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Comment What innovation? (Score 3, Insightful) 69

The only innovation is new ways of taking money out of the economy and sticking it in foreign bank accounts. Uber is a bad deal for the drivers and a worse deal for the places where they operate. 'You want to tax us for the wear and tear on your roads? Nonsense. All your money belongs to us and it ain't going to pay for roads we need.' Once they get rid of the drivers they will take even more money out of the system.

Comment Re:everything is an offshoot of F&SF (Score 1) 252

If you consider stories set in the far future you don't have to consider the characters because the setting itself doesn't exist. You can't have a story set in the future that isn't F or SF.

I could just as easily argue that Star Trek wasn't science fiction because the science fictional devices it used were just in place to comment on the zeitgeist of the day and to drive it forward in a specific direction -- a morality play, if you will.

CS Lewis and Tolkien were not Fantasy writers they were Christian propagandists.

Labels are an inexact means of description they always narrow the essence of what they are applied to. This is why so-called mainstream writers who write stories that are on the face of it SF loudly disclaim the obvious.

The things authors think they are putting into their works are not always the things the readers take from it.

Comment everything is an offshoot of F&SF (Score 1) 252

If their characters don't actually exist in this world it must be a parallel dimension and so SF. If they are writing about real people putting words in their mouths it is pure fantasy. The activities they write about might actually occur (historical fiction) but the means and motivations are pure speculation.

Comment Re:It's because the US isn't involved (Score 1) 35

Seems to me that by ratifying this Canada can no longer support the extreme measures reported of the TPP. South Korea is apparently interested in joining the negotiations on that deal too. Then again, consistency has never been a politician's friend. Their friends in Big Business rely on the inconsistencies for maximum payouts through lawsuits.

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