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Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: Sun Certified Network Administrator 6

I finally passed the bastard, has anyone ever actually used Sun's DHCP daemon as opposed to ISC? Now to schedule my Sun Certified Security Administrator course, and hopefully pass the cert before review time in July.

Journal Journal: Randomness 2

Ok, I think I have enough evidence to prove that the universe is not predetermined, this has been the strangest 2 weeks of my life, but dammit I'm loving it.

Journal Journal: Loss 1

Got an IM yesterday from one of my ex-coworkers.

One of the sysadmins that was at bluegrass when I started, got demoted, then eventualy found work elsewhere, died from pancreatic cancer Tuesday. Kerry, while not a perfect sysadmin, was most helpful to me when I was a PFY who shouldn't have been trusted with root anywhere, much less production machines. Our senior was (and still is to some degree) gruff and not particularly helpful regarding knowledge transfer. Kerry bridged that gap for me, filled in pieces as best he could. I hadn't talked to him since I started this new job, I wouldn't have said what I'm saying here but I feel there is something I should have.

Oh well, to all you artists stuck in a sysadmins job, here's a shot of beam and a thank you from this bastard operator.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Happy New Year /. 1

2005 was weird, hopefully 2006 will be weirder. Just remeber, when life gets you down, live by this country song.

Faster Horses, Older Whiskey, Younger Women, and More Money

Journal Journal: Sonofabitch 2

First trick-o-treater of the night was an older kid, cocksucker grabbed the whole fucking bag out of my hand and ran. I hope that little cocksucker gets run over.

Journal Journal: London explosions fishy 11

Lets take a look at known AQ/islamist attacks.
WTC '93, only killed six, but the bomb was a pissant compared to OKC, would have leveled North tower with a OKC sized bomb.
Kobar Towers, 19 dead, blew up a fuel tanker outside a US barracks
Embasy bombings, 2 US facilities hit simultaneously killing 200.
USS Cole, got a bomb close enough to a US warship to blow a 30x10 hole in the side of destroyer, bigger hole than the Stark explosion which was hit by an anti-ship missle.
9/11, 4 airliners, 3000 dead, you know the details
Bali, 200 tourists dead in a nightclub
Madrid, transportation hit, but more casualties
London today 2 dead, 90 causalties???

Something isn't adding up.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: New Job 1

Got hired by Insight Communications as a Systems Administrator today. I'm doing some celebrating tonight with some Evan Williams Master Distiller Select bourbon, but I've got to buckle down and get an apartment and moved in the next 3 weeks.

Journal Journal: Night from hell 2

I want to reboot today, make that yesterday

Someone shot one of the cats with a .22 (I've got my theories as to who, but I'm going to let the sheriff scare him first, fucking crank lab owner).

Right front leg at the "ankle" joint, emergency trip to vet, tibia and fibula are in at least 6 pieces, he's kitty morophined and out now, the ortho guy at my vet is taking a peek at the xrays tomorrow morning to see if they are going to be able to pin/rod/screw the bones back together, but I get the impression I'm going to have a tripod cat tomorrow afternoon.

Now my new work cellphone is missing, hopefully it is at the vets, it wasn't in the parking lot, I drove back after I realized it wasn't on my belt when I got home.

I'm so pissed I can't sleep.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: FSoF for United airlines 1

What a horseshit settlement, they were down nearly 10 billion in pension contributions? How the hell do you forget to deposit 10 fucking billion in an account?

It is horseshit like this that makes me not trust anyone or anything but myself when it comes to my retirement. My 401(k) is mine, my IRA's are mine, and my bank accounts are mine. Social Security and pensions have always been and will continue to be someone else's money that can be ripped out from in under you no matter if you are 18 or 98. Not to mention both have serious problems with the trustee's dipping their grubby little paws in the accounts when they want a new toy.

Before anyone says, but enron's 401(s) are worthless, the laws have been changed on the precentage of your own company's stock that can make up a 401(k) to protect from those types of situations. I'd actually prefer it to be 0%, but with the employee having the option to select funds containing their own stock if they wish to.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Company awards dinner tonight....holy shit 2

I go thinking I'll pick up my perfect attendence award ($100 + another year on the plaque), hear the president's state of the company address, and eat a free prime rib dinner on the company. Turns out they gave bonus checks ($100) and a nice lined jacket for staff that was involved with the CDMA rollout, a nice touch

Unexpectedly got employee of the year for the telecom/network division, the bonus check for that effectively doubled my raise for 2005, holy shit. Now to see if I can't get a real raise to go with my certification.

I'm celebrating with some Evan Williams master distiller select, damn it tastes good.

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