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Comment I'm that old (Score 2) 171

I remember way back before the internet if you needed to know what time the movies were at, you called the theaters movie hotline. If you didn't catch the weather on last nights news, you could call your local tv stations weather hotline for a recording of the forecast. At the store they use to manually imprint your credit card with out knowing if the card was even valid, turn that slip into their bank in the next 3-5 days, the bank would process the transaction.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 3, Interesting) 229

Correct. Someone gets one of the ransomware drive encryption virus, both (or more) drives will be equally worthless. That also goes for all open network shares, the virus will find all of those. Or your non-tech savvy employee deletes half the customer files from the database, its equally deleted on all your drives.

Submission + - US Dept of Labor sues B&H Photo Video for discrimination ( 1

McGruber writes: The US Department of Labor has filed suit against electronics retailer B&H Photo Video ( for hiring only Hispanic men into entry-level jobs in a Brooklyn warehouse and then subjecting them to harassment and unsanitary conditions. The company was so unlikely to hire women to work in the warehouse that it did not have a separate restroom for them, according to the lawsuit. (

The latest federal complaint arose from a standard review of the employment practices of companies with federal contracts. B&H has supply contracts with the General Services Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that are worth $46 million. Those contracts could be canceled and B&H could be prohibited from receiving other federal contracts if an administrative law judge decides the company has failed to meet its obligations.

B&H is a family-owned business that started in New York City's financial district in 1973 and moved to Midtown in 1997. The company has a history of labor disputes. (

(Note: Article submitter is a long-time B&H customer and is expecting a delivery from the company tomorrow.)

Comment Seems like a good idea but... (Score 1) 139

For $730 it's way too expensive. You can get a good samsung for under $200 or a phone with similar specs like the zen phone for $300. Then why would you want to pull out the camera or other bits ? The only thing I would want is to be able to swap the parts into a keyboard case, but looks like no keyboard is available.

Comment Kind of 1 & 4 (Score 1) 168

We have a computer at work with one of them, back when the owner use to use IE for everything, I removed the icons to it a few years ago so can use chrome with adblock .He actually got the virus from an ad running on msn, not a pirate or download site. Soon he loaded the page everything closed and said illegal software was detected and we had to pay the fbi like $800 to restore our computer. No icons, autoclosed task manager instantly if you tried ctl-alt-del or any other keyboard commands. It took a bit of work but think I booted it in safe mode command line, ran a command line based anti-malware, then went back and un-hid all the files and folders it locked away

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