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Comment Re:Retards (Score 2) 59

When your power grid management interfaces are directly connected to the Internet you must suffer. There's no excuse for that.

Not saying it necessarily was in this case, but if such a connection is justified, then there's no excuse for not mitigating that risk properly with an applicable security model.

The answer is risk mitigation and management. If we unplugged everything that got hacked, nothing would be online.

And WHY do you need the power grid online in the first place?

About the only reason can imagine you'd use the internet in a system designed for controlling the power grid is as a backup communications path for all those remote sites when your primary data path fails. However, you are an idiot if you don't use encrypted VPN's and some pretty restrictive firewalls in those cases.

Comment Well they didn't ask me... (Score 1) 111

Everybody hates the cable company... Trust me.. It doesn't really matter who they are for the most part.

My favorite company I love to hate is Frontier who just purchased all the Verizon FIOS infrastructure and subscribers in my area (including me).

Verizon was bad, but these new folks take the cake. Frontier wasn't even able to muster enough folks to answer the phones and say they couldn't help you, much less actually know what they where talking about or get a service guy out to fix their recently acquired assets. IT took over a MONTH of trying before anybody could even understand that my internet connection was down and it was THEIR equipment at fault (I knew in about 10 min that they had something messed up on their end..)

So the world hates Comcast more? My guess is that Comcast isn't all that much worse than any of the other providers, they just have a larger install base and more subscribers which hate the cable company. That means that more folks hate them, but only because they have more customers to tick off.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 305

Let's be fair... Sometimes the paycheck and benefits are more important. I remember times when I put up with some serious garbage because I had a wife and kids at home for whom my paycheck was the only thing that paid the mortgage, utilities and kept food on the table. So I put up with it until I could find another job. It was NOT a happy time at work, but the family and I survived without loosing the house or going on welfare.

Let's also be far and point out that most of the time there ARE other options for unhappy work situations...

Comment Re:"Grandfathered" (Score 1) 58

My point here is that AT&T *should* have put time limits on all these contracts and never "grandfathered" them. Unlimited data should have been a time limited agreement that went away w/o the user renewing it with AT&T when the contract expired. That way they remain in control and can just stop offering Unlimited data plans any time they wished, wait for the current crop of existing contracts to expire and be done with the whole problem.

That would have eliminated the whole negative PR problem we have now..

Comment This is about People, not AI (Score 1) 74

Seriously, this is not a problem with AI, it's a problem with people using AI to do bad things. There is ZERO chance you can keep bad people from doing bad things with software and hardware, I don't care how much money you spend. Where I applaud the effort, it's not going to be successful.

Now if you want to educate folks on the issues, develop a moral guideline for "ethical use of AI" then great. But don't be fooled, you won't be able to force anybody who doesn't want to play along with your rules to fall in line. How do I know? We have all sorts of unethical "research" done in the name of science in the past including dissecting living human beings who didn't volunteer for research purposes (some of WWII's Holocaust victims).

Power to you, but 30 million seems to be a bit steep for producing a set of moral and ethical guidelines for AI research and applications.. Maybe you can spend some on PR campaigns?

Comment Re:"Grandfathered" (Score 1) 58

I don't think that word means what AT&T thinks it means.

Old gets expensive.. That's what it means...

The market is apparently moving away from "unlimited" data plans now that the transfer rates are above ISDN limits....I guess the carriers are starting to realize that bandwidth/data transfer costs money and the only folks who are still on their "grandfather's" data plan are soaking up more than their share of the costs for little or no profit.

All these "grandfathered" plans should never have existed... AT&T was stupid to set any of the terms of a deal in stone for life. Any contract attorney would advise you NOT to do that. Apparently AT&T didn't listen to their lawyers or figured the good press now out weighs the eventual bad press later. I guess they can drive off users on these plans if they keep bumping up the rates.... But If I was them, I'd not do this creeping drip drip $5 ever six months thing and just announce that starting in 2 months it's going to be $1,000/month per device....

Comment Re:So, it's okay to pollute... (Score 1) 126

They spent the money long before they even suspected it was coming, before anybody at VW even thought about trying to cheat....

Actually, I believe that some of this settlement is an agreement to buy back the affected vehicles from their current owners (less mileage and depreciation of course). So the government won't ever get their hands on a good part of this money.

Comment What about limiting bandwidth? (Score 1) 196

So.. Are we moving beyond simple throttling and are throwing unprofitable but paying customers over the side because they use too much of their "unlimited" data transfer limits? You idiots, just institute progressive throttles on your "problem" paying customers until they start switching, but DON'T announce it to the world. Either that, or start raising rates for these customers.... Oh wait, you locked them into long term contracts? Live with it, pay them to leave or what have you, but it's YOUR mistake to deal with not your customer's...

Why am I not surprised this is Verizon? Hmm?

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 121

The difference here is mostly in the taxes, not the actual cost of the gasoline or diesel fuel. In some places, fuel is more expensive because it's more costly to ship and store, but the majority of the price difference is about taxes.

So, how is the difference in taxes charged the end customer equate to a subsidy?

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