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Comment Re:Best Preference (Score 1) 468

Or any more than you can have a right to force other people to pay for your defense. Or your collective ease of travel. So, in order to make this a "free society", you would privatize the military, fire, police, interstate highway system, and every other shared service we pay for collectively, right? No public parks, no public streets, no free education? Yeah, sounds like the kind of paradise that can only appeal to a true, freedom-seeking, Ayn-Rand-worshipping sociopath. Most people recognize that there are things which, when we pay for them collectively, benefit us individually. That's how we ended up with a regulated capitalist economy with some services handled by the commons. All proponents of health care reform want is for us to add health care to that commons, since for-profit health insurance is fundamentally flawed, and every other country with a standard of living meeting (or exceeding) ours has already realized this.

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