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Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 203

We are talking about something like 100 parts per million increase in C02 over the last century of burning fossil fuels... That 100 ppm sits on top the natural CO2 in the atmosphere and really only represents a few percent of what is there naturally. Yes it's up, but we are discussing a dynamic system that deals with CO2 naturally, and as you point out it's effectively dealing with the bulk of the extra we put out. One would *expect* the concentration to increase a lot more, given what we are pumping into the air. The system will achieve steady state again, likely with a higher CO2 concentration than we see in the past records, but not above what the Earth has survived before, even if we burned every last scrap of fossil fuels we could find in one day.

We are having an effect, but how much can an extra 100 parts per million actually do? It's seriously nearly nothing, both in the amount of carbon following though the cycle each year and the net affect it can possibly have. I know some folks are totally freaked out over this, but when you look at the grand scheme of things and realize the really small of a fraction this really is of our atmosphere and start looking at the scales on all those alarming graphs and charts with the red arrows going straight up, it's not really all that likely to be a problem. Certainly it's not a problem you can hobble your economy and national security in a vain effort to fix but I digress.

Comment Re:Yea, that's interesting... Not going to work (Score 1) 54

Why do you need to turn your garage into a huge electromagnet to do that? Also, do you have ANY idea how much power that EV of yours actually wants to suck in and what this system is safely capable of? If you want to charge your car with a 15A 110V extension cord, you will do better than what this thing can deliver. If you have a high power charger that can recharge your battery in a couple of hours, this system won't be able to deliver the power your car wants at all..

Comment Yea, that's interesting... Not going to work (Score 2) 54

Don't take any device that couples magnetic energy in there. No credit cards, no spinning hard disks, a lot of electronic devices will be toasted upon entry and should you happen to have any leftover metal parts from some past surgery (staples, clips, knees or hips) you don't likely want to try and enter either... Figure on having similar entry restrictions as MRI machines, including the faraday shielded room for this thing.. I wonder what a set of wire rimmed glasses will do in there, in fact anything that approximates a loop of wire could have serious issues if it's conductive.

Basically they put you INSIDE a huge electromagnet with fairly high flux values. They resonate the whole thing to a specific frequency by inserting some capacitance, then size their collector (which is still larger than most cell phones) can collect power from the magnetic fields. Room size will be limited, basically because of the power density required to get useful power transfer is still really high and it will approach unsafe levels as the room gets larger.

Not to mention... I dare you to grab the center pole.... It's going to have more than hundred amps flowing though it at RF (1.3 Mhz) frequencies that, despite what they say in their "safety" calculations, sure seems to be at power levels that can cause serious RF burns...

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 203

I'm talking about the *current* state of technology... If we do this *now* what could we reasonably expect and make the trip in less than 50 years using our most efficient solution currently in development (or flying).

There is a theory that until we get round trip times down to 50 years or less, it's not worth trying.. Why? Because it is expected that advancing technology will likely make future trips possible at a faster speed and missions using that extra speed will likely pass the previous mission in route and return BEFORE the slower mission with the head start.

Apart from the ethical and moral problems that generation ships present, we are nowhere near being able to engineer a self sustaining ecosystem. We haven't even yet demonstrated enough proficiency in doing this on the ground, much less in space. "Generational ships" are nothing more than a pipe dream, and will never happen. The moral and ethical questions alone should make that obvious. How can you condemn future generations to carry a mission they didn't have any say about, may not wish to participate in, and didn't accept the risks associated with the mission? How will such ships be governed? Is it moral to send such missions out with zero means of return and nearly zero chance of success?

Your fossil fuel statements are pretty much hysteria... The fraction of CO2 in our atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is nearly insignificant. In fact, I'm told most plant growth is CO2 limited... (Meaning it is the lack of CO2 that limits their growth). Plant growth is what most fossil fuels came from, during a time when CO2 was a LOT more plentiful than it is now. In short, I think you are falling for a bit of hype, then inventing some wild theory about CO2 being responsible for such large amounts of retained heat... The fraction of CO2 that is man sourced in the atmosphere, pales in comparison to the *natural* amount that is necessary to keep plants growing.

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 203

And what makes you think the rest of the universe is 1. good and 2. reachable?

Our most efficient drive system to date (in terms of how much acceleration you get for the amount of propellant used) are plasma/ion engines. They run on electrical power. If you do some rough calculations on the size and weight of a manned space craft with provisions enough to make even a short (say 12 light years or so) trip, the power requirements of the engines alone will exceed the total generation capacity of the world's electrical grid....

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 203

But you can bet there will be a bunch of space cadets saying we should mount a mission to explore these "earth like" planets in our intergalactic back yard.. Never mind that it will take tens of thousands of years with current technology to actually get there and back at the speeds we can manage right now...

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