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Comment Re:It's because the US isn't involved (Score 1) 35

Seems to me that by ratifying this Canada can no longer support the extreme measures reported of the TPP. South Korea is apparently interested in joining the negotiations on that deal too. Then again, consistency has never been a politician's friend. Their friends in Big Business rely on the inconsistencies for maximum payouts through lawsuits.

Comment Life plus? (Score 2) 129

Is it just me or does anyone else think this is a bit screwy? What happens to your copyright if you never die or due to medical breakthroughs live for 500 years?
How long before these laws get tweaked so that corporations get lumped in with humans, can they die? Are they like the Borg with smaller companies getting assimilated into the collective and thus never dying for so long as some other company is prepared to buy up the parts still valuable?

Comment Re:liquid core? (Score 1) 85

Earth rotates, the moon not so much, so while there is a high tide and a low tide in the oceans of the Earth due to the moons orbit, the gravitational pull of the Earth on the moon is always in the same direction. There may well be some stretching in the moon from centripetal forces and indeed there are other forces not being taken into account such as the rotation of the Earth-Moon system around the sun or the Solar system around the Galaxy.

I don't think you know what you are talking about any more than I do. :)

Comment liquid core? (Score 1) 85

I would hazard a guess that if the core is more liquid than the crust then the Earth's gravity might tend to draw it towards the near side more when it gets hit on that side than the far side. Hits on the far side might be more restrained as there is not as much expansion pressure. Over millions of years the effect could become quite pronounced.

Just talking through my hat, of course, and probably full of it.

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