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Comment Unfair play (Score 3, Insightful) 227

Some of you may recall the story about school administrators using laptop cameras to spy on its students ( link to article ). In that case, no charges were could be brought against the school administrators. How is it that students doing the same to their administrators are treated as criminals, then? This world is so confusing.

Comment E-Mail = Hello World! (Score 1) 467

General rule of thumb: Never send anything in E-Mail that you don't want to appear on the front page of a newspaper the next day.

E-Mail is stored unencrypted on several servers along its path, and due to some weird legislation is required to be stored that way for several years ( in case authorities "need to know" what you said ). Also, any one of those server's administrators could be bored and have bad ethical standards.

If you are sending unencrypted personal E-Mail from work, there is no doubt that your employers can and probably do read some of your mail.

Comment Computer classes are too slow (Score 1) 383

The problem for me was that teachers knew absolutely nothing about technology and were expected to teach it. True pupils were not interested in using a word processor or Power Point... we were already writing programs and creating new technology. High school and university were only review. The slow pace of most computer "classes" merely hinders and creates frustration.

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