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Journal Journal: Mods posting as ACs? Really, Slashdot? Really? 12

I was reading a discussion on one of those somewhat hot-topic issues, and I was shocked to see several ACs claiming that they were modding in that same discussion. Two of them (or possible the same one) were trolling, so I certainly hope that somehow their karma goes down to the point where they never get mod points again. But one of them was posting a positive contribution, so I was very disappointed to get the end and discover that they were breaking rule which seem to me like a very sensible one.

People, there's a reason you aren't supposed to mod in threads you participate in. That reason doesn't change just because you post anonymously. It isn't like I've never been modding in a topic and then really really wished I could comment on something. So I totally understand the desire, but if you can't control your impulses, then how are you ever going to be able to avoid committing the dreaded -1 Disagree Impulse Mod? I don't care what you do most of the time, but you put on your mod hat, you're supposed to exercise some self-control.

And if you really must post, then take the sacrifice of having your mods revoked. So see, there's already a system in place for handling the situations where you have modded, but then you want to post. Don't go making up your own! If your system were a good one, you probably would have invented slashdot. So unless you're CmdrTaco, just say no to commenting anonymously in discussions you have modded in.

In conclusion, if I were slashdot, I would look up your IPs and, if it were possible to connect you to the named accounts, I would ban you. Yes I would. So there.

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Journal Journal: April Fools Day

I noticed there's an achievement for either submitting, or having an april fools day story accepted (not sure which). I don't see any silly stories on the front page, but hopefully that will change when mine gets accepted! heheheheheh

PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: I wanna metamoderate....what am I doing wrong? 8

Discovered "meta-moderation". Decided to try it. Checked FAQs. Okay, apparently I can moderate "anytime", and to do so, I should click on the "have you metamoderated recently?" link that appears only "occasionally". Hm, okay, no link, well...Okay, here we go, found an FAQ telling me why there's no link on my index.pl. Ah, I should check the "Willing to Moderate" checkbox. Already done. Argh, how do I meta-moderate? I search for M2, meta moderate, and metamoderate. In desperation I google. Oh, this might be helpful: the FAQs. Okay, apparently I can moderate "anytime", and to do so, I should...
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Journal Journal: March 4, 2008

Logged onto Slashdot to write my daily journal. Remembered I have no life and nothing to write about. Chewed my keyboard thoughtfully for a minute, then gave up and went to eat a Wheat-a-bix. More tomorrow.

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