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Debt Collectors Using Facebook To Embarrass Those Who Owe 266

Not even the tranquility of FarmVille can save you from the long arm of debt collectors. Melanie Beacham says that a collector from MarkOne Financial contacted her relatives about her past due car note via Facebook. She is filing suit alleging that the company is harassing her family. Tampa based consumer attorney Billy Howard of Morgan & Morgan says, "Now Facebook does a debt collectors work for them. Now it's not only family members, it's all of your associates. It's a very powerful tool for debt collectors to use."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Browser Market Share - why does it matter?

An anonymous reader writes: Why does market share for a web browser matter? My computer came with IE but I use FireFox for most browsing. Did Microsoft lose? If so, what did they lose? Why would a company that gives something away for free (Mozilla) care if they have 10% of the market share or 90%? I have my suspicions but thought the the slashdotters would be able to give some good information. If you were to put aside features and security (that is a lot to put aside), should I care who developed my browser?

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