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Comment eh (Score 3, Interesting) 309

I first ran Linux back in the mid-90's though it's been a while since I did much with it (maybe like 5 years). Back when I started it was 2 generations ahead of Windows at least, destroyed it in terms of performance and stability, and was just a lot more fun to use. Fast forward to today and any lead has pretty much evaporated. Recently when I got too annoyed at how slow Windows 10 was running on a cheap laptop I picked up (4 gigs of RAM, AMD a4-6210 and a SSD), I decided to replace it with Linux and was honestly pretty underwhelmed. Performance was about the same, and this was a Linux Mint distro running XFCE with bells and whistles turned off. It was still sluggish to the point that it was annoying. The user experience was pretty much identical to what I remember from 10 years ago. Honestly, if I installed a 10-year-old distro it would probably scream. I'm not a programmer so not sure what could be done at this point; even Torvalds has admitted the kernel is bloated, and as a user it seems like the graphics system is just an increasing number of layers, managers, and toolkits piled on top of each other.

Comment Re:insightful and considered opinions expected (Score 1) 331

"The ignorance chemistry, biology, and natural history required to fall for the histrionics of climate change/global warming is ill becoming of nerds. "

Well considering the overwhelming consensus by professional chemists, biologists, and natural historians -- all who know more about the subject than you -- why should we take your word over theirs?

Comment Re:Lets be real now, what did MS do wrong? (Score 1) 312

Courts have long upheld a party's right to unilaterally modify a procedural term in a contract if they explicitly retain that right; in any event, if the agreement is to purchase a computer operating system, and updates are part of that computer operating system, the user doesn't get to dictate how MS is providing it. Like if I commit to a year-long HBO subscription, I can't argue that cancelling my favorite show is a Also "unfair contracts" are not prohibited under law; you may be thinking of "unconscionable" contracts, and there is a high burden to meet that level. Contracts certainly don't have to be reasonable, and it's ambiguous contracts, not unfair ones, that are interpreted in favor of the non-drafter.

Comment Re:is this really still an OS anymore? (Score 1) 355

"1. But I use windows for gaming! Steam has more than 200 titles that run just fine in Linux. Popular indie games and mainstream shoot-em-ups alike. they even offer steam machines as a platform if youd rather not fuss with Ubuntu."

Awesome, Fallout 4? Oh, no, too bad. Skyrim? Grand Theft Auto? The Witcher? Oh. Well, let's take a look at and see all these mainstream games......ooh. Haha.

"2. I need it for office documents. No, it needs you. Libreoffice and a host of other tools let you edit and author office documents easily from any modern operating system."

I have never seen an open source office clone that didn't have compatibility issues with MS Office. And no, I'm not going to convince everyone I work with to switch over, too.

"3. well its what my office uses so... your office and about a million others use windows, but likely still windows 7. Things like email, calendaring, and federated login have existed for decades before Microsoft bundled them into their OS. Most of the services you use online arent contingent on your windows domain. Windows exists in the office out of comfort, standard, and price. corporations license their infrastructure for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy it."

No, my office uses a combination of Windows 7, Windows 10, chrome, and OSX. We all do quite fine.

"4. $os_name is hard. it doesn do $feature. "

I first started using Linux back in 1994; I worked as a linux administrator professionally. I still use Linux occasionally on both a laptop and desktop. I don't use Windows 10 as my primary OS because I don't know how to use Linux, I use Windows 10 because it is a better environment for the majority of what I have to do.

"perhaps 8 years ago it was meaningful, but times have changed."

See, THAT applies more to Linux. Back in the 90's Linux was head and shoulders above Windows, which is why I used it then. By now the performance and stability differences have mostly vanished, with one exception: Linux is still better at scaling down to lower-powered computers, which is why I use it more often on my cheap low-RAM cloudbook. But Windows still has far, far more useful applications than Linux, is just as stable, and looks a little prettier for what that's worth, which is why it is my primary OS.

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