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Comment Re:Yes, inherently unpredictable, needs percentage (Score 1) 145

That's a good method; unlike simply overestimating the task, it allows you to build in some contingency while still start out with a planning that follows the most optimistic path. Hope for the best and plan for the best. Because another truism of software development is that any overestimated task will stretch to fill the allotted time.

Comment Re:Opposite (Score 5, Interesting) 379


I'm a gen X'er and I *know* I won't have a pension. Even if I retire, the government or the pension providers will default on me - either through inflation, or just because the damn pension providers will flatly announce they just don't have anything left in their coffers. I know this because they've already done it to my dad, who was born in the silent generation. So it's nothing new, but it sure won't get no better.

So, I'm not putting any money in a system that'll shaft me and I'm not saving anything for old age - most likely I'll be working until I die anyway.

What I do instead is, I enjoy as much free time now while I'm still young: I found me one of the last "old-style" jobs still available that lets me work 36 hrs/week with unreasonably great pay, in a heavily unionized old company that does business in a market that doesn't know the word recession.

In other words, I've maximized my salary/work ratio and I do as little work as possible to enjoy life the the fullest while I'm still in a condition to enjoy it. Time enough when I'm old and decrepit to kill myself at work for a living.

Comment Re:Call the whaaaambualance (Score 1) 264

I used to think Japan was small, but my wife is Korean (and I'm Canadian).

Korea overall is smaller than Japan, and if you only count the civilised portion of Korea (aka South Korea) then you're roughly half that.

Canada population 36 million
Korea Population: 50.6 million

Then compare that against one of the average PROVINCES in Canada

South Korea area: 100,210 km2
British Columbia area: 944,000 km2

So a Canadian province has a land-area 9x+ that of Korea, which has a population 1.5x+ that of all Canada.

Despite all that, the cities I've been to in South Korea don't seem all that crowded, and when you get out of the bigger cities there's still quite a lot of room.

I think the most crowded place I've been was Osaka, and really it was fine until later in the day when people are getting off of work.

Comment Re:It's true (Score 2) 257

Pixar was unique in Silicon Valley companies in that we had deadlines that could not move. The film had to be in theaters before Christmas, etc. I'd see employees families come to Pixar to have dinner with them. I took the technical director training but decided to stay in studio tools, first because Pixar needed better software more than they needed another TD, and second because of the crazy hours.

Comment Re:Call the whaaaambualance (Score 1) 264

They do, but that means they're also playing with only the local people on that servers.

We have similar issues on MOBA type games where people from various places with crap pings login the western N America hosts and then either end up dropping or just screwing up the game in general with lag. It's one of the reasons for the massive DOTA hate on Peru.

But this is realistically a problem without a good solution? Sure they could add servers in Hawaii but then you're going to have a smaller pool of people to actually play with if using that local server.

Comment Re:Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 1) 156

Replying to undo an incorrect (-1) moderation. I'm surprised this got modded down by the way, at the very least this is "interesting".

I do think that a good CEO is worth millions, and it is also good if part of that reward comes in the form of shares or options so that they are personally vested in the fate of the company. What I do object to is execs raking in substantial sums when they are fired, even for doing a shit job. And I don't see why they should sometimes receive staggering sums for successfully completing a merger or takeover (after all that's all in their day's work). But that is just my personal view.

Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 205

I take trips with my buddies each year where we fly to a big airport and drive around 1500-2000 miles round trip from there into rural areas on back roads.

We are a great cross-section of providers with Tmo, ATT, Sprint and VZW. I was the only one with service for the entire trip the last two times (NE states and NW states). ATT was next best. Sprint was the worst and Tmo was next.

My family takes a ~3000 mile road trip every summer. I've only been out of service once or twice in 7 years and those were in rural areas of Alabama or Oklahoma (IIRC).

I wouldn't give up VZW for anything.

Comment Re:The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 56

Not just that, the data from radar or lidar is rather different from visual information. But if they are going to train cars just on what they can see with a single cam, I have a way more fertile training ground for self driving cars: Russian dash cam vids on Youtube. Endless dangerous situations and vehicular asshattery to hone AI driver skills on.

Comment Re:Potential to be quite the powerful lawsuit! (Score 1) 84

Only if he actually wrote down the purchase history. At a glance there is no difference between remembering such data and storing it on paper or electronically, but in practice there's a reasonable limit on what a clerk can remember... and shoppers would be suitably freaked out by a clerk who has perfect recall of each customer's history; it's probably not going to be a big selling point for the store. Another difference is that the clerk's memory cannot be mined or stolen.

But I am sure some legal eagle can come up with a much better demarcation. No need to quibble over semantics.

Comment Re:Potential to be quite the powerful lawsuit! (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Time for a complete ban on collecting information about minors and targeting them with marketing, a complete across the board ban.

How about it's time for a complete ban on collecting information about anyone without consent. Make it opt-in. If targeted ads are better and really lead to "an enriched and engaging experience that customers will enjoy interacting with", as all privacy-averse marketing drones claim, then people will opt-in en masse in order not to be stuck with the boring old untargeted ads.

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