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Comment 25GB (Score 1) 243

Our area still has no DSL or cable. Our only options are dial up, satellite or 4G. Satellite was horribly unreliable and from 4 to 11pm slow as dial up. So we pay $90 a month for a 25gb hotspot phone combo unit, even though we have never used the phone but it's cheaper with the phone line.

Comment Re:Just say you're authorized (Score 2) 55

I was looking up an order on a stores website once, I noticed the url was just like . Out of curiosity I changed the last digit of the order page url (maybe like 11567 to 11566) and it then showed me the complete order for another customer, and changing the number to any other number less then showed that order's info.

That order page showed the customer address, phone #, email address, items ordered, last 4 of the CC # & date, shipping, time and date of the order.

That first thing I thought of was a scammer could call or email any customer, Say - Hi Todd, this is joe from and your order for the 3 dvd players and 2 cables last tuesday didn't get approved, can I get that credit card number from you again ? it was missing one number - Since you had all their order information most people would be sure it was a real call/email and would not hesitate to give you that credit card again. And because you had the customers full name & address it would be very easy to go on a shopping spree with out asking for revealing information.

Comment True, but not like it's never happened before. (Score 3, Insightful) 84

When I was little I would want to keep playing with my trainset and not want to go sit down and eat dinner. 10 years later computers and video games kept me in my room. 10 years later internet and online gaming kept me up allnight. Some people watch tv all night and don't even like the shows. There is always something new and exciting to do.

But I do see a difference with personal devices. You can't bring your trainset, console video games or desktop computer to the restaurant or to bed. It happens to us, my wife can spend a whole dinner on facebook, checking every 30 seconds for new notifications and feeling the need to instantly respond to everyone. We may as well be eating separately. Work emails and texts from coworkers 24 hours per day don't help either. Same thing at home, the bedroom is not as active as it once was, facebooking or playing candy crush until she falls asleep and hardly any 'special' together time.

Comment Audiable is all drm content (Score 1) 60

The problem with using audiable is all their content is a proprietary file format that requires their own player. You can't download an audio book, put it on a usb drive and play it in on most a car radio made in the past 6+ years. I was hoping after amazon bought them they would switch to mp3, like all of amazon's music store.

Comment I'm that old (Score 2) 171

I remember way back before the internet if you needed to know what time the movies were at, you called the theaters movie hotline. If you didn't catch the weather on last nights news, you could call your local tv stations weather hotline for a recording of the forecast. At the store they use to manually imprint your credit card with out knowing if the card was even valid, turn that slip into their bank in the next 3-5 days, the bank would process the transaction.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 3, Interesting) 229

Correct. Someone gets one of the ransomware drive encryption virus, both (or more) drives will be equally worthless. That also goes for all open network shares, the virus will find all of those. Or your non-tech savvy employee deletes half the customer files from the database, its equally deleted on all your drives.

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