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Journal boneglorious's Journal: Mods posting as ACs? Really, Slashdot? Really? 12

I was reading a discussion on one of those somewhat hot-topic issues, and I was shocked to see several ACs claiming that they were modding in that same discussion. Two of them (or possible the same one) were trolling, so I certainly hope that somehow their karma goes down to the point where they never get mod points again. But one of them was posting a positive contribution, so I was very disappointed to get the end and discover that they were breaking rule which seem to me like a very sensible one.

People, there's a reason you aren't supposed to mod in threads you participate in. That reason doesn't change just because you post anonymously. It isn't like I've never been modding in a topic and then really really wished I could comment on something. So I totally understand the desire, but if you can't control your impulses, then how are you ever going to be able to avoid committing the dreaded -1 Disagree Impulse Mod? I don't care what you do most of the time, but you put on your mod hat, you're supposed to exercise some self-control.

And if you really must post, then take the sacrifice of having your mods revoked. So see, there's already a system in place for handling the situations where you have modded, but then you want to post. Don't go making up your own! If your system were a good one, you probably would have invented slashdot. So unless you're CmdrTaco, just say no to commenting anonymously in discussions you have modded in.

In conclusion, if I were slashdot, I would look up your IPs and, if it were possible to connect you to the named accounts, I would ban you. Yes I would. So there.

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Mods posting as ACs? Really, Slashdot? Really?

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  • There are a lot of problems with the moderation system, including the specific ones you mention. I would bet money they will never be fixed. It just doesn't matter that much to slashdot, honestly. They are more interested in bringing in more advertisers than anything else. Many, many, people before you - myself included - have pointed out the same or similar faults and nothing happens.

    I would probably drop dead of shock if they even fixed the "-1, overrated" problem, as it is used precisely for the "-
    • Yeah, it's hard to imagine why they thought (and apparently continue to think) that "overrated" is a good idea. It seems like if it doesn't fit into a less nebulous category, maybe you should rethink whether it needs to be modded anyway.

      I guess you're right about the money, which I hadn't thought about, and from that perspective, having an, um, "exciting" moderation system is better than having one that encourages calm deliberation.

      • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

        The only time I use overrated is when the post was wrong, someone else posts why it's wrong, and the wrong post is higher than the right post. I mod up the right post informative and the wrong post goes down overrated.

        As an example, in the article a few days back about killing the CLI, someone claimed that the blogger was slashdot's former "roblimo". That was +4 informative, the first child post that linked to the roblimo wikipedia article to show that the name wasn't the same was only +3. Then they were

        • There are, for sure, times like the one you describe where the "overrated" mod is appropriate. However from my experience it is the most abused of all moderations as - as I already mentioned - it is 100% completely immune from metamoderation and hence will never, ever, be overturned nor will the people who abuse it be in any way restricted from receiving mod points again in the future.

          I can tell you that the majority of my comments that are below their starting scores are where they are because of the ov
          • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

            it is 100% completely immune from metamoderation and hence will never, ever, be overturned nor will the people who abuse it be in any way restricted from receiving mod points again in the future.

            Oh, they fixed that. Everything is 100% immune to metamoderation now. metamod is a broken pile of trash that doesn't even have anything to do with moderation anymore.

            • I wish I could moderate that comment as "funny", it certainly made me laugh out loud (something nobody on slashdot has accomplished in some time).

              However, on top of the fact that I disagree with moderating JE comments, and the fact that I have commented in here and should not be eligible to moderate in here, is the fact that I seem to be permanently banned from ever getting moderator points on slashdot. Go figure. Haven't had moderator points in over a year now, I'm pretty sure.
              • I'm glad you brought up the journal moderation, I was going to note yesterday with amusement that I noticed I could do that, and what waste of mod points that would be in most cases! Sadly I used up my last mod point yesterday, so I also can't mod grandparent post funny, and also I already commented so I can't anyway. I think it's amazing that I could have posted some flamebait-y journal entry to get people to come in and comment, and then mod 5 to 15 of them down, depending on the number of points I had be

          • I was reading the Ron Paul thread and I saw that a post of yours, which I would have modded funny had been modded overrated. Lol. I wished the hardest I've ever wished that I could moderate a moderation "ironically hilarious". It's dramatic irony, because the action had a different meaning for the reader (me) than for the character (the moderator). Of course it would have been even better if the post hadn't also been modded up, but I guess them's the breaks... I guess I'll just have to hope for better luck

        • Okay, yeah, I can understand that use certainly.

          I'm glad to hear that about the IP tracking. So now I can silently laugh at those who *think* they're beating the system. In fact, maybe from now on I'll mod all such posts "funny"... hehe j/k, obviously.

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