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Comment Just installed it (Score 2) 103

So far, doing good. I installed by mounting the iso and just upgrading.

Some notable changes:

  1. win+x doesn't show control panel or command prompt anymore
  2. regedit shows full address of current key on top. Nice for copy and pasting
  3. Revamped installer. Allows you to disable some of the ads
  4. Speaking of ads, there are lots more to disable this time around. There's a helpful article over at howtogeek that explains how to do so
  5. You can actually uninstall onedrive now at it is listed under programs and features, no need to use the command line
  6. More windows update options are available
  7. Edge has some more features, and right now it's the better choice for Netflix (at least when using a browser)

Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 1) 93

last part is false, Venezuela has still lots of friends, even powerful ones like China and Russia, because we send them cheap oil.

Cuba defended us as recent as few days ago. Look it up.

Granted, we have lost some friends, such as Peru, Chile, Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina and Colombia, since they have mostly switched to right wing governments. And we are going down the drain at an alarming rate, as yesterday the Supreme Court basically legalized a coup d'tat.

Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 2) 566

The problem is that it requires a Republican Congress to vote in favor of something that lets corporations get away with being stingy. Trump might decide to support it because he doesn't like Silicon Valley, but I can't imagine a Republican Congress siding with the little guy when it comes to money.

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