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Comment Re:I get the impression that (Score 1) 180

I used to do "big data" and "cloud" computing when it was called clusters.

Did you run one process with multiple threads across all of those machines, or was threading less of an issue once you started thinking about distributed computing?

I can say this with a certainty: Anything other than a compiled language with low level facilities is a pure waste of time and money.

Isn't that what Numba does? Compiling Python code using LLVM and being able to understand numpy data structures? I'm still not sure I understand what threading has to do with this. The OP said threading was an issue, but threading doesn't

While with Java you at least get some safety for big projects

Safety? Job security?

Comment Re:I get the impression that (Score 1) 180

Both languages suffer from the global interpreter lock defect and will require a rewrite in the next 5-10 years if the languages have any chance of surviving in the servers.

You don't really understand big data, if you think it needs to run on ONE computer.

This is only a problem if you think threading is the solution to scaling CPU computations across hundreds of computers. If you generalized your code to run on hundreds of computers, there is no reason you can't run a process per core for your multicore machines.

Comment Re:Great. Just Great (Score 1) 180

You have no idea what he's talking about? It was pretty clear: factions within the US government wants these tools to datamine all the ISP data they have been snarfing up so they can spy on everyone in the world. Saying that you believe otherwise is a pretty extreme view

He has no idea why there is ranting about open source code that everyone in the world can use for any purposes. Did you rant about git being open source? I'm betting the gov't can use that to manage code related to data mining. Do you rant about postgres or any of the databases used by the US gov't? Would postgres suddenly become evil because the gov't threw some money their way?

Comment Re:Great. Just Great (Score 1) 180

Yeah the govt needs better systems to manage the huge databases and dossiers they are building on everybody with their warrentless wiretaps and reading everybody's emails. Anybody who helps with this project is pretty damn naive if they don't think it will also be used for this.

Isn't this true of all useful open source projects?

Comment Re:Photographer should say "Go ahead" (Score 1) 667

The DMCA doesn't restrict speech. Your contract with your ISP that you enter in gives the ISP the right to take it down. You've waived your right by signing your contract (in the same that NDAs work). The gov't is not forcing the ISP to take it down, so there is no free speech issue here.

Comment Re:Photographer should say "Go ahead" (Score 1) 667

The rest of the DMCA is absolute rubbish, but not the take down provision.

The takedown doesn't provide for any punishment whatsoever. An ISP is free to ignore the takedown notice, but they lose their safe haven against liability if they ignore it and it turns out to be illegal. You are free to choose an ISP that won't preemptively drop your site. She happened to choose an ISP that handles take downs in the manner illustrated in the article.

Candice Schwager stupidly choose an ISP that shuts down sites and then she stupidly took the fight to the internet. epic fail.

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