props used in the Star Trek movies.

Today, fans can make their own replicas. There are several companies with licenses to make replica props.

And there are still several garage kit companies selling kits of various qualities and accuracy that just fly under the radar.

Comment Towle doesn't have a license... (Score 1) 115

DC Comics licensed one guy named Mark Racop to build these cars.

Mark Towle however, made the prototype for the licensed Speed Racer Mach V that was sold some time back (based on a Corvette chassis.)

Mark Towle does great work, his cars are really top notch!

But, unfortunately DC Comics believes there's only room for one licensee for Batmobiles in the market.

Making replica Futuras would be a great idea. But, that would be a very tiny market, even compared with Batmobiles.

Towle does good work, many famous people own his cars.

Comment Re:We're no danger to the Galaxy... (Score 0) 534

I hear your planet exiles it's Enviro-wackos to interstellar space.

In fact, we got this guy who adopted the Earth name
"Al Gore" who is from your planet. Can you take him with you on your way out?

And don't let the asteroid belt hit you in your thrusters as you accelerate to a significant portion of C!

Comment We're no danger to the Galaxy... (Score 5, Insightful) 534

At our technological level, we pose no danger to anything off this planet.

It would be like saying you'll sterilize a grain of sand to protect the planet.

Such a silly scenario...

If we ever develop interstellar travel that is fast, cheap and practical, maybe then this scenario starts to have legs.

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