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Submission + - Anti-FSF stance caused ACCESS to pull Gnome Funds (

blozza2070 writes: Xavier Bestel had made a comment to a gnome member regarding their choice of OS and E-mail client. The person promptly fired back with an anti software freedom tirade and blurted out insider info from ACCESS as to why they pulled out on funding. This is the same person identified by RMS as “a troll like enemy of the free software movement”. Normally I avoid mentioning this individual but the information is far too important. It’s public information that anyone can access.

Submission + - If Mono innovates then I'm the King of Canada (

blozza2070 writes: The SD Times recognizes top leaders and innovators of the software development industry. However upon looking at the list you’ll see two names that stick out like sore thumb: "Microsoft" and the "Mono Project". Regarding the Mono Project, what have they actually ‘created’ or ‘innovated’ up to now besides copying everying Microsoft has done? They haven’t determined any developer direction as C# has been slowly growing. In the TIOBE index its highest rating was 6.258% on December 2009 which has slowly grown from 0.384% since August 2001.

Submission + - Collabora joins GNOME Foundatio Advisory Board (

Pauliea writes: UK-based open source software consultancy Collabora is joining the GNOME Foundation advisory board today. A long time supporter of GNOME and member of the GNOME community, Collabora contributes directly to GNOME projects like Empathy, PiTiVi, Totem and Epiphany.

Submission + - Canadian PM Orders DMCA Within Six Weeks (

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist is reporting that months of public debate over the future of Canadian copyright law were quietly decided earlier this week, when the Prime Minister reached a verdict over the direction of the next copyright bill. With mounting pressure from the U.S., the Prime Minister sided with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore's vision of a Canadian DMCA, complete with tough anti-circumvention rules and no flexible fair dealing provision. A bill is expected by mid-June.

Submission + - Google Releases a Tutorial for Hackers 1

Hugh Pickens writes: ""Learn how hackers find security vulnerabilities and exploit web applications!" as the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Google has released Jarlsberg, a "small, cheesy" web application specifically designed to be full of bugs and security flaws as a security tutorial for coders and encourages programmers to try their hands at exploiting weaknesses in Jarlsberg as a way of teaching them how to avoid similar vulnerabilities in their own code. Jarlsberg has multiple security bugs ranging from cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery, to information disclosure, denial of service, and remote code execution. The codelab is organized by types of vulnerabilities. In black box hacking, users try to find security bugs by experimenting with the application and manipulating input fields and URL parameters, trying to cause application errors, and looking at the HTTP requests and responses to guess server behavior while in white-box hacking, users have access to the source code and can use automated or manual analysis to identify bugs. The tutorial notes that accessing or attacking a computer system without authorization is illegal in many jurisdictions but while doing this codelab, users are specifically granted authorization to attack the Jarlsberg application as directed."

Submission + - Google Rolls Out First Flashified Chrome (

An anonymous reader writes: Take this, Apple. Google quietly released a new beta version of its Chrome browser, which not only blows its rivals out of the water as far as performance is concerned, but comes with half a dozen new features, including direct integration of Adobe Flash. First benchmarks show that the new beta is about 10% faster than the previous beta in the SunSpider and V8 benchmark, and about 30% faster than Chrome 4, which remains the fastest Javascript browser available today. Kudos to the Chrome team, the speed gains are truly amazing.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - There go our web standards..... ( 2

blozza2070 writes: Jeff Jaffe (AKA Zonker), Software Patent Supporter, Microsoft Apologist, Ex-IBM, Ex-Novell, FSF hating troll is now the CEO of the W3C. It is the organization responsible for web standards which have been promoted by Firefox, Opera, and Google. The w3c has been known for hiring bad staff but this just takes the cake. How long do you think it will take before MS-invented standards are pushed as defacto standards?

Submission + - MeBot, the Telepresence Robot With Body Language (

kkleiner writes: Engineers at the Personal Robotics Group at MIT Media Lab have developed MeBot, the first telepresence robot with a head and arms that move. MeBot’s arms are moved using a controller that resembles the bot’s actual limbs. This means that instead of just saying "hi" in a remote telepresence conversation, now you can physically wave hello with your telepresence robot's hand. It’s a pretty cool setup, and it makes a difference. Psych experiments performed by the developers showed that humans responded better to a telerobot with a dynamically moving body.

Submission + - US eases Internet export rules to Iran, Sudan,Cuba (

coondoggie writes: Looking to facilitate what it calls free speech rights in countries that don’t look favorably at such liberties, the US government today said it would ease the regulations around exporting Internet-based applications such as e-mail, blogging and social networking software to Iran, Sudan and Cuba. Specifically the Treasury Department said it would add general licenses authorizing the exportation of free personal Internet-based communications services – such as instant messaging, chat and email, and social networking – to Cuba, Iran and Sudan. The amendments also allow the exportation of related software to Iran and Sudan, the department said in a release (the US Commerce Department controls software exports with Cuba). Until now all such exports were would have broken federal laws.

Submission + - Where were the cops when Microsoft busted Waledac? (

ChiefMonkeyGrinder writes: Name the most important anti-crime organisation on the Internet. Not easy. An international police body? Some wing of the US government? Here's my guess, and I base this on some evidence. It's Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit a small department so low-key even some people in Redmond don’t know much about it.

Submission + - Search engines pushing malware through cached page (

An anonymous reader writes: Search engines like Yahoo and Bing have malware embedded in their cached pages. This is an excellent attack vector for malicious hackers. What kind of McAffee safe services does Yahoo use if it cannot identify malware residing on its own infrastructure. As for Bing, they also have some blacklisting mechanism, then why are they pushing malware towards users.

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