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Comment Re:Revised headline (Score -1, Troll) 270

Ah, come on... It was a warmer than normal winter here.... NOT the warmest winter on record, but in the top 5...

I don't think man is causing this, but let them take their victory lap... They will be converging on some hapless convention center during a record cold snap/blizzard some winter very soon.

Climate != Weather.... Weather != Climate.... Just because it's warmer today or this year, doesn't mean the climate is doing the same thing. If it keeps happening for a few years in a row, THEN one might be able to start making that argument, but not before the natural variability in the weather is factored out.

Comment Re:In the bunker (Score 1, Insightful) 279

Well.. While we are making stupid claims... How about Obama's trips to the Med, where he and his wife took separate aircraft and a boat load of friends? And what makes you think protecting the president in FL is all that much more expensive than having him at the White House? It's not like they don't have SS staff in both places at this point...

Haters gota hate I guess....

Comment Re:Compare to defense budget (Score 0) 279

Defense is a constitutional requirement for the Federal government... IE it's a necessary function the Federal government as to do.

NASA is an optional "nice if we can" thing to fund.... Not to mention that if we don't spend enough on defense, there will be no country and no Federal government to fund NASA, welfare or social security and all those other things folks depend on...

Now stop your griping about the disparity between NASA's funding and defense funding...

Comment Re:Visiting the US is becoming a lot of fun lately (Score 1) 107

Traveling to PRNK is nothing like the USA, you will be free to take pictures in most locations, we won't have "minders" with you 24/7 making sure you don't drift off the authorized path... We don't kill you for crossing the border illegally..

I don't consider all the stories BS, but I do consider the reporting of them to be over blown. (your complaint is a case study in that actually, comparing the USA to North Korea is a way into hysteria you know.)

Consider the security situation from the USA's perspective and you might just figure out WHY border searches are being done with more frequency and to more depth, but we are not even close to North Korea. Truly, Laptop passwords shouldn't be an issue if you do international security precautions like you should anyway (i.e. have nothing on your laptop to start with), same with smartphone. When I travel abroad, I figure that the host country is entitled to inspect me and my stuff as they see fit, put what ever restrictions they desire upon my travel within their country and it's not my place to complain. It's their country, so it's their rules, and IF I cannot see my way clear to live within those rules, I don't go. If I choose to go, I don't complain about complying with the local rules.

I suggest two things.. 1. You are making more out of this than their really is.. 2. IF you don't like the rules, you don't need to come here.. And don't give me some sob story about it being your job because what that is saying to me is you are being PAID to endure all this pain you claim, which makes it doubly shallow if you ask me.

Comment Re:Thanks Hillary! (Score 4, Insightful) 107

Your emails have cost us yet again. Everything that's gone wrong for over a year has been ALL HILLARY'S FAULT!

E-mails where the least of her failures.. Remember, she lost the election to Donald Trump of all people... She lost to a guy who had never run for ANY public office before.... She lost to an opponent even though she had significantly more money. She lost, even though she didn't have a serious primary challenge and had the nomination sewed up long before her opponent. She lost even to a guy who said the stuff on that Access Hollywood tape that came out as a great October Surprise. She lost to a guy who got into stupid twitter fights though out the whole campaign. She lost the election yet won the popular vote because she campaigned in the wrong places... Hillary was horrible as a candidate...

Even more, this isn't the first time she lost to a novice, trying to be president, she lost in 2008 to a freshman Senator......

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