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Comment Re:My personal Mac anecdote (Score 1) 519

I did not care much about the hinge,and i used it mostly on AC, didn't notice about the battery until the HDD went dead. Also, i bought it in the US and i live in Venezuela, where Apple doesn't operate.

My point is that i think the hardware isn't less prone to failure than PC, and since if it a lot more expensive, it ends up costing more overall

Comment My personal Mac anecdote (Score 0) 519

I purchased a 12" 2003 Powerbook. Within a few months, the hinge started to come loose, also it scratched the cover, the battery went dead in just a year, and the HDD went dead in less than two. It costed 1700$ plus tax, never mind that the processor was slower than 700$ PC laptops and included less RAM and HDD space.

I have never had an issue with PC Laptops, everyone has lasted until i got newer versions and sold them.

Why i got the Powerbook in the first place? I wanted to try MacOSX 10.3 Panther, namely because of a nice GUI and a UNIX background.

2 months ago i bought a refurbished Lenovo i7 with 8GB ram, 1TB HDD, 1080p screen and included discrete video card. Only costed 430$

Comment Re:In all honesty... (Score 1) 241

They should have let him continue. It's not like he was contributing anything except masses of data for the cool-aid drinkers to misrepresent. And discrediting himself in the process. Now those cool-aid drinkers will have something unfair to point to.

On a side note, I'll point out that he's been dumping on Hillary with impunity, but as soon as he got into what the banks consider their private business someone gave Ecuador a call.

Comment Re:Clinton, Podesta, Putin and Trump (Score 3, Funny) 435

Respected Avatar or NPC,

We notice that you are vigorously trying to overcorrect for your simulation's liberal bias. If you are unhappy in your simulation you can submit petition KB3035583 to request being moved to another simulation with a different bias.

The Operators

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

Do you have any sources? Election systems shouldn't be hackable. They should be networked but not on the internet. That's really poor planning.

I only saw the bit about 32 states on yesterday's CBS Evening News. They focused on Arizona, where IIRC the state voter registration database was breached (but supposedly not downloaded or tampered with).

They said there had been something like 190,000 attacks and probes, of which 11,000 considered serious. Unfortunately I didn't get the context for that (i.e., whether it was just election infrastructure, or what the time frame was).

You're right though - neither the election infrastructure nor any other part of our national infrastructure (public and private) should be exposed to attacks via the internet.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 5, Insightful) 394

The should have released this stuff when she was running against Bernie.

Everybody knew (and still knows) she's in bed with Wall Street. That was probably the main issue that let Bernie get to the populist/left side of her.

She changed her tune to neutralize that advantage, but no one seriously believes she's going to get tough on Wall Street.

This is more non-scandal in search of a headline. But everyone should have forseen that as soon as they saw "Wikileaks".

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